Valentine's Day Is All About the Men in Japan

Japanese women do the majority of the chocolate purchasing for their significant others.
3:31 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Valentine's Day Is All About the Men in Japan
Pizza chocolate obsession unlike any other and love so crazy. No -- -- from department store speakers. Valentine's Day maybe a day of romance of the U plants in Japan it's a celebration of love. For all things chocolate it's huge and I recorded a mega talk to put it pesto from a chocolate -- -- chocolate on the Japanese adults with their own -- plane hit -- ground work mix of top. Much of -- wouldn't have -- that thing. Pensioners say half their annual five billion dollar profit comes from Valentine's Day sales. It's almost exclusively purchased by winning. He thinks so many women here because in Japan it's that women -- give chocolates to men. And the gift giving isn't limited to your significant other they do it it's not it's not so much to -- they don't know. Which is more like -- mall it's its like such an obligation. Business professor Adam his son says the twisted tradition began with sleep marketing more than fifty years ago today chocolate -- extended to coworkers friends and family. Social -- so exasperating. There's even in name for the -- obligation chocolate. I think. And I usually buy chocolate for co workers and the grocery stores come -- he had a huge business. We have listed his son -- lesson in chocolate -- etiquette and tip number one spend no more than ten dollars on coworkers. Anything below ten dollars he's -- -- -- -- about special. You have to you just have to -- to that are now them. Tip number two I think Q and heartwarming her friends so this seems like something you get your friends. Yeah very guided by the 151000 and determined that kind of wound that you -- -- -- into the. -- elaborate homemade pizza are reserved for the special ones that boyfriend or secret crush. Dads are searching for the most unique yet let us here to the -- cafe wearing -- a handful lined up to get -- 3-D skin of themselves. Images are used between. Try it out. Bucking bulls -- my baby. Nothing was not -- Is it time -- Processed and mixed results and 380 -- 65 dollars. -- spent more than a hundred dollars obligation topics on the the average. -- on Valentine's Day but there are expected to reciprocate. Their own holiday. Because he got ABC news.

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{"id":18500167,"title":"Valentine's Day Is All About the Men in Japan","duration":"3:31","description":"Japanese women do the majority of the chocolate purchasing for their significant others.","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-men-japan-18500167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}