Veronica Beard designs at New York Fashion Week

ABC News' Charli James gives you a closer look at Veronica Beard's newest designs at New York Fashion Week.
2:32 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for Veronica Beard designs at New York Fashion Week
I and number. Jane hopes of salvaging the heat index drags here in New York. And right up our fascination. Not a good parent and non art I'm gonna traditional unmarried man. Thanks but it's also rents can eat some really fun film version. They do a lot and especially now on where they're laying there. Little one here but this is an emergency air then they have also designed. And coming and soon they know everything you're looking down on his model Karen. There nine. To explain on November need might not know the difference this is a threat in taste and Clinton is obviously different than a runway down. I'm in the presentation here at the modeled off and fully address and that their looks. On the platform and keep looking hot and it and spend time. Touring the Romans wearing a look as opposed to having model. Watch out. Enron and allowed them I'm. Thanks closed exit and closed. I take a closer pigs very even take pictures when the clothes and amp why. Gary another lot of those lately and that there are now worried she might not even even tax fairness of the quarter Bryant they. Then and there is seeking to use. Very tactile fabrics. Still belt that wouldn't be in would be very popular and I'm not looking hair. Word try another one of those rich fabric you can see now that actually got so many little else. Little boat bound mountain. And that is the mom Wendy lemon scene in mind. These will be available. We're in the fall. We have seen on the Randy Tate and Laurent name where now my now a Rolex. But the majority of that shows here in New York Fashion Week are still looking at the end I had.

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{"id":45468882,"title":"Veronica Beard designs at New York Fashion Week","duration":"2:32","description":"ABC News' Charli James gives you a closer look at Veronica Beard's newest designs at New York Fashion Week.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/veronica-beard-designs-york-fashion-week-45468882","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}