Student sponsors and trains landmine detection dogs to help aid war-torn countries

Hailey Hires and her family works in conjunction with the Marshall Legacy Institute Program to raise money for training dogs to assist countries afflicted by the dangers of landmines.
9:13 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Student sponsors and trains landmine detection dogs to help aid war-torn countries
Finally today here on TV are we like to shine a spotlight on issues of huge consequence. That offer receive little attention today we're taking a closer look at what advocates call. A global crisis of land mines millions of them are still on the ground hundreds of thousands of people are maimed or injured each year all around the globe. Many of them in Africa this had been on the decline. A but until now they are on the rise again particularly in Yemen with the concentrations. Of land mines. Have now reached World War II concentrations one American victim of landmines. Ken Rutherford has dedicated his life to raising awareness about them he partnered with Princess Diana before her death. And he's still at it today. Is laying mines continue to remain until long after wars have to wait for president doesn't legacy to these wellness. During eternally vigilant. And her victim activated. So really thousands turned war and peace treaties are signed soldiers go home and landmines are still lined out there as civilians come back and are. Arms your work right now actually focuses on one country of particular Yemen. Lot of Americans may not be familiar with it but groups like yours are saying that that there is the highest concentration. Of land mines in Yemen. Than at any point since World War II. Yes so there's a lot of landmines being used yet then. Right now sister Jane you've been around for about over twenty years and we've never seen this much land mine in the stations such a short period of time. Other groups are easy and anti personnel mines. Are converting anti tank mines anti personnel mines in her deployment booby traps thrown water resources and retreat routes. Do you get more. Awareness about landmines and what what you actually want the US congress to do. About 26 years ago also working a couple hundred miles away from Yemen and houses are used to land mines Somalia were I into losing both my Atlantic's. To a land mine and I had agree medical care in America and it awesome vocational training got a Ph.D. All through. Our country my wife. And medical establishment. God. That was mean beneath my means not like this he's saying floor those victims and yet and you work. Closely with Princess Diana. A hot back at that time factors and some images of course from her advocates see. In that country and around the world to cut back and eliminate the use of landmines do you look back on her her work. On land mines NC a legacy there it's still lasting. That was an amazing and experience working with the princess and Bosnia fortunately she passed a couple weeks after that visit. But what she did issue highlight despite a Landmine victims so really don't mind victims back again. Brought up at two world in terms of international language assisted by her majesty princes Diana. Mark thanks again to Ken Rutherford as he makes calls on congress today he'll be joined by. What are the ambassadors of the country's most valuable resource is in the fight against landmines mine detecting dogs. The Marshall legacy institute brought one of those stocks here to the briefing room yesterday in partnership with dozens of American school kids in support from the Department of State. The institute has trained and deployed hundreds of these dogs a receives ten year old German shepherd Yankee. Came here to show us how she does it. Tell us about Yankee what does what does she do JC special dog you know she's ten years old going on eleven and believe it or not she spent seven years in Sri Lanka should at least a veteran yet and we wish senator Lowell conga line. To sniff out land mines to save and improve the lives featured on she's she is definitely a snatching an event the job. She helped search millions of square meters of alliances that it's safe for the people the land mine sniffing dogs typically operates not on a short leash like I have now on all ten meter damage. And the August Sander go to and there is suspected of mind contamination. Hannah doesn't go into the suspected area but the ball does that they work very closely together and handlers always tethered to the dog on the ten meter leak. Usage you have you have dozens of them around the world 250 giving her gifts of the American people there who countries where land mines are a big problem yes what do they are looking for how did they thought how big is a land mine would you like to see one of the I just happen to have won her car accident this guy well is that a lot of this is not a crime I would not be here on the streets of Washington DC with a live in but it's the real should bangui take in the explosion voter out out to be the budget plastic devices plastic they're pressured year yes it's plastic this is the plunger and are looking for the explosives that's and one of these. One of these insidious killers who only they're typically buried circuit you show us how how Yankee works Yankee thing you show us Highsmith staffer minds. After I'd love to let go. All right so who. The average anything there some though mired okay. And then the next fund and there and the next time there and then the last. And then there's airlines and again we've we've said we're not want to put out to mind here but this woman is inert but he gives you the idea. What we have here. We got some sound I'm a shotgun shell. And there's enough common characteristics in this particular sense similar to those that are found in the these actual land and that's what she street and that's what she's careful she cares of the explosives and there. That's what she's alerting to. That's why she's so valuable that's why she can find mines that the best metal detectors in the world have a hard time fine. All right our thanks again anti Yankee and two handler president Kerry Baltimore of the Marshall. Legacy institute for coming by we're joined live now by one of the students who have sponsored dogs through the Marshall. Legacies is his program Healy hires from Connecticut. Joins us great to see Haley you it. Actually adopted a dock helped raise money to fund one of these kids when you're branch at country day school tell us about how you got involved in. What you learned in the process. Well my whole family had been involved with stamps Marshall and in thinking for years. And I Stanley has actually helped create money for multiple thought and I really involved with that during my time at the grants from get a school. And monitored their greed Meehan my cousins and raise money through. Track lions and bake sales a lemonade stand in the it would make. Late little creek and accessories with its chancellor bought and help adults. And we raise enough money to train Rachel though Landmine detection dog in front here are the bar yeah. We're lucky. And we're live. That's fantastic received pictures here out of Rachel overseas it's like here you were there as well you got your brother and sister involved in the program to. Yes well my siblings are involved and might hurt and our new and more organization it's really made a big impact on our family in Cuba to be all and to work to health. Her Landmine crate that's worldwide. What what do you say to your classmates to Americans young people your age who. They keep it would see the Landmine crisis is being so far away Yemen and believed to many people seems like a distant conflict the United States is not directly. Involved there. What have you learned in going to this process and that convinced you that land mines are really such a horrible thing that need to be addressed. Well when I went Sarah barking and I have the experience. Do you see Rachel on accident. And defeat the critics that the land mines we actually visited one of the schools and we met with this looks great. And it was just so. Terrible to see how affected they were her and these courts are billion. We'll have to grow up living in these countries that are expected from the remnants of war and there are still works going on around the world and without the help of people are all America and did you get these children to grow their whole lives living lists landmines. Right here at a school at the heart and a lot of really acceptable places. Yet you are terrific effort that you undertook in that you're dear your classmates and are talking your brother and sister and a lot of students we understand dozens. Schools around the country have been sponsoring docks were quick before we go where's Rachel now is is is the dot still over in Bosnia. Yes she is that believe there's still barking out working without land mine. And and it's she cleared ought to land so hopefully she'll clear more and hopefully people it is all can help re Smart money from mark. Arm and saved a lot of lives for sure Haley hires I salute to you from us here at the briefing room thanks so much in a salute all the dogs out there as well Yankee rates on all the others.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"Hailey Hires and her family works in conjunction with the Marshall Legacy Institute Program to raise money for training dogs to assist countries afflicted by the dangers of landmines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63700243","title":"Student sponsors and trains landmine detection dogs to help aid war-torn countries","url":"/International/video/student-sponsors-trains-landmine-detection-dogs-aid-war-63700243"}