Jozy Altidore Out for Germany Match

The U.S. forward injured his hamstring in the game against Ghana.
11:42 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Jozy Altidore Out for Germany Match
Hello and welcome again ABC news the World Cup the sun is up over Rio it will set -- this afternoon on one of the tournament favorites. Level I'm Dan Butler in New York the breaking news -- -- US camp this morning. Striker Jozy Altidore will not play on Thursday against Germany he -- hamstring after just twenty minutes the team's first game. Is return was doubtful now though. Is officially out but the gains they go on and they have been wild yesterday Brazil and Mexico joint holiday -- in the second round. Let's see the best reaction -- World Cup and sixty. By the US team is just a little more than 48 hours and kick off -- -- their final group stage game. Perhaps final game of this World Cup and not much time to rebound from their crushing alone leave Portugal. ABC's Bob Woodruff has the team Sao -- he spoke to US star Jermaine Jones. The team is now back on the training field right here and -- Apollo add -- that long flight from the Amazon it was shocking and frustrating. And that Portugal game the way that it did just seconds before. To talk to Jermaine Jones about his powerful goal. It turned his team around. Jones well that's. And so. Jones says just moments before the shot he got some advice from the -- -- Beasley. When you had that ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes he's he has his good voice but he's an extra sure it's true to its tenth here so I tried to shoot and them. He was right. Among the streaming American fans in the stadium his wife and four has -- kids what was the reaction yet again. And the funny stuff is that my oldest -- then he's wolf he was crying. And that's going to go I don't know why I have to ask him and see him but maybe he was so happy and them. You have they'll. They'll always have you and they can be -- can -- against. -- Klinsmann after the match also got a call from vice president -- Gradually him and the players on the performance. There appears to be growing confidence what the team can achieve. Do you think honestly that we could win the world. -- -- We re trying to -- to -- game for game. So we know we have to be focused for every game and we already show -- seen not only in the World Cup games and friendly against two. Now Jermaine told me that he watched the video of the Portugal game on the plane but he has done looking back the team will be heading up north to -- Tuesday. No more thinking about Portugal he says now only about Germany. Bob Woodruff ABC news -- now. US -- -- training now at headquarters Sao Paolo building lean or receive this afternoon but for today on the docket at. England plays pride Costa Rica like a shocking first. Also at -- the big one earthquake Italy Italians need a win or draw her way it is win. Ohio that at 4 o'clock in the east Greeks were -- sure to advance in cash and Japan at Columbia the Japanese need a win answer help Colombia. It's already through and -- that's how to bring in now fusion Simon Clark -- at soccer gods and Simon. I'm assuming you're excited for the match with England today. -- -- I'm excited probably not the right to I think he said it right salvaging some pride we haven't got much -- so. Hopefully we'll get away and I actually -- gun storage for the -- and there must -- my city's go to -- six against us because. Maybe by doubts -- wow am I expect. T get used to it is Dennis money on the line there ArcelorMittal -- they'll though the dangerously close to throw -- away group yesterday are long though for this tournament. I watched the game yesterday. Obviously the and they want -- comfortably I have to say that camera in -- -- -- -- in the first stop in particular. At the moment let's let my -- -- -- others what worries me about them is someone like. Aaron Robin all of that's a in Holland even chilly in the next round. If that strike is get a Brazilian defense I think he can secure against them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What he does not much I just like the site name -- -- his own resorting fit. On the -- time Brazil -- scoreless over the overtaking about the about it yesterday. Which is pretty scary stuff really yet young -- right there are so let's talk about Mexico the dam finally broke the goals came in bunches. They have any chance and their second round game against the Dutch. Well I mean we distilled an element that Robin and he was suspended yesterday he'll be back. But the -- Mexico and fun times that he's such a show up that -- symbolic qualifying. But that's all over the place. Did you take it back and broke his long drought so these -- -- lies that the strength in debt midfielder strong -- to -- spray. I mean that gonna take some stopping -- less -- -- the matter the -- apply in Miguel Cabrera then if anyone. United -- story goes more I'd like to see him and Leslie -- -- and around the world. On social media everything is still Iraq him. I just wanna see Mexicans -- so we can see what's going to be next. That affect the response and excitement on the expect the -- today where the final if it was we -- on July 13 her way in Italy was more important. To their respect. Lewis Suarez -- -- Obama telling us. Good question I -- ballot -- that -- it's. 100% not that hoopla but he's on supplements -- on the that once LC that eagle one like. It's if he's got two legs than anyone else in trouble. It's smaller it's more important to -- them it's threatening. That's it just the occupants of the funds -- -- that way way and I spent a few of them but it's impractical and let's go to site. If you're asking me like yeah outside Uruguay -- negative because -- -- -- means it will. Plant removed -- That they got amazing that it might army -- a little bit about this happened to Brazil. Well obviously he finished that are merely go with the that he won gold -- the Aurora the -- -- and yet that might. Yet and then -- bullfight weeks before the tournament study he damaged his meniscus in training. An operation and they said it did not within two weeks -- -- member is ago Russell Westbrook did the same thing in the finals and missed like three months. The complaint. He's pretty much -- God fox -- I don't appreciate your -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- a -- every night at 10 eastern you can watch -- of course and again we're -- just 48 hours -- team US -- decisive match with Germany and the way this World -- -- it could all come down to one man the goal keeper. You know his name but how much do you really know about Tim Howard David New York on his remarkable journey. 22 straight World Cup's. -- -- -- -- He is the American goal keeper yeah. Stunts over -- over again -- -- thanks. How did he do that. It's -- question his own family's been asking since he was a boy Tim Howard was diagnosed with tourette syndrome a ten years old. When his mother noticed those involuntary repetitive tics she knew her son was struggling. I would please don't -- -- term American. 82 than anything at that point you know. So that was -- I was. Concerned that. People who met him would not be able to. -- Pass the tics and -- to the person that Tim wants. I remember being so it was offers dinner at the end of days I remember trying to. -- or maybe we're talking get home to my room to really have an outburst. But -- boy from New Jersey he could tell he was good at something he started playing soccer at six. As a began to excel with soccer. I began to answer insists that way yes I have person -- and at the time a little bit of a drawback but I also have this wonderful gift. That was soccer. That's soccer became his refuge raised by single mom with multiple jobs she's convinced that's where he got his work ethic on the field he would play in the UK for Manchester United but the British papers were not kind disabled -- lined up to play for -- united -- one. United's zombie -- another. Can always said don't read in newspapers on freedom and on its Telerate and I get so upset. His wife Laura they have a son and a daughter all of Al rooting on teen USA. And that mob who cheered him on as a boy still cheering -- -- now. He doesn't know lots replace the so there's really nervous which is flooding. She understands the game when Nelson she's kind of an ambulance and who sits on which you thought about the game afterwards right or wrong. And this weekend even after all he's been through. Just listen to what he told us. -- -- -- -- -- I always make sure that is the first thing. People see. And they -- -- because. As individual human. In tough times that hard -- community has always gotten through. And we'll see how that -- local pay off. This Thursday this has been an ABC news coverage of the 2014 World Cup keep up with today's games and real time by downloading ABC news -- and start a story. For exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Dan -- -- New York.

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{"id":24282366,"title":"Jozy Altidore Out for Germany Match","duration":"11:42","description":"The U.S. forward injured his hamstring in the game against Ghana.","url":"/International/video/world-cup-2014-jozy-altidore-germany-match-24282366","section":"International","mediaType":"us only 08"}