UK issues new guidance on mix-and-matching vaccines

Officials in the U.K. have issued new guidelines to delay administering the second dose of the vaccine to give the chance for as many people as possible to receive their first dose.
3:06 | 01/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UK issues new guidance on mix-and-matching vaccines
It's pretty emergency physician in ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian sudden. A doctor Sutton good morning let's start with this new development out of the UK they've announced an update to their vaccine guidelines allowing vaccines to be mixed and matched. In cases where a second dose might not be available are at the manufacture of the first shot isn't known. This contradicts CDC guidelines here in the states though so what's your take on this. Good morning Dan while I understand why this is being done in an effort to that's neat as many people as possible this is really venturing into uncharted scientific territories. I would advise against it because it's it's sort of information we simply do not hat. And then. You can't also delaying second doses of the vaccine to instead give as many people as possible. A single dose burst. Not California doctors suggesting the US consider doing the same but health and human services secretary Alex Cesar. Said on GMA this morning that the US would follow the data and do two doses so what do you make of that what does the dated tell us here. So right now the data is very limited on right now Pfizer hasn't statement that states repeat do not know what information happened or information or efficacy after the first terrorists and we have some little information from return are about the possible efficacy that is available after the first there was but it is nowhere near the efficacy that was reported. Around 95% after both those who are both Pfizer and Darren I think right now are doing a single third shot is not only at risk leaving people are partially vaccinated but also the securities but it also can undermine the public trust and and and complicate be the the availability excuse me be understanding of how this vaccine words we've been working so hard to get everyone understand. These simple benefit of getting poked doses so it would make it a lot harder. And now that the holidays are over the fear is that mid January could bring went doctor thought she called a surge. Upon a surge and a really dark times is there anything that can be done. To prevent this at this point do we need more restrictions here like we're seeing in the UK for example. While I don't think that blanket restrictions or something that is effective I do think that targeted restrictions are important for example here in Los Angeles our rates are air surges are are complicating and and maximizing your capacity available hospitals. Making every being difficult so I do think that when Brees become high enough and hospital capacity becomes high enough. That restrictions need to be put in place to help temper that but across the United States every state is a little bit different. I'm I think also that we need to augment testing right now according to Kobe tracking project the highest amount of testing that we seen on a daily basis is around two million. And some scientists and and and analysts suspect that we need approximately nine million test available to Americans in order to help people understand their diagnosis or the possibility of them have been coated nineteen. And we also need that testing to be agents and that they could the results quickly. I'm a lot of these variables are embark need to be put in place steps to help the increasing amount of people coming into the hospital. My doctor Deron send always great to get your take thank you.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Officials in the U.K. have issued new guidelines to delay administering the second dose of the vaccine to give the chance for as many people as possible to receive their first dose.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75041328","title":"UK issues new guidance on mix-and-matching vaccines","url":"/International/video/uk-issues-guidance-mix-matching-vaccines-75041328"}