Volcanic eruption turns fatal

New Zealand officials are working to find survivors from the volcanic eruption that has claimed six lives.
3:25 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Volcanic eruption turns fatal
And guys now we turn to that tragic story in New Zealand eight tour is still missing after volcano erupted on a small island. On Monday and six people have died and now plenty of questions on it they should have been there at all. Our Marcus Moore is on the ground in baca touting New Zealand with the latest details Marcus. While Kimberly good morning we're at one of the boat docks here and pockets Hani New Zealand which is known as the the gateway to white island this is where. But torch from all over the world commonly board these post like the white island towards vote you see here. And they go forty miles off shore to lead the volcanic island that for decades has been an attraction. And I want to take a look at at one of the boats here and you can see. There are flowers that have been placed on on top there we saw. A man who would only identify himself as the skipper of the spoke. Putting those flowers there is very clearly distraught and upset about what what has happened here. And it gives you a sense of how this is truly impacted this community. That really survives and thrives off of tourism the people who come to these boats and and go to tour the that the island where this eruption happened on Monday. And we know that there were nine Americans. On the island at the time of the year he eruption and they are among of the missing. After what what happened here. And a book officials. Have said that the leave the island itself it is still too unstable for them to to go on its endorsed or world's search on foot to try to recover. The bodies the people who who are missing and it gives you a sense of how how difficult this has been. And certainly frustrating for the the first responders and everyone. Who did what they could to try to risk as many people. As they call it. The death tolls sadly has continue to climb and we also know that there are ultimately about thirty people still in the hospital. Recovering from severe burns and in fact the majority of them have burns over 30% of their bodies. As they recover in the hospital and him officials are New Zealand. Have warned that the people who were there. Some of them cool would. Lose their lives and in the hope though is that they will be able to make full recoveries but that gives you some idea of how badly injured so many people are. And in one of the key questions. That's being asked this morning. Is is why. People were allowed all of the island. After the alert level had been raised earlier this month on December 3. It was race because of increased volcanic activity and that's a question that authorities here in New Zealand. And there will be a question of of who's accountable for that but at this point. We don't know and really of the main concern he is trying to treat the people who've been injured Kimberly. And also. Are recovering those people who are or are still missing out on the island. And I can't. Overstate for you how are important. Tourism is to people who who we met here New Zealand and so for this to happen. It has really impacted than me in such a big way. And and certainly. This will change this community for for quite some time Kimberly. Yes some a terrible tragedy thank you mark is for the updates there.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"New Zealand officials are working to find survivors from the volcanic eruption that has claimed six lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67631546","title":"Volcanic eruption turns fatal","url":"/International/video/volcanic-eruption-turns-fatal-67631546"}