Momtroversy: Controversial Topics That Moms Want to Talk About

ABC News' Genevieve Brown, Amna Nawaz, and Mara Schiavocampo sit down to talk mom and dad shaming, sleep training, and the best ways to handle toddler misbehavior.
23:02 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Momtroversy: Controversial Topics That Moms Want to Talk About
I am Genevieve brown lights out added there ABC news author and proud mom victory yes three in ages bower. Two and sixteen weeks. Life is curry easy and that is up controversy is all about that good at bat and the downright insanity. It is a modern day parenting we'll tackle all the controversial topics around crying out to duking it out on the playground with the other parents. But this is that no judgement not because controversy knows how works one family does not necessarily work for not there. And joining me today are two super moms who are balancing career. And chronic sleep deprivation and RS dot com. Lots spotlight. So speaking those controversial topics so Chris CT image islands and they recently had a baby mess Tokyo. When it is over a week old they went out to deny they hate and she was attacked in the Twitter verse. And he thought that's how he tweeting out on the she has blessed me adding he sat. I there's no dad she aiming. When both of us cracked dinner. Shame ball so you know what you guys think it was an hour action but it's whatever. I think anyone who criticizes a new mom for leaving house deserves to be locked in the room with a newborn them out. I just like today in of the ultimate punishment after the because if you've been through it you like seeing the sun. Is like a lot eighth and going out to dinner with your husband makes you feel normal or just for an hour so she has every right to do that. But he has a point about the that Jamie because as a society we place the role of child care on the mother's. And this is on the gets reinforced in the workplace paternity leave it Fitzgibbon is never as long as maternity leave that tells the family this is the mother's job. And so you know the Twitter verses just responding this thing. Writes there is responding to you with society has ingrained in us after all he's you know millions of years this is yours used. With me without. Me hey there should be aiming here at home mom Amy and it needs to go way a Smart and he is that. We ate at port. Need to be holding. That holding an apparent that the whole need to be supporting knowing that we work one couple. One parent doesn't work out so I didn't expect from going out from venturing I mean at me if India like. It's wet and actually bring it might it ought to be. That's and go in and great. Bonding that she looks scary and one is a measure for state. Or. No we relaxing reading it I can we had a lot of support we had a lot of family come and how. A lot of friends in the area my sisters both live nearby so we have constant babysitters supply and we are very very plus some way I think it was. Gosh Nivins maybe three for weeks after the first baiting going out like having time. That we did it for pretty early too and what went on things that we stated it is out care for our for an older child. You know you can drop them off for the friends or play date but newborns more fragile through. If we can get her shipped off somewhere we actually do it with ham which we did a couple times because when their little little they're sleeping so much anyway. So you take in the restaurant needed experience may standing there probably Euro and complain and I think. And they sleep McCarthy and then you can now a couple of glasses of wine and then thinner and feel like you're out you know but if those needing care. You know we did that to let him out when my my oldest originally sixties all but we decide to go out to dinner we hadn't been out yet and so we're standing has had this restaurant near our apartment and you know the babies in the stroller clearly a new born baby right. And be mayor Diaz like you oxide he he sees the baby he comments on how beautiful this new baby is an and he looks at me says when he GO I'm like. England and we're live it's early I had to pack up and I can balance of this waiter would not paying attention not yet a newborn and like another pilot what attitudes you know community. The point you it's easy to you go out with the beaten when. And sleeping in my. And you know hopefully. Ian Christie and baby well mostly for the media and in I for that we recently introduced him. But it you know. In terms of getting kids to sleep the real. Me. I am right in the mid. Something. And I think. OK so my first. Pretty well he's the book with the first on how this time to read boxing. As that was signed at preaches it through the night by twelve weeks now. Perry and sunk into Paterson and a lot of the drop it is not genetics it is not good parenting whether or not your new child sleeps is luck of the draw though you'd like you and you had to they would and one at them with yes and he did not get a map Allenby but I can't. He won he is five car hitless at Atlantic and an attack at. After three months all agents and you know might. And Africa and we. And bang you know we start it and rewritten it like. It's ranching and how did you get your kids since. It and I am I the tough love. And I don't. I think. I would tell you that you know that the world at the heart place. So I feel like it's never too early to learn that your right. You're not only way you're gonna have to learn how to deal with adversity and difficult difficult circumstances. That I'm an issue atlas with you even when you're three months alone so it I have no maybe you know our eyes. At my I don't cry me yeah. Think you know doesn't. Personally they're cry they were hurt my heart but you know he'd gone to check and threw them I had no problem. And you know they needlessly right you know it's good for them intensely and can do is going I think I'm wet noodle with a pretty. And I. And I would cry and he would literally have to you're not going in he would go to check it knew it. Rick and here. It had a really good partner. I will be strongly. At the wrong thing but it. It's I found it difficult to and I'm still finding it difficult Petit Jean is the method where. He just ripped off like at the end he and you don't go and a scholar Judy you guys he's the method Rico packing any do little soothing getting back out. How did it is I'm doing the rip off with the anti math and yet announced it Peterson's as me he said. A cat it's gonna take somewhere between one and high he