Sochi Olympics: US Takes Silver in Women's Skeleton

Team USA fails to medal in men's super-combined; U.S. speedskaters to ditch Under Armour suits.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sochi Olympics: US Takes Silver in Women's Skeleton
-- well -- -- will close her career on the skeleton with a trip to the podium. The silver medal winner has chased British newcomer Lizzie. Her runs were flawless and fast he -- gold is the first for -- nation at the Sochi games. And the first -- -- for men's singles and skeleton Americans John Daly and -- and -- finished third and fourth respectively a run at a metal now well within reach. No -- and skiing though for either defending champ Bode Miller fourteen -- -- -- in the men's super combined. -- -- and less than stellar runs cost the pair -- leaders saying to put it simply I choked. Both men have a chance to redeem themselves Miller is among the favorites in Sunday's super G and -- he is the man to beat in next week's giant slalom. In men's figure skating Jeremy Abbott who won the respect of spectators and fellow skaters after finishing his routine following a devastating fall yesterday. Return to the ice today for the short program finishing twelfth. Fellow American Jason Brown whose enthusiasm is absolutely contagious finished a respectable ninth after an energetic performance. Despite falling twice used through -- -- of Japan when gold. And big news for American speed skaters completely shut out of the Sochi games with half the races run. Says he'll be making a change to their suits ditching the high tech under -- versions -- -- -- up until now and going back to those worn at the World Cup last month. They're different from the -- once and that they lack the venting in the back suspected of causing drag slowing our Olympic racers down. Jim -- ABC news Sochi Russia.

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{"id":22525101,"title":"Sochi Olympics: US Takes Silver in Women's Skeleton","duration":"3:00","description":"Team USA fails to medal in men's super-combined; U.S. speedskaters to ditch Under Armour suits.","url":"/International/video/sochi-olympics-us-takes-silver-womens-skeleton-22525101","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}