Robin Roberts hosts the inaugural Thrivership Awards with Ryan Dwyer

Robin Roberts presents a Thrivership Award to Seattle resident Ryan Dwyer, who, along with his daughter, Violet, battled cancer in 2019.
9:56 | 12/11/20

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Transcript for Robin Roberts hosts the inaugural Thrivership Awards with Ryan Dwyer
We are so excited. In addition to art first ever partnership award recipients over the next hour with help from some very. Special guest they include super star power couple Sierra and Russell Wilson actor Zach Braff. Reigning Super Bowl champion to Ron Matthew. And NBA legend Dewayne wade. And here with me in the studio to bring it a little pet can get us started DJ live. Because you don't think we've got to celebrate absolutely bounds thanks for. It's great to be I don't it has been too long we'll reach out to you. That a little later Broadway and television star Jordan Fisher is going to join us with a very special musical Tribune. Do tonight honoring us. So you'd may be asking rob what what's up Shriver. Well as we define it it's someone who has gone beyond their own survival story define a new passion and purpose in life as a Frye ever. For many especially 20/20 that purpose has been helping their community is during the pandemic. Here now to help me introduce tonight's first driver ship award recipient. Is a couple that personifies grace and generosity. Multi talented musical artists Sierra and NFL superstar. Russell what's. They keep mounting and we aren't real it aren't the inaugural diversity awards and was introduced into our first writer and an act. Ryan's minor and is stepped her violent both panel cancer between nineteen through the ups and downs the never forgot how instrumental the nurses were in the recovery and. Look at city of Seattle was one for cities to be a coup in nineteen. I lost his job and cited tickets mission to the next line up he found a way to get back to Frontline workers through the gift. A food. As well I continues his cancer journey his selflessness. And finally going to pay for makes him a choose a hero and now a partnership award winner. It's. January. 5 2009. Team high ten year old daughter was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma. We all immediately took it is a death sentence. Everything has moved so quickly. She was checked in the children's snapped following week and started came out. Violators. Sweetest kids home to see a young child have to go through that. Just shakes it here or. So look back and see that it mostly pictures she's smiling. When I look at those photos it brings back memories of how nice the nurses learn how nice ever done. Take care of me and how happy. I was to just have all of my family there to support me. My daughter was in remission by June at 2008. Team. Only one day after my daughter was announced in remission. I was diagnosed with acute my lawyer leukemia. I'm looking at buying ten year old daughter who. And my name president hill are going through what. The most extreme. Physical and mental. Medical treatments. Some after seeing violated the strength that she demonstrated that you just kind of pushed forward these nurses and doctors become your family had. If you really want and see you give back. Spend a lot of time in these hospitals and I see the stress on the front line workers see how well they handle it. And we appreciated so much I'd bend in the restaurant industry for fifteen years at that point we were looking for ways to give back and we felt that a really good way to do that is to be gifted student. My company is. Find guy in front lines only served just over 21 hospitals since we started in the Washington State area. Nurses are amazing effort getting back to the people that saved her life. On my daughter's. Birthday and I got a call. That MIA cancer was fat kid in that I'd relapse and that this time there was gonna happen deal bone marrow periods one. Hard to struggle for the U his beard hospitalized. Her 35 days and not. Being able to see my family. You hit a fully where. You just make a decision that you're not going to sit back. So I was set small achievable goals to make sure that we were still operating. Even while he was going to end British treatments every day he was on the phone line up restaurants the hospitals making sure that we can do it safely. My goal is digging my body in my mind it might sold back to. I hope the spot and he'd be fine done in front lines go live. No matter what this struggle is. We continue our lessons learned and then use them to become better as people individuals in the family. I am so honored to officially say congratulations. And welcome to Ryan Dwyer who joins us live from his home in Washington State along with his beautiful wife Alexis. Gorgeous daughter violet and it's so great to see all of you. A Lexus to have something that you would like to present to your husband right now. Yeah okay. Are com. If you'd like to open it please do Ryan would take a look at what we have. Or did it do you. I hope you like it. Lula. Ryan. Buried and that they have many even one pays since we're we're glad this we want this what do you make sure it got there you are so. Well deserving of this recognition you've only been home a short time after being in the hospital. For 35 days how you feeling Ryan. All do the last budget either you guys just BJ are Isa. The in a hospital. And a look at. Yes yes indeed. And reading about you everyone talks about how. Gratitude. Is just a part of your fiber is a part of your being you know my mama said make your mess your message which you have been doing. And what is your message and an end message to others who want to find a path such as you have. I think my biggest messages reveal that no matter what this struggle as large or small canisters. You know workers at all. Utility duties capitalize. On built eating small it's legal or wore a stronger U a lot of separates you. Us your knee and yes. It fired at you dig a little more control over were so hot. When you are certainly a shining example of bad as is that little one. In the middle and now I'm bad as I urge you're exposed soon you don't give advice to and you know to your children but she has really bad and an inspiration to you what is the most valuable lesson you have learned from your daughter. Took our eye. Popping. Or close off the blue literally birds. Do you see stuff to all of our words he's murdered me. To me that operatives he I don't heated and he instead he's. Worked with sick. And Alexis I saw that you got emotional. What we were showing the piece about your husband what was going through your mind. Kind every letting it and immediately every single day mix here. And the ink. Works it's unclear at Children's Hospital today. Berger hurts. Always. Would. It. Insisted it will thing. EEE Riviera where we can all act yet still you must look at Akron and the. I can imagine so I know that feeling and I'm glad that they. Are both doing as well as they are now Ryan one more thing before we let you go you thought you were just getting the award that to get request got there in one piece. Well our friends at urban hydration a beauty company with a mission to helping to support charities of people in need. They shifted gears this year mass produced six million bottles of hand sanitize or and now they are making a 101000. Dollar donation. In your honor the fighting and dying in the front lines though you are receiving 101000 dollars taking continue the final word that you are doing there. A grad David. Very welcome thank you thank you thank you thank you continue to be. A shining light a tell you DJ reach the bravery. You know the resilience. And their spirit is just. Incredible. Just to see people rise up from challenges and adversity and an end. You know just have their spirits shine through and still guide them and what did you for authors as they have we're just getting started my friend you know that in.

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{"duration":"9:56","description":"Robin Roberts presents a Thrivership Award to Seattle resident Ryan Dwyer, who, along with his daughter, Violet, battled cancer in 2019. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"74667291","title":"Robin Roberts hosts the inaugural Thrivership Awards with Ryan Dwyer","url":"/Lifestyle/video/robin-roberts-hosts-inaugural-thrivership-awards-ryan-dwyer-74667291"}