Dissecting Gunsight Video Of US Strikes In Syria

ABC News' Luis Martinez analyzes video of the precision targeted attacks.
5:45 | 09/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dissecting Gunsight Video Of US Strikes In Syria
Eye opening new video of last night's airstrikes against ice is targets in Syria -- the Pentagon. Has released these images of a coalition attack on an ice this vehicle staging area. And more on Michelle Franzen -- New York let's get right to -- I'm joined by ABC's Willie Martinez at the Pentagon. A short time ago -- US military officials released for unclassified videos from last night's. US led attacks in serious Syria let's begin with the airstrike against the ice -- compound. Walk us through it. Michelle are looking at here is a nice his compound in -- -- And this is actually pretty historic piece of video because this is the first combat action -- F 22 raptor. This is a very expensive stealth fighter that's been and that -- in service since 2006. And has never seen combat action. And here it is finally being used -- it is it drops and GPS guided munitions on T this commanding control building. That ice as was using it in this de facto capital of rock. And you'll notice that the bombs hit specific targets within the building and the -- of his officials are telling us that the reason why -- did that is because they wanted to knock out. A specific section of the building that right hand corner section where they believe the headquarters was located in that command and control building. Mary but important to use proposition -- -- munitions to minimize casualties. And it looks like X. Fairly isolated area there to the second video now where an -- says storage facility -- hit give us an idea what authorities are saying happened here. Well this is a storage facility along Iraqi Syrian border and can't work as -- UC that this is not an open area like and had earlier video. This is a much more congested urban area. And so you need some precision guided munitions to minimize casualties here for sure. And that you see them the very large explosion that -- that's because there are several vehicles located inside the courtyard. Of this structure and once the munitions explode you see a vast plume of smoke the kind of builds up. And -- that camera then pulled -- pulls away you get a greater appreciation for really how congested that area is really why precision guided munitions were used and bulk last night we're told 96% of the munitions almost 200 bombs and missiles -- last night. That 96% of them were a precision guided munitions. Really intended to get better targeting and to minimize -- we are getting a second look at that explosion there when that. Target is hit and in yet another video are very different look Louie get idea what's going on here. Well Michelle we're looking at a residential compound again. -- the -- that same Iraqi Syrian border and this time Knisley area is being used as a training ground for ice his fighters. You're gonna see about a dozen explosions there are within this very rectangular area. And that's because that's within the fence line. -- munitions were being sent to target. The area within that fence line which was being used as a training ground and once again shows you. How important these munitions are for targeting specific areas and -- minimize casualties because look what does the camera pans out -- -- -- -- -- dozen explosions merge into one but it's very congested area again a large population area and yet attempt here is to. Destroyed targets as much as they can. By them but yet the same time I tried not to could cut a cause any damage to the surrounding area and most importantly no casualties to any civilians human -- -- at a very different look on that video and finally -- an eerie scene and night vision camera look at some midair refueling -- -- walk us through this we say the pilots and we also see them in mid flight. Michelle are looking at here is -- -- it is eerie because it's nice field vision his name means it has taken it. -- think the -- the air strikes are taken occurred last night. Where a nighttime missions the US does that the for the element of surprise. Another reason for to minimize casualties. These aircraft have to travel vast distances to get to their targets we're talking about them going from there bases in the gulf countries or to Syria. So this is an F sixteen falcon -- -- on the back of the KC 135. Tanks -- a tanker and of that boom that you see there is basically what a boom operator uses to guide. Two to link up with the F sixteen there's a latch on the back of the fuselage -- of the aircraft. That's the target area once that -- together. Fueled inflows into the aircraft after a couple of minutes the plane has enough fuel they separate and then another plane takes its place and comes in. To indices are basically. Refueling tankers -- too -- inspectors are basically flying gas stations and that's what they do they do their job very well. They've done it so well that they've been flying for fifty years he's -- very well maintained aircraft. That. Unfortunately are reaching their limits and -- going to be replaced very very soon with a more modern aircraft. But they're still doing the job there -- -- -- You cannot continue to do the air missions over Afghanistan and and now over again over Iraq and now Syria without the refueling tankers. Very dramatic video again video clips released by the Pentagon Willie Martinez at the Pentagon thank you for joining us. And a reminder you can keep up with the ongoing US air strikes on ice -- targets in Syria in real time. By downloading the ABC news -- and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen New York.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"ABC News' Luis Martinez analyzes video of the precision targeted attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25707466","title":"Dissecting Gunsight Video Of US Strikes In Syria","url":"/International/video/us-airstikes-isis-syria-analyzing-gunsight-video-25707466"}