Russian Convoy Nears Eastern Ukrainian Border

Ukrainian government says Russian humanitarian convoy contains weapons and arms.
6:27 | 08/14/14

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Transcript for Russian Convoy Nears Eastern Ukrainian Border
A war of words turning into a fight with fists a brawl breaking out in the Ukrainian parliament today over support for troops locked in the tense situation with rush. Right now the international hot -- eastern Ukraine. Hello everyone I'm Susan -- only in Washington DC. Heavy shelling heard Don -- today the city in eastern Ukraine that still held by pro Russian rebels but has been surrounded for several weeks by Ukrainian forces. The latest violence comes of the Russian convoy which Moscow says is carrying carrying humanity and humanitarian aid supplies. Makes -- a way toward a rebel held part of the Ukrainian border. The government yet though says the convoy is a cover to send military supplies to the rebels the BBC's Steve Rosenberg has this report. Those -- soaring today. -- -- stop and stay. It's one of the largest humanitarian convoys Russia has -- the organized. 8300. Stories. Packed mosque and says we eat the -- in Ukraine. -- snaked its way through southern Russia before stopping in the fields twenty miles from the border. The Ukraine is reluctant to let them know received the t.'s leap -- couple through -- military -- Well the border with Ukraine is just a short drive away from -- and -- Russia decides to take this convoy -- cross that border without the permission of Kiev. And the Ukrainian government will view that as a major provocation. We lost to see -- was in the -- -- they opened one of the -- New secret weapons shipments here just sleeping bags -- One of the Dreyfus -- Dina told me that Russia was trying to help ukrainians. And it was the waste that was aggressive and effective though -- him of growing up. With America he says it wants to -- -- for itself. Today Ukraine dispatched a -- evil humanitarian convoys to the east of the country the message to Russia. We didn't need -- help. But the Red -- -- warning that the humanitarian situation in east to -- -- is critical now. We thousands lacking water and medicine and with -- sign of an end to the fighting. What -- You don't yesterday they were sifting through the couple of hoops -- -- functioning. Soon do you know. I had to bishop but let's keep -- and let's -- I don't know what to do attitude since I don't have anywhere else to vote to cut -- not yet. Ukraine accuses Russia of starting this war and of arming separatist rebels. That's point when Russia says it wants to help put distributing -- -- -- seemed reluctant to accept it. She -- -- -- BBC news into Russian Ukrainian border. And we're joined now by Reuters correspondent Thomas grow from -- guest on the phone. Thomas -- the convoy now. Further understand it if that means -- that north of Ukraine. Possibly heading toward he is brought -- Border crossing. And is -- -- strong likelihood that it's carrying weapons and arms. I think that's true I think it's difficult to say that -- now. I don't think there's been any independent verification of what. Actually in the convoy. Which makes it very difficult to say exactly what they -- but those suspicions obviously. Do. Remain. Russia says its carrying humanitarian aid. How dire is that situation in eastern Ukraine right now. If you look. He doesn't -- I'm -- which is which ordered the net where -- -- right now. The situation is much cooler there's -- -- of lack of electricity lack of water. Lack of food medicine. And -- You know the basic things needed for daily life. -- -- that that's the situation is slightly different shelter are relatively well -- and people are going about their daily business with without too much problem. But that -- Vladimir Putin and an end to hunt I think the situation that much -- from -- -- -- being directed primarily toward that region. There was more shelling and -- just today. And what can you tell us about that. There's shelling up -- -- -- they who's been primarily focused on the regions around the the outskirts of the city. They was -- turning point in that it focused on the residential neighborhood. And they were selling. Only 200 meters -- -- Away from our hotel. Right in the center of the city and not far from from the actual administration building which. In peacetime would with a heart of the -- city and is now the heart of the insurgency. -- the pro Russian rebels being driven out -- are they holding their ground. Ullrich and others -- trying to they've given Anthony any ground. They still occupy the same building in the middle and much to the same territory. That they did it at daybreak. The but it's hard to say I mean they're they're selling going on right now as we speak so it's it's hard to say what will happen -- night. If the convoy reaches the border Ukraine has bouts of -- How quickly could this escalate. -- So the one thing about the crisis so far is that escalation. Who -- sharply over and over again. It could happen very quickly -- if if you know. If you know -- prevailed -- and they are given access to to the convoy. -- there's certainly the event happening very quickly. Reuters correspondent Thomas -- thank you for joining us from -- -- -- -- -- You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news at and starring this story for exclusive updates on the -- You've been watching international hot spot I'm Susan -- in Washington DC.

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{"id":24985717,"title":"Russian Convoy Nears Eastern Ukrainian Border","duration":"6:27","description":"Ukrainian government says Russian humanitarian convoy contains weapons and arms.","url":"/International/video/suspicious-russian-convoy-nears-eastern-ukrainian-border-24985717","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}