'The Bible': Remaking the Oldest Stories Ever Told

"Survivor" creator talks about taking on the Bible with "Touched By an Angel" star -- his wife.
3:00 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for 'The Bible': Remaking the Oldest Stories Ever Told
Mark Burnett is widely considered the godfather of reality television the man behind groundbreaking shows like survivor and shark tank. But it's his next project that could be the most surprising -- -- -- serious about the Bible. Teaming up with -- wife Roma Downey the star of the beloved TV series touched by an Angel. It's a family affair and to leap of faith as they told me in this hinted in. Ever since Charlton Heston parting the Red -- in the ten commandments. Hollywood has had a thirst for more. And now someone thinks they can do it better -- Not Donald Trump and the guy who made in the TV star reality show guru Mark Burnett. And she television landscape with survivor. It was to become the -- and human -- Now he's taking on a project truly biblical in scale. Recreating the stories of the Bible from Genesis to revelation. Spread out over ten hours and five Sunday's. On the cable channel and history. Of pulling off the house -- little help from the books. Yeah. And put some excellent. Roma Downey star of the now TV classic touch by an Angel and burn them it's real life life. You're famous Angel. You're not so famous is an Angel -- but. American manager but he's been touched by. What is the guy who created shark tank and this five are what is he doing. Doing the -- able -- apple is the film donation. All of this mention mean we have room to people that feel it believe it or not that Joan of Arc was noah's wife. Or -- Sodom and Camara who lived happily ever after if nothing else just to set the record straight. Al shows off -- doesn't really make any shows. Movement any shows -- not -- as we have three teenagers. One of the things they sent to us when speaking about the special effects of -- that of movies whatever you do don't make the special effects lane. You know we showed decades to continue these projects. A movie would -- helpful -- -- -- They were rolling their eyes -- could argue with cynical and wait to get at -- noon Youkilis hitting. What we've done for 2000 that thing. He's pro fresh visual life into the greatest story ever -- One of the great debate. His web that the Bible stories are literal. Well aware that there. Some ball of these stories you or literally true the -- once approached this you have to take the -- of any hesitation because his -- visit with it's it's well trod terrain. And it's also treacherous I -- -- the same -- Mel Gibson many people have. Have wrecked their ships. At least temporarily and will shoals. Listen making the Bible. As the series brings with that a huge responsibility. We have over forty the emotions than academics. Advising us to make sure that we were. Accurate and always telling the stories within the spirit of the book. They're not modest in their predictions about the impact of -- series. I'm -- and millions. Will it open the Bible or we opened the bottle millions of -- maybe a billion. A billion new people they opened the Bible I think to north wouldn't have been jump I'm very -- person -- the -- alone. Even with -- Angel -- one of the executive producers everything has not an easy we were only -- -- For six weeks away from -- principal photography. And we had not yet cast the rule of teases. Than to say that we were anxious about that would be an understatement I send -- an email and the and the headline and the email was looking for Jesus. And who. And you know prayer works. And we -- The most wonderful actor. Portuguese -- We moved so its -- unity and strength and change them. Jesus was cast that they were still stumped when it came -- who would -- his mother. I went over to Morocco with my producer's hat firmly on my hands at marks encouragement really is said to me I think you're not. Seeing the obvious Downey herself stepped into the role there are a few. Real world problems to overcome to like the snakes. We had so many snakes. On our Moroccans that. That we had a house a man. To come in and cleared the locations of snakes. -- -- -- These are not gardens and no not these -- And boxes. But snake would be cast in the starring role -- Satan which meant bid to talk they're nude Jesus scintillating display all over -- And -- -- It's on which you lay down. The fanatics -- -- -- -- we'll take video and photos of it. We showed that younger because no one's saying no when things that you've done it and peaceful -- Is that what she did just. Then -- these birds I took one for the team I'm still on the snake crawling across to you then let's -- -- That's a slowdown arrowhead family and a couple of Douglas pulled with a more jungle -- And just -- survivor family there has to be a little competition. On the horizon a whole new slew of Hollywood productions are launching -- based on the Bible. Spielberg doing Moses Will Smith Cain and -- And Russell Crowe as -- Over a year ahead of all of them we -- talking to Russell -- getting more involved with Lofton can -- -- -- -- -- America's big giving -- So have the -- seen it yet he is the best news mobile. -- last week. Two decades ones -- and 16 and they agreed to go and -- and pulled another. Lost week. But -- -- is that what it what was the what was the most heard comment from your fellow teens say -- and said. That's really cool -- -- -- -- -- We get something casino was a -- of this really come from. A Bible premieres on the History Channel this Sunday.

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{"id":18614821,"title":"'The Bible': Remaking the Oldest Stories Ever Told","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Survivor\" creator talks about taking on the Bible with \"Touched By an Angel\" star -- his wife.","url":"/Nightline/video/bible-remaking-oldest-stories-told-18614821","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}