US Defense Sec'y Says ISIS Strategy Ends With Capture of Their Major Strongholds

Ash Carter speaks at a news conference after discussions with Counter ISIS Coalition partners.
5:45 | 07/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Defense Sec'y Says ISIS Strategy Ends With Capture of Their Major Strongholds
I want to begin by thanking all the candor or us. All the ministers of defense from all of the nations represented here today. At another one off power full counter they sold. Meetings. Defense ministers. From the entire crew Lucian. This is something we've done that and we're going to do periodically. And I thank them for joining us as we continued. To rigorously. Evaluate. 2 AM the next steps. And further accelerate our campaign to differ only sold a lasting defeat. And critically needed it is a critically important time for the military campaign. And we had very productive discussion. Thanks to our global coalition. To our clear and deliberate campaign plan. Our dedicated local burger forces. And the sacrifices of our country's military personnel. We now have momentum in this fight and clear results on programs. And today we made the play ends and the commitments that will help us deliver iso the last team to feed that it deserves. Under provided brief update on these conversations afterwards general votes go I'll take your questions. By the way Joe's been doing absolutely spectacular jobs or cent com commander. Hand. Running this campaign on a daily basis. Any delivered excellent presentations that group Pearson very much appreciated. As I said earlier today our coalition's military campaign pledge has three objectives. First to destroy the iso parent tumor in a rock and it's here. That's necessary. But it's not sufficient. As recent attacks remind us a source safe havens threaten not only the lives of Iraqi and Syrian peoples but also the security. Of our own citizens. And the sooner we defeat I saw in Iraq and Syria the safer countries will be. Source second objective is to combat I salute to test the seas every where they emerge around the world. And third and most important to help protect our. In January this year. We updated our comprehensive coalition military campaign plan to accomplish the military aspects of these three objectives. And we've pursued a number of deliberate decisions and actions to accelerate this plan and hasten pesos lasting defeat. And since then play after play tale after tale. From every direction and every Jeremy her campaign has accelerated further squeezing Neitzel it really get back towards rocket most. By isolating these two cities were effectively setting the stage to collapse license control. Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of our local partners and our service members and more contributions. From the nations met here today. We've seized opportunities reinforce success taking the fight to Vietnamese. But we're not going to rest. Today we reviewed. And agreed on the next place. In our campaign. Which of course we won't discuss publicly yet. But let me be clear they culminate in the collapse of voices control of the city of aka. Given. The requirements. That we spelled out. Who. Supply the capabilities. Needed in the coming steps in the coalition. Campaign. Other countries in the rumor indicated they are intent like the United States to contribute more. I'm gonna have to leave it to those countries to and doubts their own contributions. But I have to say. It was very encouraging. To see so many countries be willing to do so much more across such a wide. Specter. Capabilities all the way from. Strike aircraft. Through troop training. And vital work Ian. Logistics stabilization. In other aspects. The biggest strategic concern. Of this group of defense ministers. Was that the stabilization. And governance efforts will lag behind the military. Making sure there's no sexual act must be a significant strategic partner for us. We discussed it today and it will be an important focus of our conversation to more at the State Department with our foreign minister Kim parks. Of course as I said earlier destroying priceless paratrooper in Iraq in this day and Syria is necessary but it's not sufficient. I souls influence and activities continue to prove pose a threat to all our countries. And today we also discussed we can continue to combat iso wherever mated to take over of the world. And our military campaign give best supporter national government's efforts to protect our respective homelands. And people. So we had a very full agenda today. I was pleased to hear so many of my quick counter parts emphasized the importance they place and defeat Neitzel. I'm confident we made the play ends and the commitments we need to build on our program and deliver its local listing defeat it deserves.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Ash Carter speaks at a news conference after discussions with Counter ISIS Coalition partners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"40740868","title":"US Defense Sec'y Says ISIS Strategy Ends With Capture of Their Major Strongholds","url":"/International/video/us-defense-secy-isis-strategy-ends-capture-major-40740868"}