Witness describes 'haunting images' of London train explosion

Luke Walmsley says "hordes of people" fled the train at Parsons Green station.
1:17 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Witness describes 'haunting images' of London train explosion
As a food NC. Thousands during. It's thing down. Does it's Edmonton one had been in and it's largely to his left. It's. I'd sons. And so remnants of a flash and smoke. It's and and just holds of people and stampeded to the Bundestag. Running. Running towards me. Within about five sentence news just. Power and it was. And Melissa it is today at stores open. People running down thoughtful and balanced just go back helped by that the barriers and opening. Big for us posted on the chain and and that people shopped him sort of it was there and say than it has organized thing I guess that's been sort of six. Very busy commutes in. Young and owns. Schoolchildren parents that this whose sin in town. And nods went to the daunting think they'll vote missile to an image is a scene is unease tenant advocates. Is the Russian people just taken. 56 euros away from them determined that humans.

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{"id":49868449,"title":"Witness describes 'haunting images' of London train explosion","duration":"1:17","description":"Luke Walmsley says \"hordes of people\" fled the train at Parsons Green station.","url":"/International/video/witness-describes-haunting-images-london-train-explosion-49868449","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}