Dating Site Votes on Who's Worthy

After being voted out, some rejected users had plastic surgery, but this is all in good fun or unhealthy?
7:27 | 02/07/15

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Transcript for Dating Site Votes on Who's Worthy
Why did the live in a world populated by only beautiful people. That's the concept behind an exclusive online dating site that uses strict standards to keep out the rest of us. They say they reject most applicants but if you're genetically or surgically blessed enough to get and true love is just a click away. May be here's ABC's nick watt. These people are beautiful. It officially beautiful there in an elite club. And their radiating and of our own Sunset Boulevard. Hollywood. Among the Milwaukee toolbar. Is seen fit Latvia back girl or a whatever girl look in the way she looks like among guys who might have. An exciting personality she might be. Best all that metal on earth playoffs police say you know what. All these beauties but. On the outside at least our members have been exploding online dating site can be every day's an ugly dude yeah. I am thrilled yeah. Involves a very very bad. Members of the site only very few in if they think you're gorgeous based on 18 chip. It's called simply. You people. Beautiful people is based on a fundamental principle of human nature. And that is that we you'll at least initially wants there was some we find attractive at might not be politically correct. But it's certainly very honest if the on line facing mock it was a nightclub beautiful people would be the VIP room so this is basically say that peaceful people have been bothered by ugly people. What estates and not sell but. And if you look at a different way you're not bar any social situation if you gonna approach some you can oppressive and if you're attracted to them did you get on first time trying. The first coming did not it was the firing. My nose done it didn't help me you know. Why wasn't accepted before those jobs I think afterwards I was accepted I live in the suns aren't nationally. I think just like my hands. I think being. I come speak to that could. This is Tony lindh's bedridden. I had to have this picture framed about my and a and as a flu it isn't. Tony is an actress slash model. And it's me enhancement. And now hunt. Perfectly on the site making up the connections and meeting the people. Here is not poor enough there's of others he's gone to extremes to join the elite club for the exquisite. They like to claim the site is just have no debates are for people sit on the island take care of themselves. That's the spin they've even launched and mentoring program coaxing and Jack quirk another crime. With the help of the people Olympia port a lot of clear rules of the game. The rules again and he is like OK yeah with a book to kid I got my teeth done. Ten grandy spent almost eighth. Allow people that warning on the website name hat like nose surgery or have had breast augmentation and whatnot and you'd be surprised a facelift on the woman that was. Honestly night in thirty years old yet. The fact that a woman what undergo plastic surgery to Alter her appearance so significantly to be deemed attractive on some web site. Makes me very very scared for what's gone on in our heart and mind. It's funny to me. Back at the beautiful mixer cronies meeting lots of people while Greg has his eyes. On the door. We basically have some of the tool I'm screens he. Excellent accident fixes that from the site and makes them look as good as him represented themselves on line. And yes and that they're being pointed ET relates to people show up and it doesn't look like that represented himself at like that thanks. Then bet that by the Austin the side. One woman in attendance tonight who we've learned show was deemed too ugly and us. To lead. President Bush sent home how are they feeling right now just that getting terrible. Extent it's the most difficult pot of itself but I saw that amount. And she was nervous and she was kind of you know attend the and I succeed she wasn't comfortable. But unfortunately. You know she put up next on the side it did look. Like have members. I pay that premium. To be invited to events went that is attractive people. He sounds like a totally soulful person but the most unsettling thing about Greg is. I really liked him from the moment I soul and maybe that's just because he's good looking we Arnett more than Everett conditioned to care about the immediate and the external. Think sell songs in Seagram tendered giving and receiving instant likes. Swipes. Where are becoming so focused on immediate gratification and and initial impulse decisions. And immediate reactions to the external. That we're getting get lost somewhere locking away and not only lose our selves but lose amazing opportunities for love. When we discard people who may be on first glance aren't perfect. But on second glance are extremely attractive and perfect onion sack. Beautiful people loans in Denmark in 2003 its net global with 800000. Members. OK and Serra I have to try this colossal improvement project here there was give up yet Krista maybe you should take it for them. Okay remember by the lives on for the project is kind of you know dangerous. Members of the site then vote yes or no women both men and expressive is part of the attraction being on the site. Having that power to. There are addicted to it then lover you kind of self policing that you know you've got in the velvet ropes yourself you deciding who comes in and he doesn't. But second that I see people in that I wouldn't necessarily about that myself. The acceptance rate in the US hovers just under 30%. Seven million people enhancing have been rejected worldwide. The woman's not necessarily use the full amount in the classical sense if she looks kind of sexy it was shown but a scam to get a good chance of getting him because and it talks. Women look at the bigger overall picks. Does this guy look like he has money in the next 48 errors and strangers will determine my face you'll vote. The peaceful enough when monks and. I'm honest about it I think people are submitting a that they have just and that's. That's very generous magnanimous so you. Maybe there's hope for me. And I can track real time how I'm doing. What bothers me a sense is that so few people dead and phone business perspective you know when people got time to why it's. Thought by Dulles sides of the net at the end of this. Even once you're in you're still safe profiles and reviewed. Periodically with removed numerous people over the years book letting themselves go. By the way my application. It was not successful that was overwhelmingly. Humiliating Lee rejected. Techtag the absolutely not terribly. Russian PPP and the amendment that Rex and shouldn't do things and and sit and that won't for Nightline in Hollywood.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"After being voted out, some rejected users had plastic surgery, but this is all in good fun or unhealthy?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"28793836","title":" Dating Site Votes on Who's Worthy","url":"/Nightline/video/beautifulpeople-dating-site-votes-worthy-28793836"}