Former Bikram Yoga Student Recalls Alleged Assault

One of the Bikram yoga founder's accusers says she didn't think anyone would believe her.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Bikram Yoga Student Recalls Alleged Assault
Yoga is supposed to be about healing the body and calming the mind, but tonight one of the biggest yoga gurus in the world is facing allegations of sexually assaulting five of his followers. But why didn't they go to police until years later? What does it mean to be a guru? Pastor. Teacher. Reporter: A little more than a year ago, bikramoudhury invited "Nightline" to his house for an interview. He's proud of his success. He even gave us a tour of his garage full of luxury gars. This is 1953. His commercialism and brass personality have made him a controversial figure in the yoga world. But he has no time for his critics. People sometimes who are famous and well known, that group of people get jealous. People talk bad about Jesus also. Reporter: Since that interview, five women have come forward filing civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault. Four of them accuse him of rape. This woman asked us not to use her real name. In her lawsuit against bikram, she's identified as Jane doe number three. She has never told her story in public before. She said bikram raped her three times. She said the first was at teacher training. She will be given a scholarship and said he humbly thanked him for it. I was on my knees. It's's respectful to kneel in front of your master, your guru. He said I like you, I like you. And then he said it's cold. Let's go up. Then you're going up in the elevator alone with this man. I was in denial, praying that it would not be. Reporter: She says shortly after they entered his hotel suite, he made his intentions clear. And he said, you know how many people apply for the scholarship every training? And of all the people, you're here. Because I believe in to you. No one believed in me before. I looked at him as a godly figure. Like mother Teresa, you know? I said please don't. You're a guru. The world believes in you. He said nah, I'm just a man. Reporter: She said he raped her and then acted as though nothing happened. She continued, not determined to lose her chance to fulfill her dream but said she made sure they were never alone again at teacher training. After she completed the course, she moved in L.A. To work at bikram's headquarters. He made it very professional, I would be on the payroll, not volunteer. I believed him. I trusted. Reporter: Then she says he raped her a second time at this apartment upstairs on the bare mattress on the floor. He took his pants off. He pulled me and I said please don't. You said it wouldn't happen again. And then he pushed me down with force. And I said no. And he hit me. Reporter: He hit you? Then he forced himself on me. And so I just knew, I'm doomed. Reporter: When somebody says why didn't you go to the cops? Why did you come to L.A.? Why did you allow yourself to be alone with this man again. What do you say? I try not to be alone with him. But why not? Who would believe me? No one would. Everybody was so hypnotized by him. Reporter: She says she was financially dependent on bikram and believed her career as a yoga instructor was on the line. So, she says, she kept it to herself.

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{"id":22676861,"title":"Former Bikram Yoga Student Recalls Alleged Assault","duration":"3:00","description":"One of the Bikram yoga founder's accusers says she didn't think anyone would believe her.","url":"/Nightline/video/bikram-yoga-student-recalls-alleged-assault-22676861","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}