Love in the time of coronavirus

People fight for love with creative dates, offbeat weddings and revisited relationships.
5:23 | 04/25/20

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Transcript for Love in the time of coronavirus
Quarantine is good reminder don't marry the one you can live with marry the one you can't live without. Marriages are being tested report suggests divorces could spike weddings are in limbo but long. Love. Persists. In times of sickness and in hell. Another thing. I was cars still getting exchanged. Everything and waives their hands sanitized they're after all this is the moment so many dream of their entire lives. And and to hold just not too close. Some weddings planned a year or more an advanced suddenly face derailment by the pandemic. Such is love. In the time of corona fire. No empty pews here and we'll need to urge these attendees to speak now. Forever hold your peace there were still with us some spirited if they can't be in the building Koch at weddings worldwide. A new tradition forget something borrowed and something blue ceremony staples now include face masks. Even obtaining a wedding dress is now more of a challenge. Yeah well you run out it's. You might consider it the first major test of holy matrimony. These newlyweds in Utah salt and their wedding day dilemma with a drive to notice and cars and hurt the driving your. Move over lover slain this car park is about commitment. It is had to change their radio stations make it here everything that was going on. Opting to reschedule. Princess Beatrice has done it three times. Some are taking history. The wedding parade. I'm definitely is spending less money thankful they hit. Single people are also spending less money turns out difficulty dating. He's another unwanted side effect of the corona virus Campbell ally from ten. I don't now singles still trying to reach out while stuck at home maybe we can talk about something. Actually unrelated incident the virus sake I hope. I don't know by concealed because fight to potentially I'm Mike Dyer you might argue crap might doubt. That's not sexism. It's definitely nothing sexy about coping. Some surmise virtual dates could lead to a more authentic interactions. There in the cupboard Brown's base they're not. Read about what they're we're seeing her what what they're. Blake doing it very hand less intense more intimate heat after. I am madly exerted moment out of there might change and I married he's all right now Lebanon's mining. And remember Jeremy culling. Loans stealing hearts in his pursuit of Turin his quarantine QD upping the ante with each state. Taking a soul along for the ride I would argue that it's a very excited. It's awesome a lot of them where is eating. The urge to break those stay at home orders a lingering temptation doctor Anthony felt she addressed on good luck America. If you wanna go a little bit more into this world then that's your choice regarding a risk we reached a cleaning quarantined where X is started reaching out. And in these desperate times summary from revisiting old flames. Because they are you know you. You already know what's what they are you know what's what it. Lets us do that we're just chatting again now that may feel good to see it. Whether you're single or hitched being stuck at home 2.4 seven isn't easy. Just take it from comedian Wanda Sykes. He's a big inventory. Yeah Connor cruise. And marijuana and modern family Serra highland has her own approach this as your shot you square station. We're seeing a whole blow. It's a worn out there buying themselves. Just drinking at home and being frustrated. Or getting divorced on Xoom. After being cooped up all this time together some reports indicate once this is all over. The separation may be permanent. Record to divorce greatest career. Most people don't know what responses like at work. Now there's spouses are seeing it sometimes they find it exciting sometimes it finder were also. But there are glimmers of hope even from the front lines of this pandemic. Doctors taking time for what was supposed to be her special day. The for anything even. I. Nurses pictured battling the corona virus together but the hopes it one day we'll see scenes like this morning new home. Proposal for a nurse returning home. Love conquers all these safe and apparently. Didn't live lives.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"People fight for love with creative dates, offbeat weddings and revisited relationships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70342225","title":"Love in the time of coronavirus","url":"/Lifestyle/video/love-time-coronavirus-70342225"}