Breaking down what happened at the Kavanaugh hearings today

Sources told ABC News that the White House found Ford's testimony compelling and credible and that Kavanaugh's opening was very strong.
5:04 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for Breaking down what happened at the Kavanaugh hearings today
Throughout the country. From hospitals to classrooms and in the air underground. And around the world so it doesn't mean he's had given normal peaceful put out because he'd among them an opportunity capital the stakes are high let's listen in a few swear supporters boast judge Brett Cavanaugh and doctor Christine Lacey forward. Taking to the streets. Are. And yeah. I think the bitter partisan divide in our nation we are here today to support him Rick Kavanagh. In the hallways of the senate. And spilling out onto the sidewalk more than 88 people were arrested on Capitol Hill. The explosive hearings. Gripped the nation if I could see it right now I would tell her I believe you I don't think that it was wreck happened at any art I think. And this evening a press conference on Capitol Hill where survivors and advocates cheered reactions. And personal stories. They thought doctor glassy forehead was. Powerful. She was since here. She was heartfelt. Today's hearing thought doubling exports testimony gives me great hope that the next president comes voted to close it. There's a partnership will be believed. One of the speakers 25 year old Emily herself a survivor. Now an advocate and we met Emily earlier this week at a rally in support of the women who came forward with accusations against judge Kavanagh. Emily was just a soft lord high school which she says she was sexually assaulted by someone she viewed as a mentor in your community. Some people that I told us would say well did you say no like how did you say no. Did you crack worry you know did you scream and I feel like that's not. Issues I didn't want it what took place that this issue that I was fifteen and he lived and there isn't a power. She says it took several months before she told her friends. It would take several years to accept would happen. Took me a couple of years of really like having community and having support and having a place this week we're I was able to. Really reckon with and see the harm. That was done tonight just hours after doctor Ford's testimony family speaking out. We're calling Anita Hill for. There is to hill. We still hear you we still seen and we always believed you. Professor whose murder tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth gun. I. It was a David echoed another moment in history when Americans were riveted by the testimony of a woman before the senate my name is Anita F hill. In 1991. Anita Hill testified under the hot glare of television lights and fourteen men at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Alleging that judge Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her when they worked together in a 1980s. When you have scorned woman. Thomas denied the claims and went on to be confirmed by a close 52 to 48 vote. Do you swear that the now 27 years later square. History repeating itself after another woman once again before some of those same senators on the Judiciary Committee. Chairman you and I are both here point seven years ago. At that time the senate failed a data hill. I so I believe earth prime concern. They were doing a lot less for these three women today. But now a very different response than before you could make a case that Anita Hill might have been the first little seemed eager me to. Because she didn't. Have the courage to come out and say when it happened to her. Today the effects of the hash tag meat to movement famous by turbulence. On display in the most unlikely of places Jerry died rat and me. Stunning moments broadcast live on C span. As we called in to share their own stories of survival. I'm 76 year old woman. Who was sexually molested in the second grade. This bright specs so much pain. Those women now feel like OK I've I've said this now and I want to be recognized I want to be heard. And if they feel like they're not heard in this confirmation process I think they'll want to be heard in the election. Bravery is contagious. And it seems it bonds. Today rain of the rape abuse and incest national network reporting 147%. Increase in calls. I think that we are in a worship moment in our society. Historically. Rape is the most under reported crime in our country that is changing we know now. That women are feeling more comfortable about coming forth because they believe now that they wouldn't believe a belief. That may bring some unity. In of sharply divided country. It.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Sources told ABC News that the White House found Ford's testimony compelling and credible and that Kavanaugh's opening was very strong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58141567","title":"Breaking down what happened at the Kavanaugh hearings today","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-happened-kavanaugh-hearings-today-58141567"}