Tensions rise in Syria amid cease-fire deal

White House criticized for Turkish cease-fire deal as troops withdraw from Syria; Kurds feel betrayed by U.S. troop withdrawal.
2:57 | 10/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tensions rise in Syria amid cease-fire deal
We are watching the tense situation in the Middle East in Syria right now we learned overnight the president trump. Is considering keeping some forces. In Syria right now that is. It is obviously changed where the president has been for the last couple days let's bring our colleague ABC news foreign correspondent James Longman who was right there. In the heart. This answers we are are you gains. I mean Nolan era often don't quite an all made it dangerous for us but thinking about gun and opened just watching from Iraq. And James give me a sense right now because what I think reported overnight in New York Times first to report. That there have been questions about what the president out would be doing with troops they are on the ground he's now saying so we're hearing. Confirmed by Defense Secretary ask for letting me leave a couple hundred troops there on in the zone right at the moment. What's the sense you're getting more that actually help the situation. Well I think there's been some confusion about this because what was said was that the idea was to keep a couple of hundred troops and in that region in order to cut a key tonight. On the oil now in this part of Syria that we're talking about the majority do what I should look better sound so what's his. As the suggestion here that US troops would remain present wolf it was actually. On territory which is Syrian regime would. Pain. I'm having. Essentially abandoned because that's how the cuts would see it we'll do see it at the moment. All the Americans befell than asking the cuts to come within south to protect oil fields. Suggestion was that diesel fields are source of income and revenue for extremist groups like ice this about the legitimate reasons want to protect them. But what authority with the Americans have to be able to continue doing that if they want continuing support because further north. Ask that this cease fire while. I think it's been a cease fire really in name only it's that the fighting really has continued over the last few days although there have been signs of some success. Because the SEF. Decided to withdraw the announcer say they all with jewel. It's horrible how withdrawn from ross' Elaine strategically important town so I think back in Washington will be read. A success of sorts but don't let heading for a month's big issue here because that US Turkey brokered agreement. That was made opposite extreme Mike Pence of the team and president don't want. It stipulated that the cuts we've we've drool and from these this area of northern Syria but exactly when they would be mature in front. There was a big difference people Turkey expects among the cuts expected because her mother told us out of inventory from around so they have a couple of other strategic places. And no good withdrawal from this 200 plus mile stretch across northern Syria and because of we're seeing real consensus sees fight disease ends. Tomorrow civilians are on the move because they know that that hostilities could pick up again. We'll be watching in on a U in the team as well BC kings Longman thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"White House criticized for Turkish cease-fire deal as troops withdraw from Syria; Kurds feel betrayed by U.S. troop withdrawal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66421712","title":"Tensions rise in Syria amid cease-fire deal","url":"/International/video/tensions-rise-syria-amid-cease-fire-deal-66421712"}