Trump says he has made a decision on Iran nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said it would be a "great pity" if the agreement is "destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics."
15:22 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Trump says he has made a decision on Iran nuclear deal
And we reject listing deriding president has on her honey I'm Molly hunter you're watching ABC news did not and find Bartlett and Europe art cheap foreign correspondent Karen grant. And we're joined in DC I treat apart he's the president have Nyack and if the doctor losing anatomy Obama Iran and the triumph of diplomacy which I found out. Treat it thanks so much for joining us at Indies and acting to start with you. Treat it what did you hear there what was the top line trio. The top line was that the roles have been reversed. The United States has been spoken about by Iran as well as some others as the rogue nation Iraqis to trump administration. Andrew Hani is emphasizing. That it is moderation that is guiding eve on right now and is. I came to fruition today JC QA if you take a look at what the honey pot said about. Hani Trump's speech she called it hateful and absurd allegations you've rational. Unfit for the UN and contradictory to the UN charter. These are usually the type of ways that people would be. Describing the. That these actor actually think we have that sound of the way he described trumps it yes take me play that sound the way that president Heidi this ride trams yesterday. I declare before you that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be the first country to violate. The agreement. But it will respond. Decisively. And resolute lead to its violation. Bite any party. It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers. To the world of politics the world. Will have lost a great opportunity. But such unfortunate behavior will never impede Iran's course of progress. And advancement. Now we kept it at hot it kind up a rogue. New comer. Apparently unique the way he gets cracked as well us district has said that. She was on the other foot it was once upon a time where Iran was the rogue newcomer. To the United Nations the Iran in revolution. Put out this this image in the world and these policies in the world which were beyond the pale and beyond the boundaries of of international conduct he saying that it's now trump it that way but I would also suggest that justice labeling revolutionary Iran. As. Completely irrelevancy or or beyond the pale of the international community lost what was true about that revolution which is. In part it was the will of the people. People sent Donald Trump to Washington so you got a deal with. And and I think the key line for me and that was the threat by president Ronnie. That we won't violate the agreement if it is broached by the other side we will take swift action what that means is I hear it. And turn him and more insight into this. Is an arms race in the Middle East will go back to our nuclear program to defend ourselves because that's that's what we need to do and that would change. The nature of the Middle East that thing. Treat it what do you what do you say at what are the consequences what's at stake here what does he mean by it by that the the rat. Well what the deal achieved was that it took two very bout scenario is off the table this scenario which Steve on his would have a pathway to a bomb. And the scenario in which the United States would end up in a war with Iran. By killing the deal. That trump now has made all but clear that he will try to do those two bats in Narnia's come back onto the table. Both the risk a war as well the Rania re starting the program we adopt and many many many restrictions. And transparency measures that currently are in place. Dot isn't really dangerous gamble and it's interesting to see a lot of commentary. Yes city after Trump's speech in which people were saying. Trump is giving the non Indians the incentive to go nuclear and a right now this isn't really very vendors moment. The treaty you've argued that trump has argued essentially that sustaining the international court can no longer be justified since it doesn't address the totality. Of America's concerns that Iran there are a lot of concerns with Iran this is one of them 82 of them as you mentioned. What. Is there any deal that could address the totality or is this basically this is as good as we can get right now. I personally think that there is. A deal that could address if not the totality farm ward and what is being addressed by this deal. But doubt would be at deal that would come about. As a prize as a result our very very extensive diplomatic process in which trump would have to engage diplomatically. So far. Trump has not given any indication are any interest in doing so that first time. Henderson is that people meet each other is at the UN nine months into his presidency. At a meeting that is a multi lateral meeting it's not even a bilateral meeting. Whereas tried to trump administration John Kerry and that he had extensive conversations when each other. Which is exactly what is needed in order to be able to achieve more changes anybody in policy. This deal. What specifically focused only on the nuclear deal because it was believed that that was the only way you can June 9 the entire. And ensure that the EU on yours would not be able to. Play the Russians against the Americans at a Chinese against Europeans imagine if you had added Syria Yemen on two bills onto the agenda. The unity and to keep our plus one would have fallen apart because the Russians and the Chinese are closer to Iran and Syria. And they are to the United States so in order to isolate Iran inhabit a unified Q five against Iraq. It was necessary to only focus on this issue. Right but the rest of the about the deal it's it's really just president trump who has voiced over and over again in the last couple of days and last couple of months apart since he came into office that he is not on board and he said it's authentic he's not humble and and he sent Annie said it again actually this morning we have a clip he says let's play that clip he's that he's decided. At that you won't say what that is we have backlash. You. Yeah. Hey let me. Yeah. Okay yeah. So that's president. He's decided what he's gonna do about the deal three times he's at its that he won't actually they would at Terry at the candidate that. Well he's got a pass to happens kicking needed to hear. So under US law he can decertified. Iran as being in compliance with the deal. And and that triggers certain actions under US law and as a serious move but it doesn't. Withdraw the United States and the agreement or break the fundamental agreement among all the nations including Iran. That achieved substantial Mellish remind people were watching. 