World View: ABC News across the globe

The U.S. increases pressure on the Saudis after a journalist disappears, a painting by the elusive artist Banksy self destructs, a look inside Dracula's castle and more.
19:57 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for World View: ABC News across the globe
Welcome to ABC news world view a snapshot of the best of our coverage from around the globe. I'm Greg Nokia ABC news headquarters in New York. We begin this week with a Saudi journalist a US residents that writes for the Washington Post and has been critical of his home country. Jamal can show gate was last seen entering the consulate in Istanbul and reportedly never came out even as his fiancee waited outside for hours. Here's kind of vote with more. Hi Brad have more members of congress are demanding answers and action of jamarcus showed you walk into that Saudi consulate and disappeared. The pressure is increasing for president trumpet take action against Saudi Arabia a week after the disappears a Washington Post columnist tomorrow to show deep they'll be something that has to take place. First I want to find out what happened. And we're looking the journalists are US resident but a Saudi native your dead. Could show you who's been a critic of its home country and it's crown prince was last seen walking into the Saudi consulate in Turkey. When allied pushing the box like this. That you have to act decisively and intends. The Washington Post reports US intelligence intercepts or build a Saudi plan to detain could should be. Sparky bipartisan calls on Washington to hit Saudi Arabia with sanctions and president trumps unwillingness to. We set out any consequences or even a threat of consequences essentially tells. The saudis and that some who were okay. We have this kind of conduct and behavior some lawmakers also demanding the US withhold the further sold arms to the country. As investigators work to figure out what happened. I would not be in favor of stopping a country from spending a 110. Billion dollars which is an all time record. And letting Russia have their money and letting China have that money. President trump continues to call US Saudi relations excellent the Saudi government called allegations that a hacker should be murdered. Falls for ABC news live I'm Kenneth move in Washington. And none of the latest on an American student being detained in Israel 22 year old Laura I'll costs and has been in detention for over a week now after authorities blocked her entry into the country over her suspected political views character Donna Miller from Tel Aviv. I'm Donna Miller in Tel Aviv you're watching ABC news mind. But the court case in case of Palestinian American Rock Hudson is continuing. At a hearing here at the levee district court had giants. Declined to give a verdict. Customs lawyers also requested that hurt that tension. Be released his bid for more than a week in custody at the international airport it being Korean. That request also denied. Custom arrived more than a week ago hearing is held at the valley it. Student visa in Cincinnati and went when he green university and they knew that nine and three Israeli government alleges that she's an active in. In the boycott divest and things in his home and went home. Levy and none movement began and as of boycott movement and protest Israel's. Policies in the West Bank in the occupation. Cops and lawyers denying that she is an activist even though she played a leadership role in a pro Palestinian. Room. They say that's actually sit and thank you. University of the best crew. As she is not a boy cutter. Now in a rare move Hebrew University doing her up he'll. They were in the courtroom today. One of them represented for keeping adversity said that this case actually aren't. The image of thievery adversity and their international exchange program that their efforts to fight academic boycotts. I'm cousin is now headed back to bang green airport was she would be in custody until this case is decided. I'm telling you I'm or Donna Miller you're watching ABC news lives. Now that emergency landing in context on where to astronauts that were heading to the space station. Were forced to make an emergency landing after the Russian booster rocket failed here's touch agreeable with more. Hello I'm Patrick real air in Moscow the Russian Soyuz spacecraft bound. Full of the International Space Station suffered a malfunction shortly off debt it took off from Kazakhstan. A rocket Brewster fails about three minutes into the flight. The two man crew the Russian Alexei auction in an American astronaut nick hey we're forced to make an emergency landing they came downing has a son. In the spaceships capsule they are both safe NASA say is that they are in good condition. They've been recovered already by rescue teams in helicopters from the plains and has a stand. Russia's announced that it will be polled saying all manned missions to the ISS until this incident has been investigated. The three astronauts currently aboard the station have enough supplies to last for six months. The US has been using Russian rockets to get to the ISS since the American shuffle was retired seven years ago. NASA has been hoping to replace the route with commercial pot in his life space acts. We should say the Russian rockets have suffered a string. To stabbing failures in recent years but those would normally on mines satellite launches this is the first time that a rocket with a crew aboard. Has failed. Fashion or evil ABC news Moscow. And out of Washington and surprise resignation of UN ambassador Nikki Haley she's the twelfth senior official to leave the