Ayesha and Stephen Curry on What Life Is Like at Home

2:24 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Ayesha and Stephen Curry on What Life Is Like at Home
The bombing tonight cracked the code perhaps is secret to Seth Curry's three point shooting. Is the food he's getting home ABC's Robin Roberts is cook inlet the Currie it's. On the court. Stefan thirtieth reigning NBA MVP. So I Iraqi ready but all the court he's since one part of a fearsome foursome. His wife he Shia. And their adorable little girls not. Ryan back and and rightly today the theories have invited me into their home the simple salute by each of those home cooking. So we are doing it by strips chicken with Presley head. It that Billy house we'll see that there is it a step curry approved. And a room. I teach him a self taught food basin is building an empire posting recipes were hurt four million social media followers. Had she published a new cookbook the seasoned life. What's the black you know she's got the book about Islam we will whose with those are passed. We'll pick perspective on the net. Well are and it's obvious your passion. Food cooking tell us where that all stems from it then spend. Growing up I just remember always being in the kitchen Catholic food gets people talking and it makes people feel things and that's why let it so much. Now despite her hectic color their schedule I used to still attends and most of her husband's home games. Angiography. A passionate outspoken band one of her life fleet landed her in hot water with fans after she called the NBA. Very passionate. Yes I'm in love of my husband that's protective it's hard and it did for trader personality. In a 140 characters. Food family and faith I Asia carries ingredients. Reliving her best life. And the day would not be complete without a tour of Riley's brand new play house. I just a slice of life with the curry for Nightline I'm Robin Roberts in New York. Literally and figuratively delicious thanks watching ABC news join us for Good Morning America tomorrow and as always were online at abcnews.com. And our Nightline FaceBook page goodnight America.

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