World Chess Championship title to be decided today

U.S. challenger Fabiano Caruana and reigning champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway compete in rapid tiebreaker games after 12 straight draws; Caruana could be the first American champ since 1972.
3:38 | 11/28/18

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Transcript for World Chess Championship title to be decided today
We're going to turn to ABC's Molly hunter at the world chess championships which have been under way for days but. Molly and no winner has emerged yet Powell. And comes as work. It. Aaron I have lots of answers at this summer reading directly down ever right outside the actual room where it's all happening but you're right it's a thing going for days. A 48 hours of play twelve games. And no winners sits today it is all the sight and it's a little tour as I explain the rules and we are down here the room sitting there it's completely soundproof. We think it didn't even watching out here and actually the first game and just finished up this next rap so explain exactly. How many rounds. Until the actual crime EC action isn't going and tons of people kind of watching there. Come on this way. And now is there fourteen paragraph. I. And Magnus karlson that is just one that he's been Norwegian I'm actually just gonna show you pick picture of him that's him right there and Mac is Collison right there. He is the Norwegian heartthrob he's won four times he also I might add was a former model and there. It's not yet her want to see is the American everyone is hoping or if he went Darren will be the first person. Since 1970 season Bobby Fischer. But they weren't wrapped thinking that if it is still a drop after the graphic game around we go to the live stage now blitz gains. And I've never actually witness. Each player had. Five minutes plus three seconds and S and they're kind of mini Macs is that you gain seats if no one wins the blitz and then we got even more blitz games. And finely parent if Newman. We gotta tell arming yet and this it's taking action in Iraq. This is the media around it's literally called Armageddon. David does come with music for a second if you island's ports and actually sounded complain about far better than I am. Is Steve didn't even watching that that someone actually give a complete rundown on that game Magnus Carlson line. What's your take. Well there were a couple of times as friends who doesn't win and time into the second chance I kind of miss. The first chance but you know economics in this case against the best in the world forcing. Fabiano. Getting the franchises and others lost the first game and it's an apple tossed out by the time. Some houses. It happens to the next game is about to start in just a couple of minutes but I must imagine David described. Arming yet this is the most ominous sounding final rounds lightning round and eastward and possibly. Yes. I mean it's a very unlikely event especially after her first win it's kind of like just reason just takes more and more morals so it can get a winner. So he can I haven't tonight and limited tools and I. I'm and and limited John Burris apparently and so far. We've got a reckless. Record number of draws and just shows the level of latest guys Iraq now they've they've tried those chances but they just keep defended positions well. I must estimates are claiming. These and it is the number one and number two in the world which doesn't know what happened in a world championships that feeling here is super excited we're watching it all of the world chances biggest fans also. Millions of people around about Mississippi. It sounds like it went deep in the bowels of the world championships of chess ABC's Molly hunter with. It simply terrifying accounts of glitz and Armageddon.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"U.S. challenger Fabiano Caruana and reigning champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway compete in rapid tiebreaker games after 12 straight draws; Caruana could be the first American champ since 1972.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"59472508","title":"World Chess Championship title to be decided today","url":"/Lifestyle/video/world-chess-championship-title-decided-today-59472508"}