Rabbi Details Moment When Anti-Semitic Flyers Were Left at Synagogue

Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski discusses anti-Semitic flyers handed out at the Donetsk Synagogue.
4:34 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Rabbi Details Moment When Anti-Semitic Flyers Were Left at Synagogue
I want to -- about this -- -- flyers we've seen distributed. And I know who -- so -- and they came here it's with two days to go and do the second night to do hold -- the apostle wrote. A lot of people when finished the parade so -- through the evening filled with Henderson and go. And do we don't know when restated note he came to the people we've mask. And they tried to -- On -- overdue slows them to gave the people wounded more than they did to fly -- we've got to fly we see. They want from. To legislate himself and to pay -- to journalists into the American goals. Fluid just think everyone. And has the roof of -- the -- -- -- obviously this via the fifth minutes when eventual. Very -- truck however wonderful -- -- of us because. This is very Tobin this of those terrible text. And I could fix what and that's just made to this fear 4190. Point one. Book. When we finished out of the new -- believe. Talked to unless the situation we understand. This has nothing begins the Jewish community. Spoke for a couple of vacation between the police to Kennedy. The political group here and then proceeding. Those -- notify as a homemade gift. And why he made it. If someone. Told 2002 to -- through fourteen. May fly and they've he came to -- -- to give with the people. This -- is a -- of work. This is the room where. -- is closely resources come register pay a fifteen dollar. Feet Kabila who is from the what's being called the republic -- -- yes. It's -- show excess speed are you an open letter and it. -- assaults suggest there was any sort of a registration or completely -- -- I didn't -- it Q proof you have forces supporters of the news -- government -- against. Trying to see this as -- us. I think -- there is a little of this life of display it was not -- -- against Jews but against the Jewish community. But -- was against -- what. But. The Jewish community. Is very. Upset about the -- don't destroy. And to Jewish community who took the road do -- solution who could be asked to of this plan. How semitism here -- You know Tim the last truck of these Froyo we didn't mean -- fox from distances and -- to Ukraine. We will leave together with -- all of this -- And then destroyed this is home. Dietz approved to find me here in -- that's a -- Kind of just. Are you afraid that anti semitism might be getting worse. Of course of course because it but it's tough to -- After the -- after this no one was surprised me. Don't think we'll surprise me and we have -- and that's -- we can go government who could go police. To give a special security for the Jewish community -- -- from kindergarten. For -- OJ who do school -- community center. Poll what we'll -- it. Good Dixon to -- the Jewish -- from the fifty. We will ask the special security forum openings for -- moment. So far aside from this -- has there been any evidence of growing anti semitism. No no fluke -- for that there could be -- -- that something trying to future and future. I hope so not to be book. -- After these and -- may be but then we will -- -- possible.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski discusses anti-Semitic flyers handed out at the Donetsk Synagogue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23385288","title":"Rabbi Details Moment When Anti-Semitic Flyers Were Left at Synagogue ","url":"/International/video/ukraine-jewish-flyers-rabbi-rabbi-pinchas-vishedski-matter-23385288"}