said we'll take one it won't take back its seventy. And he is that the mother and it's too. Until I read about ready cannot let you know be maybe if it rains soon Anthony did not work for you guys. Why that's what we did so I would go and every and like ten minutes never more than fifteen minutes and suit he had just kind of let her know that we were there because my son. He's great isn't we haven't not completely HI with him. But with my daughter she would do that and I would just want to make sure she was okay because I'm she would be crying so much she would be you know I would be wary about her should be getting red Jean me reading too happy. So it just through their and then leave again and eventually they get so tired of crying they all sleep because. It's an effort to crack pipe he flat out there's restart on Wall Street Journal about of their payments up. Practice here in New York City called TriBeCa pediatrics and they reckon Democrat out at two on self yet for all of there. Patients. You know and there's a lot of backlash on the mommy lots about two months so that they eat peaks how can you let me be -- is eight weeks old. And you know there at the moms are really to buy it. On whether this is a good thing because you're teaching them how to sleep right and ticketing them as skill it's gonna hopefully last analyze. And or whether it's cruel but I think that one part of the conversation it's not actually happening is. How can be the best here you can be if your kids not sleeping rate there. Album many moms work outside the home in the ones that don't know sleep separations are real me. The Emmy through real thing completed its pull on your light on your marriage on. You know I feel like sleep training with a lot of parts of parenting is so much more about the parents that is Pickett because you get the kid that you get. If they're good sleeper they're not afraid sleeper but no OK it is gonna wake up every few hours for the rest of their lives like eventually they will grow so it's really what do you at the parent. Want to do for your family for your own health for their own howl for the well being of everyone but what are you. We're not even willing to do collect what weather for that degrees to which she won ago to get things where you feel like they're good for your. And that's different for every spare. But when you're raising is a really good point which is self care for yourself is apparently and that's something that a lot of parents especially women mothers feel guilty about. It's taking care of themselves because it's taking time or resources away from child care but I firmly believe. That a happy. Adjusted mother makes for happy adjusted children though I need to take time for myself to go exercise or two we know get one of those chair massage that the mail slot which I love it's ten minutes and resets me. You know I'm that I'm I'm taking care myself so that and I can give more to everyone else and sleep is in that same category I need you to sleep because I need to sleep so that I'm that snapping at you for little silly things and I can be more patient. Mother. It's like. An out of oxygen mask your. Math you have to your Ers have been others. Gut instinct would be to put oxygen mask on their child. But if you're an oxygen and he sound mean there's. So. I I I agree that when he. Take stock of what's on your home work you. And how that was my first you write this book four and you know thanks weeks I became. Edgy. Over Harris and Eric difference well. You know I. It definitely have a good. And now I'm on tour and underside of Anna it is. I mean he it's it's stressful and you Gabby get what you get when you don't get a sack but now it is it is a much different ball game this time around how to think you're. Particularly indicate goes through there and stages so you know kids can be good sleepers for a few months and then a few months later revert. And then you have another kid to deal way that it all kind of like it balances constantly shifting. And what about with all look at how do you funny all the pictures and. Well my all of this hurts this is great. Until her baby brother came and then sleet became a really big problem and the biggest part of that was that she was alone in her bed. And the baby was in our room with us. And she even the dog was with us so the whole families in one room. And she's by herself and another round and she threw a fit every night the crime the coming into the room. And I going to seat being up all night that was a real surprise that's been very hard to do it and that is hard for me to do it. That when a ring her neck she's old enough to know better. I'm Mike go to sleep and you have school in the morning they are not three months old so. I pray for patient. Yes. I don't. Not if it made sense if NY. As I had a similar experience you know with my. And patented. That's her being in the head and out work for. Her it was important for eyes and because it's. Regis hats. Pattern and an older version of its own but he. Hopefully. Eventually we'll all it. Can sleep. But how windy turn to preschoolers. And you know this situation. Has me. But it's about behavior you know and sometimes. It feels like the old me word in your vocabulary. Is now. Yet well you know it's funny to me canal and looking at my child and think. How funny would be if she were grown up behaving in that way you know like you have to have a sense of humor about it. Because they're like little barbarians is like a biking you know she throws things on the ground and she's done eating them she is so. They are. They're they're very amusing. Yes citizens humor about it because it's so you'll be. Yes and he had me at worst. He. Here at master. Ali and now it's. Sad now out. Only thing. Well and arrow thing now. So you know everything is known everything. And there's naked tree near parity. About that about the acts on the shipment and about you always say. Her pre. Are. Now. Can be back relax. Election. Where a picnic. What one thing I thought when I was watching it out of this woman at the time elaborate but this. Hilarious video could kudos to her lesser than that it is safe again. She is driving he's I yes she's she is telling her kids she startlingly means he's noticed the but at least the sense of humor about it write your you knew how. And a sense of humor yes it happened and that nothing lasts at. Every eight. 