Case dismissed against USC student accused of campus dorm rape

A male USC student maintains a 19-year-old female fellow student was insistent on having sex with him, but the case raised new questions about alcohol and consent.
6:11 | 08/02/17

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Transcript for Case dismissed against USC student accused of campus dorm rape
Now to this surveillance video that helped get a college student out of rape charges tonight you're gonna see that video you're gonna hear from the young man at the center of a case. Raising fresh questions about campus drinking culture and what exactly constitutes. Consent here's ABC's Jim model. Happens all too often. Two college students drinking too much and heading off to have sex we with the strength. But was a woman in this case a nineteen year old from University of Southern California student from. Too drunk to give consent. This surveillance video appears to show her making the first move a college bar band vetoes and eventually pulling. Twenty year old fellow student Armonk grungy toward a new Ober. You know we just why do adult things he put bombs there on the decided kissing me on the net you sun making. But the might would end for him would allegations of rape she ends up in the hospital blood alcohol poisoning. But tonight he's a free man in part because of these videos and at any time. Did she say no. No that was good sound throughout is the one who won without sex according to the police report soon after they left the bar. Ramsey took her to his kappa sigma frat house. Having Dick carrier up the stairs and that she was so drunk his frat Brothers thought it too risky to however there. So they had to her door. I feel that maybe we've waited out in the do another day and is that why you being such a good boy be about boy. According to the police report the young woman's roommates walked into the dorm room shortly after 1 in the morning. And witness the couple having sex in the common living room. But roughly an hour later the roommates walked out of the rooms to see the woman lying nude and passed out off. That we without having sex I went to use the restroom. I'm what I get knocked out the room it's looked at me this scene you know very upset by the fact that and I had just about sex in the living room. Her roommates told police prime G said we were wasted and she was all over me. According to the police report after friend she left the room mates tried go wake her up. But couldn't. When the young woman finally woke up at the hospital she remembered nothing. Asking investigating officers in tears how someone could have done this Taylor her blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. When did you find out there was truck I don't think too much of it at the died. It was only it. The following morning when the daily BV game what happened at the bar may be very different than what happened inside that former. Prime G was arrested and charged with the rape by use of drugs and sexual penetration. By a foreign object used friend she was released on 200000 dollars bail. All along he said the encounter was consensual I thought it was a sort of that would even make that thought they put them last week at a preliminary hearing. The charges were dropped in the end the judge ruled in prime g.'s favor citing the evidence this ruling strikes at the heart of discussions happening on college campuses all across the country. About what constitutes consent. And when a sexual encounter. Becomes a sexual assault he a 100% could have revoked and the NASA group gory honest spent three years speaking to college students across the country. Exploring consent and the rules of engagement. It's not enough for a one and two verbal lease say no. The man must ask her. For a yes nasty one idea that's yes does this seem like a good idea tee it up. According to a sweeping survey of 27 universities more than one in five female under grads say they were victims of sexual assault or misconduct. As much as 80% of those cases reportedly involve alcohol or drugs. He had purchased robbery it is for me to drink from Mali Morris says she quickly became too out of it to give consent. She was a student at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Hanging out at a party with a classmate Corey mock when she suddenly felt sick. I was throwing up. And feeling really dizzy could not feel my arms or lay eggs next thing she knew. She says she blacked out the next morning I woke up and I was conceding they did it. In the sheets at the base of the bed here is that the top of the bed. She says she immediately defined it is rape and filed a report with the schools saying Couri a wrestler on the school team. Forced himself on her when she was in no condition to consider. I now are proud depression streaks anxiety streaks tonight care is it's on his record his life. Is room went. But there is another side of this CD bock is cores father. And he says his son was completely blind sided by more is his accusation. You just blown away he didn't even how to react Cory who declined to be interviewed told his father that he remembered the night very differently. And that he and Morris had consensual. Sex what I ever think that my son would be involved and sexual assault. Absolutely not. The university initially dismissed the charges against Cory in a non criminal hearing. But weeks later reversed that ruling finding him responsible. But after that a local court said the school improperly shifted the burden of proof. No charges were brought but by then CDs says the damage had been done. You're labeled a rapist. You can't go to parties you can't ruby with any any of one of the opposite sex all of the court documents are in here. Molly feels damage to still maintaining she could not have consent. And that it was rate. Right after the assault is not even close to being why it could have been. Armond prodigy and a nineteen year old USC student are just another reminder. Bit a fun night out can easily get out of control. All I am. I'm really sad you know all aboard the bus bode well what we'll deposited looks through because of this indicted incidence. For Nightline. I'm Jim up in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"A male USC student maintains a 19-year-old female fellow student was insistent on having sex with him, but the case raised new questions about alcohol and consent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"48982192","title":"Case dismissed against USC student accused of campus dorm rape","url":"/Nightline/video/case-dismissed-usc-student-accused-campus-dorm-rape-48982192"}