Breaking down Trump's 2nd State of the Union key moments, surprises

A roundtable analysis on what the president chose to highlight in his second State of the Union speech as well as Stacey Abrams' Democratic response.
5:23 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Breaking down Trump's 2nd State of the Union key moments, surprises
The women in white, the newly elected democratic women on the floor of the house of representatives this evening and one of, if not the most indelible moments of the state of the union speech, cheering usa, usa and we're back now with a deep dive on tonight's state of the union speech. Joining me from Washington, ABC's political contributor cokie Roberts. Dowd and Donna Brazile. Chris Christie is at Rutgers university tonight. Welcome to everybody. Cokie Roberts, let me start with you. Let's go back to that woman of the women in white, those democratic members of the house of representatives, many of them newly elected, cheering and chanting on the floor of the house of representatives during the president's speech tonight. What do you make of that moment? It was like nothing we've ever seen before. But the whole picture was like nothing we've ever seen before. We've never seen that many women in the congress. And for them to get together and wear the suffrages color of white, it made a statement. It provided such an image of all of them together in the sea of white. And on the other side all these guys in blue and not looking all that exciting. And they chose a way to respond to trump with a really clever and totally spontaneous response, which was when he congratulated women in congress, they stood up and clapped, but they didn't clap for him. They clapped for each other. They high fived, she shouted usa. They turned it into their own little rally. But it was not really disrespectful. It was just fun. Donna Brazile, let me bring you in because there was another woman wearing white looming above the president tonight. A lot of us were watching her facial expressions very closely. Did you watch along with us? And what did you make of those facial expressions? Well, speaker Pelosi is no stranger to that seat. She's been in that chair before. And what I enjoyed about her performance tonight is that she kept looking at her caucus, as if to say on cue, that's good, I don't know. I love the entire experience. The women in white stole the show. The president understood that he needed to recognize this large historic group of women up there. But there's no question that tonight the president reached across the aisle on, say, on border security. He didn't make it, but he did make it on infrastructure. He said, I want to, you know, end HIV epidemic. There are ways he can work with Democrats but he cannot just do it with simple words and start calling Nancy Pelosi more often. Let me bring in Chris Christie for a second here. Chris -- governor, you are an ally of the president. He did something quite bold this evening, which is he called out the quote-unquote, ridiculous investigations by him. He didn't say Robert Mueller's name, but certainly he was another figure looming large this evening. Do you think it was wise F him to call the investigations? I think he was referring to discussions that haven't started yet. If you want to hold investigations he believes are over the line or ridiculous or that's going to affect by partisanship. This guy gave a bipartisan speech tonight. He talked about lowering prescription drug costs, where he talked about -- he signalled very clearly that he's ready to make a deal on the border. If you couldn't hear that, then you haven't been in politics long enough. He gafrm the kind of speech people wanted him to, up to and including the new women of the congress I think Donald Trump wanted wanted to do tonight. Actions speak louder than words. If he hadn't used words, people would be all over him. The president gets an "A" from me tonight. In some respects it was against character. Matthew dowd, let me bring you in. The president made his case again for a wall tonight. Is it like I to carry the day? Was he persuasive? It's not going to carry the day on a wall. The Democrats in the house of representatives are against it. He may get border security he may decide to call a wall in this. I would like to see -- the president should have whoever wrote the first few pages of his speech and the last two-pages of the speech talk to the fern that wrote the middle pages of the speech. I disagree with the governor on this. The immigration issue the way the president defined it didn't allow the Democrats a lot of breathing room in this. I think when you walk away from the speech, I thought it was supposeds to be filled with a lot of comedy and bipartisan ship. He had mentions of it. Keep in mind, he talked about red button issue for the Democrats. For 80 lines he talked about infrastructure for five where he could receive real bipartisan support. You know where the president's energy is on this. Matthew dowd, Chris Christie, Donna Brazile, cokie Roberts, we thank you all very much for your insight and analysis on this historic evening.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"A roundtable analysis on what the president chose to highlight in his second State of the Union speech as well as Stacey Abrams' Democratic response. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"60878868","title":"Breaking down Trump's 2nd State of the Union key moments, surprises","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-trumps-2nd-state-union-key-moments-surprises-60878868"}