868 weeks I want you know what that's one thing I've gotta disagree with that as I am so my oldest was. You know pretty much to her south it wasn't really can't even get their hands and that's half hurled. And he's learning that beaver a few months now if he doesn't like what's going on. And since hitting. And it's as a it's extremely stressed. Two seat happened. You know I have sent text messages to new. Other parents say I'm sorry and her teacher. You know I have an anti I have. Out taught him that his hands only on his own body and most the time it was a he or working at Eric Eck and it all the sad and it happened and sell you know I am kind of had a lot. And you are gonna get there because he's not going to be sixteen and assaulting people now he'll figure it out he'll learn how to manage his emotions and Sandburg alive the memories feeling and I've been on the other side of that because this is a student in my daughter's class who hits and so the teacher performance of when my daughter has been and the mother with so apologetic like you where. And you know their four and they don't sweat it you know we we love her she's adorable little girl I'm glad that their friends and kids they're learning so. You know I I would hope that other parents wouldn't take. Yet to take that users either because wouldn't hurt it. It's just bad social behavior and they need to just learn it made here. Evening you're here. It's that walk away knowing that you were there consistently for. It eat at me. Hope because I yeah. I hate if you're just. It was. So when when you're having your deep ties to unite you now white EU practice their own homes. Came up with the really effective strategy and the almost afraid to say out loud combative and vinegar if this am I gonna get like assaulted by the river so we threaten the writer to. Because that's me that's affected in the public eye and yet you don't want Alex physically draining an act flick my daughter and criticize me you went to the conflict that. It's time where it flickering here. Is very effective and I don't about a man and at all what you say that the average rate with the other in the ticket got me and I doubt got into renting here everyday. So but I don't feel comfortable doing and public Ali because people are very gently about you know in Virginia than your kids. But the toy thing. That works wonders it's like you keep back it up and take out there trash would you would you actually believe he's an album. On how olive oil I had gone the other two favorites and now the Barbie cars in the next one. On the list and she is didn't and it isn't big thing. You know kit where we're not you know unreasonable but like if she hit her baby brother that Barbie cars going to the track that's why else with them in the trash though it works. Geez that's so toys are going in. Which one is next on the chopping block and they have to be one. And so when your situation out public and his acting and I eat. You sort of undermines sat like you know let their kids. Kids or use them I like your act here where we're meeting I had. And I am acting up and out. Huge fan of removing them from the situation in that it helps them as much as it helps you so if my actor older throwing a tantrum in the supermarket because she wants. You know and the entire candy aisle into the apartment for and it's not happening I will leave the groceries and we will leave we will do that until she can come down we can come back and do it. But it's so good that they know that you really will leave because the worst thing is to say you don't get it together we're gonna leave this party and the new state funeral party then they know they don't take you seriously you have to actually relieved and I'm of I demand good behavior and public thank you and embarrass me in public. If you're trying to acquire all the so. And that's day. On past even like walls. They actually. Barry Barry in Assam an all night should act like they're. Alex. How partner which hurt today. Yeah well now we are that rates at. Its. Current. Sign up right at your boundaries figure out socially appropriate and you need your parents there to tell you know what is. There. I use C Antonin me. On its maker of sent out. That there is a lot of and and I my brother actually. Ian that he that was how he lives and he's he his life it just. Threaten their cans and nothing ever happens clinic at eight that's not really an image that it's in. It's it's apparent heart it's happening. That. Everyone struggles and have you ever seen parents. Appropriate way toward. Crane their cleaned. I cringe and I think that's a lot especially New York when people could hurt there children. So like my breasts projecting a parent is dairy you know buy equipment man and it differently but that's something to me it is beyond the line and I had seen mothers are there children. Like bear. In a bar fight and that rates are any county. The and it felt like yeah. It and they would have no promise me yeah. And you know what's interesting is that these days. People are looking with their phones with their cameras to capture. Either mom eating caregivers. Doing things just like pat policy on social media. And you know I actually. Have a friend who. Her nanny was yelling at her daughter in Barnes & Noble. The another mother who was not know it's my friend. To the picture posted on an opry sat on these pages is insuring my friend is looking through the feet it says. Acts Nye yeah me. Exact situation talking and he was cursing. At the child. This my friend calls this mother's she's never amount gonna have a conversation she gets a lowdown on what happened she there eyes were half year old daughter. I mean so it's it's it's. Word that evening. The christening which is all fall and of itself. It's there ramifications you know a people. Having their phones on them at all times and you know in many ways looking kind of posture which was a little bit how passage. I've wary about that for things that I I have no trouble with his apparent no trouble admitting to no trouble. Defending liking a flicking my daughter but then I think. There are people who might. Disagree with that method of discipline are they then gonna try to shame me publicly it's a very kind of slippery slope because people specials for judgment are different yes so what you know what one parent has that is appropriate discipline someone else Maine. It's kind of a slippery slope. The age of what they. Any way I like it. Yes the point is he now we're like him money and Hartford other. Ranch. A lot more of these topics in the future me he so much during. Bombing via. Bloomberg. I don't think it requires. Yeah.

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