Capturing Unexpected Animal Behaviors

Nat Geo WILD's series, "One Life," provides a different perspective on the animal world.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Capturing Unexpected Animal Behaviors
And finally tonight, 'tis the night before christmas and the reindeer are on the move but they're not the only ones stirring. In facts, there are more than 9 million species on the planet and just staying alive takes brains as well as braun with the never before seen look at the survival extinct, here's cynthia McFADDEN. Reporter: For the nearly 9 million species that live on planet earth the daily struggle to exist requires ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness using stunning footage from 10,000 hours of material nat geo wild takes them for a look at the animal kingdom. Every animal has that same path. They're born, try to survive, they pass on their genes and then they die. It's much more complex than that. Reporter: Unexpected and surprising animal relationships abound like the work of this strawberry poison frog that individually carries its thinkly hatched tadpoles up trees to pools of water. ♪ and then returns every few days to feed the tadpole until it grows into a frog. If that isn't a picture painted of a mother caring for her child I don't know what it is and it is a frog. Reporter: These grass cutter ants can't eat it so they chop the grass, carry it to their home where they feed it to a fungus they can eat and built in ventilation to get rid of excess carbon dioxide. Being resourceful they'd be gone. Reporter: Some animals are freaks of nature. But survivors nonetheless. The predator plant, the venus ply trap, the chameleon with its tongue like a missile. The stag beetle that uses its jaws to fight and other animals that survive and thrive in more creative ways such as these birds in oregon who perform a dance tore their true love. And this lizard in belize appears to walk on water when it runs. This film certainly paints a picture of nature on the inside. We all know that nature is on the outside but if we open up our own hearts and mights and find that beauty on the inside i think that we will fall in love with the animals in a different way and we need to because we are all attached. We all need each other. Reporter: Learning more about each other to learn how much we all need each other. I'M cynthia McFadden for "nightline" in new york. The epitome of awe inspiring one life airs this thursday on nat geo wild and a thanks to

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{"id":21332190,"title":"Capturing Unexpected Animal Behaviors ","duration":"3:00","description":"Nat Geo WILD's series, \"One Life,\" provides a different perspective on the animal world.","url":"/Nightline/video/capturing-unexpected-animal-behaviors-21332190","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}