Star-Spangled Backlash: Did Beyonce Lip-Sync National Anthem?

Superstar's performance at Obama's inauguration has drawn questions, but she's not the first.
3:00 | 01/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Star-Spangled Backlash: Did Beyonce Lip-Sync National Anthem?
Did she or didn't -- less than 24 hours after beyoncé soaring rendition of the star spangled banner nearly stole the show at the inauguration. Some of that praise has turned to backlash. Claims that beyoncé was actually lip -- are now setting the Internet ablaze. And -- the burning question did she -- kids. And if so why should we care ABC's David Wright went in search of answers. Okay. Was beyoncé really singing that rousing rendition of the star spangled banner. OK. Yeah. Or was she lip -- essentially acting every note. Right down to pulling out that your piece it's a mystery. So far beyond taste camp hasn't said what they're Sheen is a lip syncing -- not. I think that if she didn't. People have a right to know why -- of people on the platform noticed that during the National Anthem the band members. We're just pretend. The play their instruments. Earlier today the -- confirmed that was so hands said flatly beyoncé was lipstick. We all know beyond taken saying we all know the Marine Corps band can play the spokeswoman told ABC news. We do not know why she decided to go with the pre recorded music at the last minute. It's standard practice for the performers to record a backup version just in case. Beyoncé posted this photo from the studio on her Tobler page. But on the today. Time. Kelly Clarkson performed live no lip syncing from our. Cool. Beam to. Is pieces. Same for James Taylor even though he said later he was worried about the cold. It's always hard for a guitar player play when it's cold because your hands sort of stiffen up you know I was very relieved to have gotten -- -- without any media train -- The only -- -- was the implication beyoncé was faking it and everyone seemed to have an opinion but from the key players today. IC silence no comment from beyoncé and no comment from the inaugural organizers no comment from the White House. Late in the day the Marine Corps band changed its tune -- higher ranking spokesmen say. This time. No one in the marine band is in a position to assess whether her performance was live or pre recorded -- five. The Marines fell on their supports. To me it was her voice. It was her singing. Whether she did it live or she had done it previously. In -- recording studio. Who it doesn't matter. Lip syncing is an art in itself yes it looks easy but miss one -- and it's gonna look totally fake. If she did lip -- the anthem she's in good company one of the most famous rendition of Whitney Houston Super Bowl 25. Was lip -- to. Some people are speculating beyoncé was actually using something called a backing track. In big venues and unpredictable conditions singers offering use -- to guide a live performance of version. They hear in their ear piece so they can sing along. Why hasn't she said one -- Because my guess is they probably did have a prerecorded track in the back into trying to explain -- break it down it almost sounds like she's making excuse. The track recorded in a studio. And found a lot more polished than what's coming out on stage. -- These are supposedly slips of Britney Spears in Las Vegas. I -- mr. Obama solemnly swear. Of course an inauguration is no mere performance op president of the United States. This is a national ritual. Preserve protect and defend an occasion built around a president solemn promise. This is supposed to be history not -- -- -- but history is rarely perfect but here -- -- -- -- The JFK's inauguration Robert Frost recited the wrong -- because it was too bright for him to read the one he had written. Four years ago it was so cold this Itzhak Perlman -- played air violent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No one made a big bucks. I think that shockingly the Internet is more interested in beyoncé and you -- you -- Four years ago Aretha Franklin's voice cracked in the school. Tonight she said of beyoncé. I thought she did a beautiful job with three record next time I'll probably do this thing. But vocal coach Debra Byrd says beyoncé did right by the history books. Let's say she was having a vocal problem of of any kind if she's loved it it would be history in a negative way. When it comes right down to -- the event itself was a piece of showmanship. The president had already taken that constitutionally required group of office on Sunday. I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear our Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear. The -- specified in the twentieth amendment all of this was one big show. And the secret. In Washington and in Hollywood. Is supposed to -- -- spontaneous. But trust me it's not it's extraordinary and we will choreograph. And when she lip -- -- not beyoncé. May well have stolen election. -- up. I. David Wright for Nightline in home.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Superstar's performance at Obama's inauguration has drawn questions, but she's not the first.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18290011","title":"Star-Spangled Backlash: Did Beyonce Lip-Sync National Anthem?","url":"/Nightline/video/beyonce-lip-sync-national-anthem-18290011"}