administration this year alone. And speculation is swirling about why this rising GOP star is making this move just weeks before the mid terms. President comes as Haley told him this was six months in the making but even some top officials were caught off guard by this announcement. Here's ABC's senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. With more. She's a onetime critic of the president's who went on to become one of the few women in his cabinet. A hawk who championed America first for those that don't have our back we're taking names. But just four weeks before the mid terms Nikki Haley announced her surprise resignation. President trump called the cameras into the Oval Office and made a show of it. I thought this would be an appropriate way of doing it because when you write it out on a piece of paper that you know. And best of Haley will be leaving and you say nice things people say well. What's going on the announcement reportedly caught even some top administration officials off guard. Though the president says Haley actually broke the news to him six months ago from Haley herself no concrete explanation on why she's leaving. No there's no personal reasons I think that it's just a very important for government officials to understand. When it's time to step aside. And even before reporters could ask she made a point of saying this. For all of you that are gonna ask about when he when he no I'm not running for 220 I can't top issue will be doing is okay. That's when her good by singling out to people both right there in the room. I can't say enough good things about Jerry and an office chair and it is such. A hidden. Genius that no one understands and apostles in just a great friend. In the Washington buzz among the names being floated as a possible Haley replacement. Funk a try. Albert Reebok giving the people that know no that he Boko would be dynamite. But. You know odd that big is that nepotism if you can believe it right. That's this serious consideration now would she be a good fit for that's. They give up it would be incredible that doesn't mean I did you know it I'd baker because. It be accused of nab business. Even though I'm not sure there's anybody more confident in the world but that's okay. The president will nominate a formidable replacement but quote. That replacement will not beaten me Haley stays on the job at the end of the year and the president just told reporters he's got a list of 58. Terry. To England now with an outfit on that way he'll we told you about a couple weeks ago remembered they need the beluga is that whale that. Was first spotted in the River Thames on September 25 well. It seems he's still a Tums experts say he is swimming and forging normally this is great news is experts originally feared that his life could be in danger. Couple weeks ago or Molly hunter was one of the lucky ones that actually spotted Benny take a look here. Yeah is. Guys that's an event in the legal out and got in graves and it's an hour and a half from London on the Thames river and that's the first. Illegal do you just not the first illegal well in the tenth in history or about twenty miles from open waterfront and. The right now there is no plan to rescue Benny free Willie style scientists hope he finds his way back home on its own we will keep you posted. And staying in England's along and in fact and that remarkable prank pulled off by the elusive street artist banks see. The one of the kind piece of artwork girl with balloon was auctioned off for a record one point four million dollars last week and then. Seconds later was torn to shreds leading collectors aghast here's ABC's Jennifer at Boston with more. Hello I'm Jennifer echo stand in line in for ABC news lives. I'm here on bond street outside of the Sotheby's auction house. And this famous auction house says they had no role whatsoever. In the prank from bank CE on Friday during one of their auctions. You may recall back inside they aired what it is most iconic. Hectares girl with a balloon went on the gap 123 sold for an iPod. Dollars the ten seconds later something even more shocking happened on the wall where the picture was mounted. It started to self destruct they've paper running down to edge and then shredding. Stop. Where aghast now being CE whose street artist and a prankster. Tipped aims to Graham to right. Going going gone and then later. Also on aims to grant in many tenants said that he actually embedded at shrinking the scene. Inside. The frame. Now collectors say it was soap one point four million dollars but guests were watched as a result of the shredding it is now worth. Upwards of five to seven million dollars. Wow. I'm get a practicing for ABC news lives. Don't worry about the deep pocketed buyers something now will actually be worth more. And finally it's the spooky part of our show it's October time Republicans hay rides and of course Halloween. So we thought it would be the perfect time to take you into the mountains of Transylvania to a town consumed by legend this year over a million tourist will make a voice to bran castle. Home to the world's most loathed and feared vampire Dracula. ABC's Terry Moran also braved the walls of bran castle take a look. Were in Transylvania. In the frost covered mountains of Romania. In pale heart of vampire country to find the region's most famous resident the myth the legend Diane. Deduct. Count Dracula. Immortalized in film and culture throughout the last century from the iconic. 