Never Visit a Makeup Store Again?

Most women waste money on makeup that's not right for them, but new technology promises to change that.
1:51 | 08/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Never Visit a Makeup Store Again?
If -- may never looks quite right it's probably because you're wearing the -- make gotten. And it's no wonder with so many products on the -- it. Make a bad thing they can help McCain and even -- you a perfect match -- its bitter very much limit your possibilities of making a mistake. It's the fear of walking around and found these next two seats too dark -- keeps people coming to stores like some for a which has in store kiosk that helps you find the perfect color. -- like a camera first intent you -- a quiet on three different areas of air base in the -- that can't tell number. Of your skin tight in the air and it gives you all the results of the best products spears again. You could skip this door altogether. New -- Lumpur that. -- use science to fool -- That make up -- You can snap a -- be an -- get done and that's really alienated me extractor colors and we find a perfect make -- -- it's giving me. Few options hair and and it's bunch. Stranger sat cop on the -- me nothing he he -- never heard so really. A range. Products you know interest name is seen when I think he's saying it's 99 care. Pump perfect is different from any -- out there because it uses the fundamentals of colored sock it can also click to buy directly from our. And as with all things eat -- is everything. -- perfect identifies the conditions in the room. And actually corrects for the lightning we work with all brands and retailers it's the science and the intelligent recommendation engine that is actually giving her her recommendations but whether you shop from home or in star. Always have -- out. Order where they allow you to return even -- use products that you can try -- at home in your own lighting because there's only so much the African it was him computer screen. Genevieve -- brown ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Most women waste money on makeup that's not right for them, but new technology promises to change that.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"24932925","title":"Never Visit a Makeup Store Again?","url":"/Lifestyle/video/never-visit-makeup-store-again-24932925"}