99%. Of Iran's missile material is gone. They poured concrete into what was considered the most dangerous reactor and then there Allen and stringent 21 century high tech. Inspections regime ever and the IAEA international economic energy agency is saying they are in compliance infected more. The necessary repeatedly thanked Aaron from ducks have had the self image. He is the world's toughest and best negotiators every deal ever made by the United States is garbage and embarrassment we were taken to the cleaners wait till I get my hands on. It now the people around him including some hawks on Iran like general Mattis that's at the Defense Department saying. OK we know you don't like that what Iran's doing what awkward around doing either. But before you break this deal you ought to know that it's gonna have these serious consequences that is dead and so he had to pass that would intimate. Basically cosmetic. Which would rattled the international consensus. Make him feel better I think. Maybe operate as a threat to Iran without quite getting to the breaking of the agreements right now actually breaking he's breaking plaintiff's aide. A lot of laughter and October. When an agreement I think traded banks plummeted thing to me well I take that path. I agree with much what you set but I do have a bit of a more. May get help pessimistic read of it it is true in and of itself it doesn't withdraw the United States if he'd be certified what it does however. Is that it gives the ball to congress and congress will then have sixty days a Republican led congress. Will have sixty days to decide whether to re impose sanctions. If the United States reimpose the sanctions then yes the US is violating the deal very Levy and that Veoh will likely fall apart. So Wear out the vicinity of vacation doesn't necessarily kill the deal it puts into motion a process. In which we have to trust the wisdom of the Republican congress to keep this deal and dots I think not something that is letting a lot of people sleep well at not. But is another aspect it I think is very very important. Trump has said that he's already made up his mind as you very correctly pointed out IE AEA has certified Ilan is in violation. So if Trump's decision is to decertify. What is that decision based is he going to go out there is a that the line is not living up to the deal talk about some. Illusion that he spirit of the deal it apparently only trump has figured out exists. This is really dangerous because it's echoing Iraq in which you have a decision. And after you make that decision you look for whatever evidence of whatever evidence you can fabricate to justify that decision. The question is will the American fall for it once again the American. And in fact the president sent his UN ambassador Nikki Haley to Vienna. To meet with the IAEA. And she was essentially sent to find a reason that Iran is not in compliance that are on as violating the agreement in particular. You guys don't have access. To the military bases where this activity might be going on oh other things. And the response she got from inspectors was we think we're right on target here we've got them there in compliance. And we have no objection. To Iran's conduct on their side deal. And came back into and it yeah she had yet nothing that she can take to Washington and say these are the things that we can hit. Trudeau what do you think this is about what do you think president chuck why do you think president on this so. Fixated on undoing. Only trump knows that we all have to just speculate that this seems to be a couple of things one is there seems to be an obsession. Where. Un doing anything that has Obama's name on it. There's also another aspect here that I think perhaps has been warmest. Trump when he was talking about the long view being if backfield to campaign. Oftentimes he added another paragraph that the meat yet rarely. Played which is that he said the lines in again all of this money now and guests walked in and buying things from the Europeans. Not from arts. When he was referring to that as part of that the of the United States did not lift the primary sanctions on. All of the sanctions that target American companies and prevent American companies from doing treat with the Iran would not touched. Only sanctioned that would lift it went international sanctions UN sanctions EU sanctions. And secondary sanctions the sanctions that the US imposes on other countries if they treat with. A business person as many business the people in Iran in the United States he seemed to having quite upset about. And if this seems to be also a driving force in which he doesn't want to see the rest of the world being able to go in entry wouldn't want as long as the United States is also not relating to the game. But killing the deal. Potentially starting an arm seized Indonesian potentially putting the US and Iran on a prop two was war. It's clearly not the optical if you have a problem would US primary sanctions being placed. The way to do what that is to restart other negotiations not to renegotiate the deal but new negotiations to address other issues. And as part of those negotiations the United States can you at the primaries sanctions as leverage at incentives will be an audience to make changes on their policies in order for these primaries anxious to admit that there's a it's clear it has worked. I'm not clear left the white trump is not following up. Something to keep that keeps them at that table actually talk about all of the other concerns in America obviously has with Iran. Kerry won her a question obviously as we're talking about negotiations. We're honey did talk about undermining international credibility that the US pulls out if there the first ones to leave this undermines. Their credit that that the US is an ad partner you don't want this person. And negotiation. Negotiations of course with North Korea possibly on the table. We're honey we have heard him talk in recent days about how actually this says to North Korea as a loud and clear message don't negotiate with the US that they pull out. Not Lima. I'll go back on their deal and that is that is I think the way the world community we'll see this unless the United States last president term. Can come up with very substantial evidence of actual violations not of the spirit. Disagree whatever that might be but actual violations that can be documented that Iran is cheap they have cheated before okay. They have they they built underground enrichment facilities that at the times and it called never told anybody about it where out of compliance with the nuclear proliferation tree trees they have a track record. And if talking come up with something like that OK maybe there's justification if there is no justification. Then US credibility and in the negotiations with what is rob I would say. Trump is a disrupt or of the US image in the world to such a degree on the commitment to me on this deal done by Obama. On NAFTA and all kinds of art. That that cat is out of the back I think people look at the United States from it's a very different actor. Are less reliable. You know last read to you know you've written about and creatine and you've written about what this says threat for in the last couple of days. You any any kind of comment on that. I agree with Terry that the candidate they obviously this would be a disaster for America's credibility and if fact even in the wrong context. For the United States to be an efficient negotiator house to come in with credibility. And by attacking the deal in the way that he's gone without any evidence. He's really on the mining the US's credibility to be an efficient. Negotiator down the vote. Not just on North Korea but also on Iran as well as other issues ultimately. But on the minds US national security. And hand the ball zoo with some of the other. The Norwegians today at a meeting of the Belgians today we have it at the EU farm policy keeps battery and I agree with that very involved and actually act. For honey it's that oath swearing in earlier this year when he won his second term. That is all the time hats they Terry thank you so much for joining at. Treat it thanks so much for joining at the in fact incredibly I and again I'm Molly hunter and even watching ABC's.

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{"id":49980213,"title":"Trump says he has made a decision on Iran nuclear deal","duration":"15:22","description":"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said it would be a \"great pity\" if the agreement is \"destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics.\"","url":"/International/video/trump-made-decision-iran-nuclear-deal-49980213","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}