1931. Dracula starring bella Lugosi and that unforgettable voice. We've been. She shoot you know. Use that. OK so my knees and every good. There are perhaps only a handful of characters throughout history known as well as that repeat count appearing in over 200 films Dracula. Is V most puts paid characters. There been more Dracula has been any other care. Inspiring generations of what these vampire it's give my regards to his house. Let me get into the blade character Wes Wesley Snipes are Robert Pattinson. Twilight vampire. They all. Are measured against that racial idea Amtrak. You don't goldeneye AM. And pulled the column. Then a caricature for everything from Sesame Street. Kids breakfast series chop yeah my cultural. I think outsider somebody like a character like Santa Claus he be hard pressed to see. One that's been as commercially regularly exploited as Dracula which is why we come here to this castle high and a cliff. In the middle of the carpet AT and mountain. All right let's go up we have four floors and 57 rooms. You are now inside the most popular and famous this question. Broadcast a better known in the whole world it's. Count Dracula as we know he and is loosely based on the legend of live Jeff. Better known as Latvian paler than notorious ruler of this region in the fourteen hundreds. Known for his violent and torturous methods of suppressing this at. And it comes up like he was a real person. And storied director and this castle was a castle which was viewed and used by the local teams the music from the movies and awkward laugh him. Fly Dracula was a horrible horrible human being. Being a vampire would be an improvement in life over what he was but it was 400 years later when Irish author Bram Stoker penned the iconic 1897. Novel Dracula. But the legend of Dracula the vampire was. The meaning of in the dock lay actually did their votes on. Pain Dracula is cancel it comes with a although. Like curling creepy this you might expect. I. But still tourists flock to discipline. Last year we had won the Indian tourists in some ways Dracula is tripped I think his main export I think you have to go. But on the level Star Wars to look at how being. Dracula would be is a total grant it's probably worth billions. Some companies even offered Dracula theme tourists for around 14100 dollars a person. At the base of the castle is the town of bronze population around 5100. But it's become known around the world as Dracula city. And everywhere you look there's Dracula. Dracula months you'll know why they say it's Marilyn. Since. Dracula shorts PDF best vampire different areas like that are elected Disneyland attraction. I'm. Dracula theme haunted house right in the middle of town ago that your people. All things. But I love a good. Dennis so Lipsky is the owner of this ghoulish tourist attraction. She's lived here in Pennsylvania for more than ten years so when you came here how much of this. Dracula rarely hear those nothing hear nothing mr. Michael Janice the godfather Dracula city in addition to its haunted house. He owns a fully immersive five. Largest restaurant in town. You resurrect her father in some ways analysts that forced fumbles prologue and act and idea what he has ever thank you for this Nadia I don't think I'd like them. Now wouldn't mind it will be protected from someone Lyndon validate changes ago. Which reminds me we need garlic I'm going to survive the night here on need some of my new. Let's get a life. That's just one way to defeat Dracula. Another wouldn't stay. This book children this the work. That's. I'm calling that steak okay you've saved my life. As evening falls over to Pennsylvania we had to our quarters of the night so now we're going from Dracula is Kessel. Up the mountain to which Michael regulars townhouse and just just how widespread. The Dracula business that is. The house of Dracula. I've got my girls. A good mistake. And who survive this night. At this Dracula theme hotel we enjoy some dinner theater and talking to. Walk up. What about villain being led might do well I haven't seen Iraq since. Who knows. On the news tonight. Is very nice. They put dozen garlic on the table toward. Then us please check outside my room for vampire. But alas this working father of four needs his rest Olympia. Spent time. Rate. And a garlic over here. I'm a wooden stake. Just in case. They got the holy Bible. Russia. Com kept me actually. I'm or am Transylvania. Yeah. And now a look at some of the videos from across the globe have caught the most attention this week. We start in Spain where flash flooding killed at least ten people earlier this week within eight inches of rain fell in a few hours on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Causing a ripper to burst its banks the flooding swept cars and huge amounts of debris. Down the streets on the island. To India when animal rescue organization wildlife SOS really lived up to its name. A leopard bill into what thirty people well and the rescue group use an old fashioned ingenuity to get her out. For dissent they lowered a latter into the well and then followed with a cage. The leopard jumped in with poll that safety has worked there. And on a hockey rink in NORTHERN IRELAND an unusual goal almost former National Hockey League player Patrick Dwyer caught the puck in his Jersey. The site of the quickest way to get it into the net was just to back in himself so we did it up again the replay. Overseas but get this. The referees waved off the goal not allowed but Dwyer is scored on social media where his video of the play has been viewed over a 100000. Times. Well I just about wraps it up for this week's edition of worldview we leave here now with some memorable images from around hello I'm right Nokia New York. CNN.

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