Former aspiring actress on her past encounter with Harvey Weinstein

Tomi-Ann Roberts, now a psychology professor, says she was 20 years old when she says Weinstein propositioned her.
6:00 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Former aspiring actress on her past encounter with Harvey Weinstein
2 Test message cc1 Test message most bankable stars who once lavished Harvey Weinstein with praise, Merle Streep's golden globe -- And god, Harvey Weinstein -- To Jennifer Lawrence's golden globe. Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. Now coming out in a chorus of condemnation. Street telling the "Huffington post" the news about Weinstein is disgraceful. Lauren saying to variety, this kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting. Among the few men joining in, mega star George Clooney who had his big screen break from dusk on dawn from Weinstein. He is now calling the behavior indefensible to the daily beast. These voices finally piercing through what many have alleged is a long held culture of bullying women into silence. You know, it was complicated for each woman in this story and sometimes it took months and months for them to decide to go on the record. During a ten-month meticulous investigation, he found that women had been hiding in the shadows tooflt fearful to tell their stories of intimidation, abuse, even rape. This is the hardest topic in the world for anyone to talk about. It is the last thing any of these women want to open up against. Toby Ann Roberts said she knows all too well what this feels like. She was a 20-year-old college student, an aspiring actress in 1994, when she said Harvey Weinstein propositioned her. It is the kind of moment that is petrifying. He was in the bathtub and he attempted to convince me he to get naked. And I didn't. And I ended up looking back, I can't believe this, I apologized. You blamed yourself. I thought that I really thought that was kind of my fault. That I was prudish or I was scared. She said she quit her dream of becoming an actress and now teaches the psychology of sexual object at thisification. I don't want anything from Harvey Weinstein but I want other women to know there are people who cared that this happened to they will. It happened to have happened to me, too. I'm going to start to cry now. I want to honor this tiny whisper that said to me, get out. And I listened. What I am also is ashamed of the fact that I had been so ashamed. Why are so many women so scared into silence? The power difference. He said it is stories like these of alleged intimidation that are so familiar. There's no on the record comment in which he says I never retaliated against anyone. But woman after woman told me, I lost a part in a movie. There was a culture of fearful. He said that culture of fear and silence was perpetuated not just by Weinstein. That it was said to be well known and enabled by the circle of his company. I was told over and over again that it was an open secret. According to nondisclosure agreements with the help of associates, he used monetary payoffs and threats. But the systematic misconduct is alleged to have gone further than just shutting down stories. You talk about this honey pot arrangement where employees are used to entice women. Again and again, the employees described a pattern of meetings in which they said young, in their words, vulnerable women, often foreign women, aspiring models and actresses were asked in for what is called a Hollywood general meeting. And then they would be moved to hotel rooms and move to something else. And reporting to H.R. Was often ineffectual. You talk about how the H.R. Loop went back to Harvey in this company. That's fairly common at small companies. That's not necessarily damming. But multiple women talked about how they felt there was no purpose in going to the hr office and they knew if they did, they might be retaliated against. Legally, if the alleged abuse is proven, whether or not these women will receive justice will depend on when the abuse took place. The toughest issue for any woman coming forward now will be the statute of limitations. Civil or criminal. There is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit or even for the government to prosecute someone criminal. If the Weinstein company is found to be at fault, questions remain as to what the legal repercussions will be, if any. Tonight the Weinstein company releasing a new statement expressing shock and dismay at the allegations of extreme sexual misconduct by Weinstein saying these alleged actions are antithetical to human decency. These allegations come as an utter surprise to the board. Any suggestion that the the board had knowledge of this conduct is false. But for women like her, they say this moment represents a are change that gives her hopeful. Once somebody has the courage to step forward, others come forward too, because they finally see. There's an audience who cares. There are a lot of powerful women coming out against Harvey Weinstein. We're obsessed with hollywod and the media. To have these amazing actresses who are so much in the public eye say something that forceful to me is just the greatest thing I've heard in a long time. If I can be any help in joining the chorus, I'll proud to be part of that group.

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{"id":50407788,"title":"Former aspiring actress on her past encounter with Harvey Weinstein","duration":"6:00","description":"Tomi-Ann Roberts, now a psychology professor, says she was 20 years old when she says Weinstein propositioned her.","url":"/Nightline/video/aspiring-actress-past-encounter-harvey-weinstein-50407788","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}