3rd woman accuses SCOTUS nominee of sexual misconduct

In a sworn declaration released by attorney Michael Avenatti, Julie Swetnick of Washington, D.C., claims she observed Brett Kavanaugh engaging in "highly inappropriate conduct." He denies it.
9:03 | 09/27/18

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Transcript for 3rd woman accuses SCOTUS nominee of sexual misconduct
This edition of "nhtline"nt , juju cha. Repte president senate Deats. Ws a big fat con job. D they INT room, and I guantee you, they L like hell at what theyulled on you and on the . EP president elding a range ouestionsn xual assau accusio againstis supreme court Noe, brettkavanaugh. Wn I lookwhat's happen to the reputation of agreat gentleman, great intellect, a brilliant man, somebody that H chance to one of our great supreme court justices in hiory, intellectually, I think it's ashame. Reporr: Asnothersed today with a swn alleging another T of sexmion C's jonath Karl. You have daughters. Can Yo understd a victim ofexsaultould report it at the time? Don't you understan -- By way, I ly 36years. No charge, nonothing. Ha ofte Ppl to have to make a on. 36years, T no all of aud hearings are over and the rumorta CING out and then have this oth co artisvenattiomeut wi another beauty today. eporter:hael enatti, morning tweeting a photograph and declarionromis CL Julie swetnick, in a sworn affidat, 55-yeaold details graphic accusionsf what she calls highly inappropriate conduct F the nominee and others close to Kavanaugh vehemently denying the allegationin a statement writing, this isridicuus. And from the twi zone. I dot ts nd this neverppened. Earlier today the pride olehearted bis pick. Hefully over the nex upays it will be led up and solved and E supreme court justice who wgo down a O of O gre ever. Reporter: But later a the essnference,resident trump shifting his msage sayingnted see tomorrow's hearing out. Do you th thesewo all three of them, are liars? I C alway be convind. Have to H it. It sounds L saying is, there a scenario under which you would withdra Brett Kavanaugh's nominaon. Is that Corr I though he was - of something like this, yeah, sure. You Wil tomorrow mak up your mind? I want T watch, I W to see, I hope I watch. Reporter: All thisma unfoldinbefore thsd highicipated heahere Kavanaugh and one of S accuser, Dr. Cistine bsey Ford, are expected to testif thisfter days of disturbing allegationregarding kavah's time school college brought by blaserd, then second accuser, derah rarez, a yaleate who the new Yorker" Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a druen dormitory party, thrust his nis ier face, caused her toouch it out her coent a she pushed him ay. Kavanaughen a said the this is a sea and simple. In a highly unual movekavah wife appeared news to D hischaracter. We've one things we ok on igh school et or cringe a rit. But that's not what we're ING about. We're tal about an alleti of sexual ult. I've neverually anyone. Eporter: Today's new allegatis paint different picture swetnick says she's worked on and for T federal government F yes, holding secu C for multiple departments. Aware of efforts atkavanaugh, his close friend mark judge,nd ould spike T punch at house in deause gis to lose their iitions and th ability toay no. She goes on to write she als tnessedfforts B judge, Brett kanaugh, andrs cause girls to becomene and disoriented so she could be Ng red in a side room or bem by a train of number boys. She claims she too was rap by multiple boy a party attended by yet she esn't that either kavaugh or jgeeremong her alleged assail ants.c hasee unable to corroborate swck's altions. While bot Kavanaugh and judge have deniedselegations, bothen a also named in Dr. Asey Ford accusations, who first deilount T "The wasng say she was a a when the now-nomi pind her T a bed and groped her. He was trying to attack and remove my, blasey Ford sa. I thought he mightnadvertentki. She claims she managed to cape. Kavanaugh alsoies this happen. Toy Dr. Pcy Ford's attorneys G a handwrittccount asart O lie detector shetook, and say she talubmitting of own including a 1982 detail C toho wasn't T party animal he's been portredas. Instead noting, college inteiews for brown andyale. And reminder, to to jues. On hill a day ofmoil for both parties. I feel like have definite SP T HOL a hearing, N only for her,ut forudge kavaug she's been waiting forays now to appear, sohy would we want to disadvan hrom doing what she offered to do a lo T Repte ten democratic senators O jury kavaugs nomination. Tomorrow they Wille the asnghe questions along with this woman, veran crime precutor rac Mitchell from arizona,ho wl Dr. Blasey Ford tomorrow for the first ti. Brought in by theepublicans committee, all of them men. Norlly a sexri prosecutor would have so much bef the wldearing like . We hired hause she an extraordinary ration for being ae tret O the truth and sexual- allegations of sexual assault. Repor kill likely have to answer tgh estions of own. He willacome embarrassing queio his youth, H ality, varus pieces of hisanatomy. Itould best absolutely horrifng to consider doing this in a publi way. Repter: But the new allegations further splng theeady partisan committee. On one side democratsla allegations must be considered under oath, and it nesting witness EP the other side, repuicans. Do believe T judge. I think it is ear. Suspicious this. He says H doesn'tw lady.he says he never hung ouththla Reporter: A senator lis murkowsk key swingvote, lieves in the process. They wie on threcord, oath, and it Wille a por us tin hear floor toy,epublican soreff flake, another K swi Vo Up or down, yes O it will rever be steeped in do R: Elshere oncapitol hill, angry protesrs once again filled the rotunda Shame, shame, shame! Reporter: The an "Meo" activis Alyssa Milano, leading theharge wh group testing outside congressional office S 15 yearsld Reporter: For her, the fight ispersonal felt a hand up myskt. Ani was punched repeatedly in the vagina. I couldn turn around. I loedo the stage. Ansaid, pleaselme. Eporter: S has a message fo senatorsoing io tomorrow's hearing. I hop that the senators real take into consideration thn rage we're feeling. Senator to theht in us hoping that than senat will stand upsurvivors, stand up for and demand fair process. Reporter: And T a glimpse into tomorrow'sing. Dr.rd releasing a copy of H upcoming statement testifyi bretsssault on me drastically alter veryg me. I was too afraidha anyone the details. Hiouse also leasing Kavanaugh's opening remarko still adamantly Ni allegations. Ier sexually assaulted anyone, inig, not inollege, nor. Up next, aresidentia

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{"duration":"9:03","description":"In a sworn declaration released by attorney Michael Avenatti, Julie Swetnick of Washington, D.C., claims she observed Brett Kavanaugh engaging in \"highly inappropriate conduct.\" He denies it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58114402","title":"3rd woman accuses SCOTUS nominee of sexual misconduct","url":"/Nightline/video/3rd-woman-accuses-scotus-nominee-sexual-misconduct-58114402"}