Trudeau faces backlash for brownface photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing controversy for a photo taken of him when he was 29 years old wearing brownface and dressed in an Aladdin costume.
4:50 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Trudeau faces backlash for brownface photo
And we move on to things happening in the Canadian government on the prime minister found himself in some hot water after a yearbook photo surfaced showing than then 29 year old Justin Trudeau in brown make up a turban. In a row batted 2001. Costume party so he immediately apologize in front of reporters on his campaign plane take a look. Have worked all my life. To try and head create opportunities for people to fight against racism and intolerance. And I can just stand there and say that I. Made this mistake when I was younger and I wish. RX I want to bring in some out of ring while up from nine University of Alberta to discuss this and she studies of race and gender so stomach thanks for being with us today. It's not off and that you see. A politician take accountability so does that help in this case. There are real interesting thing about this studio teens is that of course we how a lot of evidence. I'm recess in Canada but did she name has really built multiculturalism. Its inclusion and here she demo I opened up immigration. My parents you know Barack and I in the sudden needs in not opening up and so I think that he really doesn't how many ways but to take accountability and even that sentence he's sad about like I Rex my whole life we should also being jeans and other sections select your eight. Yes Osama you're on the all lined ABC's podcast start here. This morning and you are making this distinction between the I'm a black face and brown base we know black face has a sordid history. In this country. But what did you mean by that making that the difference distinction between the two. Yeah so glass case in the United States as it dares dissent may. Violent history tie issue. In sleep man segregation and brand since is a different kinds stinks and it's tight U I RE excellence and really just and to see that direct. People are in fairy tales like Justin should adjust as a rat and the people aren't you don't. Live elsewhere. I'm around you got your name burners and you in this elections I when any other senator leaders is to meet saying humor as chairman he's a practicing sick and Canada actually has the largest population outside of India acts so there are many people to brown. 610 and 96 Oliver Canada and so you know we are neighbors are teachers air downstairs we are the key. You you know T care of youths who. Serve you in Nam in this and substance oaks Debra and people everywhere. But this Perry and socialism is this an a fantasy that it's not going to hurt anybody. Because the Turks must carry it out this experience isn't has also unsigned. Island history. Did you find. The picture that surfaced did you find it offensive. And it's absolutely offensive but it's not about my personal accents it's about history it's. And I sing sad. It isn't big into a scandal for somebody who has built his career on and being having these kind of look progressive politics. You he touts himself as a Simon asks well you know it did a feminist saint XTE humanize. A group of people so I think this is he isn't really different kind of scandal stunned this sort of racism scandals that conservatives are and how. That sort of don't matter like watts you know lots of renowned. I'm. These he lived with some other condemned recent scandals. And and before we get I just want to ask you about these incidents you know we live in a society right now that has this cancel culture and being where things are very black and white do you think. A gray area is acceptable in these sorts of scandals. I don't think they canceled Hossa really says since. I'm people accounts. I'm not everybody deserves a platform so if I can't let culture and sat. You know I'm not allowed to have a class America and that is a really different thing than my current canceling impersonate. From you know socialize. X. I she's Jack's she will apologize I think that it probably you warrants. Matter seem too much a lecture on me. Abbott it's only matters to ethos that he's created a him. Insisting we Angie share that conservative leader X know they've been having a lot of these races and scandals and you said very recent in a few days ago that as long as a personal college presidents think you will accept them in his Carney. I think she's gonna be singing a different tune now that it's just in chino. RA. Shyamalan rang while from University of Alberta. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts we appreciated.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing controversy for a photo taken of him when he was 29 years old wearing brownface and dressed in an Aladdin costume.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65722788","title":"Trudeau faces backlash for brownface photo","url":"/International/video/trudeau-faces-backlash-brownface-photo-65722788"}