Windsor celebrates royal baby boy's arrival

The Duke of Sussex announces the birth of the birth of his son.
2:36 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Windsor celebrates royal baby boy's arrival
The world has been waiting and if you haven't heard yet. Big news out of Windsor today they be suffixes here and it's a healthy baby boy still wanna go to sound from the very proud father. It's very easy choice to announce that. Imagine myself but they deployed. I think this morning after a healthy boy. Look I'm David doing incredibly well. Has been. Rumors amazing it's ridiculous sergeant Everett possibly imagine. How any woman does. The good news beyond. Comprehension. We British officers officials. I'm so grateful to all the lovely she pulled her real I'm from the real question amnesty management sort of social news service for liberty. Yes we are very excited for the duke and duchess they are wanna go to will read who's in Windsor and who's been there for a very long time one royal baby lives will just give us an idea of all of the excitement going on today. Well it's become complete madness here in the past couple lovers once word got out that Megan was in labor and then almost immediately after that. Via ins to Graham and an official statement from the palace the baby is here it's a boy born early this morning about 5:26. AM. The town crier it's just over my over my shoulder here that's at that madness is if you can see that he and generations of town Pryor's before him are responsible for a sort of the ceremonial announcement of the birth the rings valley l.'s very loud and it's quite enjoyable. And everyone's very excited but at Missouri side on the street here. As they as they. Just celebrate the birth of this baby boy seven pounds three ounces don't know where the baby was born. But we are out we are happy to report that mom and baby are happy now. That is awesome and so now that royal baby he watts is overs so to speak what are you gonna be doing now. Well there's a pub just down the way called the Prince Harry they named it that last year after 500 years of being named the three tons. They changed over the Prince Harry they gonna go there and have a pint of a special beer that they've made for this occasion the Windsor Newton Drury debuting the Windsor baby. I'm have one of those and then now we'll wait and see what the boy is named. Very cruelly will I hope you enjoy it and of course will probably come back the if there's any more updates but thank you so much enjoy your time in Windsor.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The Duke of Sussex announces the birth of the birth of his son. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62854862","title":"Windsor celebrates royal baby boy's arrival","url":"/International/video/windsor-celebrates-royal-baby-boys-arrival-62854862"}