Buzzfeed: King of the Internet

Website has mastered the art of going viral, writing about all things, well, buzzworthy.
3:00 | 05/04/13

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Transcript for Buzzfeed: King of the Internet
Can you guess what fifteen things you don't know about Mariah Carey. Or -- the twenty most important beards -- the NRA convention. Well busted nose and it serves as a treasure trove for tens of millions of pop culture hungry Internet browsers. Wanting the latest content that's entertaining often informative and always targeted to be irresistibly -- arable. But how the site churn -- -- viral content -- -- in and day out ABC's John Donovan gets behind the violence. When the president makes a joke about your company at the White House correspondents dinner. I remember when -- -- was just something I -- college around 2 AM. You could say you've arrived -- The result of the top and when you are Ben Smith the editor in chief of that company Internet sensation buzz feed and have a featured role in -- -- about the hit series house of cards made for the president's viewing pleasure at -- dinner have a busy -- not -- Well that is a very good day at the office it's a cool if -- order because. They have the talent and because it's it's back to try to tells Chris -- really want a fair amount of thought of -- lottery it. -- it is only seven years old but it's already worth an estimated 200 million dollars with more than fifty million unique visitors per month. To give you an idea of that scope the New York Times web site gets around 29 million. So what's -- buzz feed on the cutting edge of all things well buzz worth eight. They've tapped into the holy Grail of Internet existence going viral from the Harlem shake. -- spice commercial back well you're a boat with the man your man could smell. In a world where brands celebrities in wanna -- stars are trying to become the next big Internet sensation buzz -- seems to have it down to a science. Short fund and enticing posts like 21 things that will restore your faith in humanity. Have spread like wildfire across social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter. How do they come up with the kind of ideas that people are compelled to spread far and wide people -- about it -- things -- fair. To find out what's in their secret sauce we sat down with the head honchos Smith and -- -- founder and CEO. Joan of heredity is by morality for you is -- -- science. I would say it's an art and a science just cannot trick people into sharing content that they don't like. And so you have to make things that are compelling they shared with us for of their viral rules rule number one. Have a heart one of our biggest post was the most powerful images of 2011. And a lot of them are very serious moments the 9/11 memorial opening. The death of Steve Jobs tsunami in Japan and allow people to re live and feel the pain in the poignancy that they had or that all year number -- Capture the moment a little over a year ago there was this earthquake in New York City. It was a small earthquake. But because we're not used to earthquakes here in New York we quickly get a post that was the most. Shocking pictures of the damage and it was like a yogurt cup knocked over and after -- -- -- of that particular moment which is. A minor earthquake in your city that -- ever going to lose this rule number three. You don't always deserve respect there -- millions of people posting pictures of animals -- say much more competitive states of those others. Rule number four nostalgia sells. When you see a post about boy bands from the ninety's -- you see a post about candy you can't eat anymore because they don't they stop making -- and you remember from the time your kid. It it's a powerful thing to connect and other people who are your age who have the same memories. But playing by the rules only goes so far it helps to have a team of the industry's finest. Jerry's parents video -- Which slowly judges. There's notebooks and I think. Some of you may have heard of a Twitter -- called modern Sein Feld. -- -- 140 characters or less -- feeds Jack more it's Jerry George Elaine in the gang against the pitfalls of the Smartphone which. The show was all about the little annoyances. You in our lives this. Taps into that by updating those appliances such seeing something -- -- -- I recognize myself and -- -- -- encourages people like more to create their own viral sensations. He's -- within half a million followers in the process including. George to stands at himself for I am -- stands. The idiots. Vehicle -- these chips and suffers kind of cool. Given the age where Twitter and FaceBook have the power to spark revolutions and overturn leaders. All that social capital is a terrible thing to its. Which is why -- -- has broken in two breaking news. Andrew Kaczynski better known as -- -- Andrew has sailed to Twitter stardom with the sixth sense for a story that's on the verge. If I see something. They're basically. Two things it really doesn't happen if this important work people and -- -- and it really important story. You know you want to get out there you know we're making sure we get those stories such as micro stories at the moment four on my house. Story after proving its political chops during the contentious 2012 election at the site recently received more than twenty million dollars in funding. To keep the on the -- scoops coming in at breakneck speed including original video and reporting. And you guessed it it comes down to social. News story about -- This character on the History Channel -- scenes -- Actually talk too much -- my colleagues in what I am not crazy here -- you know this guy who looks like President Obama and we got that story. Flatly. Denying I woke up the next morning and sorties flown -- -- 300000 views on the Internet. Politics pop culture and puppies may seem like a strange recipe for success. But it all seems to make sense when you realize. That much comes down to emotion. When you think about the way that people connect to each other laugh together feel emotion together that is a powerful thing for Nightline I'm John Donvan. In New York City.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Website has mastered the art of going viral, writing about all things, well, buzzworthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19107001","title":"Buzzfeed: King of the Internet","url":"/Nightline/video/buzzfeed-king-internet-19107001"}