Multiple fatalities at Ariana Grande concert

A loud noise was heard near the Manchester Arena.
3:18 | 05/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Multiple fatalities at Ariana Grande concert
This is an ABC news special room. Now report. To you good news. Good evening and become on the air at this hour because we are following developments out of Manchester England reports of an explosion at an Ariane grundy concert. At the Manchester arena they are one of the largest Arenas in fact in Europe and we have a piece of video we won actually went home where you can faintly hear the explosion. At that concert. That is the audio right there it's believed the explosion occurred at the end of the Ariane grundy concert. The video coming in from the scene tonight you can see concert goers racing out of the arena in four. We are told the artist herself is okay what's unclear at this hour is whether or not the explosion happened inside the arena. Or write on the outside perimeter authorities as you can see are on the scene. It that police had tweet out before we got these images that they were responding early on to some sort of an explosion urging people to stay away from the area. They have confirmed to multiple fatalities. Multiple fatalities and a number of injured right there at the scene but again as I mention the artist herself. Was rushed it would appear to a safe place. You can see the police presence I want to bring in as we look at these pictures our chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran tonight interior as I mentioned this arena. It's famous in that region and perhaps one of the biggest in Europe. It is certainly one of the main concert and sporting venues in the United Kingdom and now for an all of Europe and you could hear. A blocks away that's size of that explosion this explosion. Coming about 10:45 PM local time not only rocked the arena and sent people inside as you can see fleeing for the exits it could be heard. Right around four blocks. All round and police quickly. Put an armed presence around there they have locked down that scene that arena stands over one of the major. Subway and train junction in Manchester which is a major rail it direct in junction in. Northern England. Answer that whole area is now shut down we are not. Being told that this board by metropolitan police in Manchester. What the nature of this explosion is but we are being told as you say there are multiple fatalities many injured. And thousands upon thousands of traumatized and frightened concert growers. Of course we do not know if this was a terror attack or what kind of plot if any was involved here. But that this year panic that you can see on a concert goers faces because Europe has seen this. It is a fear here in the US as well as you know Terry is that these so called soft targets and a concert like this one and Arianna grounding concert could be a potential target for. A lone wolves out there and and people affiliated with some of these groups who do in fact want to do harm and that's going to be something that will be investigating. Into the night. But as you can see pictures from the scene Manchester England that's the Manchester or Reno or explosion has occurred at a party and run accounts or multiple fatalities. And multiple injuries we'll continue to follow this throughout the night at For many view in the west a West Coast edition of world news tonight is coming up shortly. And Good Morning America first thing in the morning as well. Nightline we'll have much more later that night. This has been a special room. From ABC.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"A loud noise was heard near the Manchester Arena.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47570304","title":"Multiple fatalities at Ariana Grande concert","url":"/International/video/special-report-multiple-fatalities-ariana-grande-concert-47570304"}