New Zealand PM promotes 4-day workweek to encourage domestic tourism

Jacinda Ardern noted that 60% of New Zealand’s tourism industry is domestic tourism.
5:33 | 05/21/20

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Transcript for New Zealand PM promotes 4-day workweek to encourage domestic tourism
But everyone and I had to be seventeen cents to Terry Knight basement lying problem. And we an amazing guys are in the background in strategic Bachmann who and. On the way to being utilized. Because I didn't even have time for advice from buying certain. Particularly bad and partly. Now we motion sickness in the hands immediately all I'm going camera. I don't come here and Patterson. Four this and a chance to win this. Local council she and tourism operate as those who can culmination of hospitality and he should tourism just about. The impact of car that he and it's not what we can TT he then we come outside his response to beat them. From I was here was. I think questioning 82 months ago as a last place I visited before we leave until I'm. Candidates this price and I visited us from outside of Wellington region since we've come around and for really Gregory and. I'll be CBS NB number it's wants an amazing place just because that are on out of ten aren't you humans. And our real pain and I. Seat for tourism products and everything cleanly is one of stars. And licensing and some rank myself meaning come in hearings in. How things have been going he. I want everything that's come through extra Lisa throwing it right subsidy is pain Tennessee. I think of course an acknowledgment and snow and running through so. Listen. That will exit the industry three to get back up to think about how to say am. Haven't towards that domestic terrorism act that. Now I'm just saying only a few things here sixty seat Al. Tourism industry explain it is. Supported by domestic tourism sellers New Zealand is going out experiencing Aaron big cat but interestingly these young as a source about nine billion dollars on international travel. So the question is how do we carriage kiwis and actually having gotten hit experience and I confidence we. Just staying with family and freeze they get out about it visits in rising prices and offering. Tourism offerings and so are operated at thinking about it has and so we keep working with them on how we continue to per market to stick. The I'm. Issue for us of course at the on the mystic is what we can he trains hit them purple going straight into her. A tourists have been kind of the Mac and of the great to see it coming and coming back to be at every team. I'm here as well so are we doing what we came to make sure we won't let it was being done them at the border. In a war with a girl beside him for applying. Make sure that we it'll it would the board so we are in the securities. And witness or area. It's in the positions like this that we can treat it. So the answer a couple of things to us on the horizon. For a industry Miami Heat it's New Zealand hit thriving tourism industry report. And we will and it's just the support we give one enough that prevent conflict if we can do it. All normality. Some of the IDs been bounced around. Think scrap. The idea of helping bounced around this attack and we support beyond that. Unlike them my step tripping around the country and I'm a big thank well if they had at the public's ability to into the prevalent in late that might get it to that. I eat thoughts of duplicity thing we should have a four day week. Come ultimately it really sits betraying employee is that employees. Thought. As I've seen these lots of things that things about car incident that flexibility of and people with you from behind the productivity can be driven out of it. I'm really encouraged people to think about that that are coming in clear in the this entities are to think about wheat kernel. And that is something that would week could be with. Ice because it's certainly would help them tourism will around the country. Sun and whipple's son in the budget announced a 400 million dollar package. Which is all about supporting. Them among ethnic government in tourism we can take you back. To make sure. And that if we hit for instance release significant. Beaches. That might need to ground hibernation or Wahl that we're able to support it happening. But that we also develop a plane to keep it between government and the tourism industry. It's as we went through the next period of time because things will be different for. I'm but of course that's just one pattern now public. Plain to keep. I hit from industry and things are looking quite good to to bookings wives the queens they said that such shining lie this week he. A lot of people coming down from the white hitter to be here in the next effect. If you live local if you have hired and driving distance and feel like as time limit if he replies well it came through side we're on it right now. There's just exotics or near Baghdad I keep thinking about it later ankle from Judith. Botswana and aren't perfect replacement prices now you know at on the right things when she was able to cute kitty cat she was seen feeling sorry. My message for every run. Great that he cannot. Godspeed you feel. Things Dreamweaver run. Kicking Europe that from the with a victory is about right now I suspect are putting up despite sellers. I think exit turning me.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Jacinda Ardern noted that 60% of New Zealand’s tourism industry is domestic tourism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70809139","title":"New Zealand PM promotes 4-day workweek to encourage domestic tourism","url":"/International/video/zealand-pm-promotes-day-workweek-encourage-domestic-tourism-70809139"}