Children of Camden, 10 years of hope, dreams and setbacks

ABC News returns to Camden, New Jersey, to see how local children growing up in poverty have fared since our original 2007 Diane Sawyer special report.
10:57 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for Children of Camden, 10 years of hope, dreams and setbacks
Diane saw in her G series America." Bnd new high school aduate bea and so does his friend who is still a juniorgh school. It isne of those celebrations that take across America. For these two boys from ca, easure of how hard some kids work to hold on to dreamsgainst the odds fore than ten years now, we'veeen following their lives. We'll St that high school jio ivanstevens. Wh we first met Ivan, he S 4 years old.and he wasomeless. And his mother and brother sometimes spent whole days in apark,t nightsleeping one chair I an ilgal boarding hop liketh The landlord H P the frigerator My heart will be sad.I M own roo and I'm to G it. He wa living in cit tlabld CN and also one of thepoorest. Tside his window drug dealers hustlingnightly gunsho. Somimes they' shoot when I Slee P T pillow over mydcauset T loud. Had no permanent place live frgs her ttle boy got to go to school. Sohe H one school T and sends to public kindgarten. There is no breakfa home that ING. I want T to school so bad. I want to read A sl ainistrator sat eat every day. Ivan was Wheno weeat? In the daime. What's the next wet Andn what D W eat re we go to bed? Hu Dinner. Just a little W us, heopedsuperm would come and help him. Then all of a sudden, W millns of Y H on 20/20 a "Nightlin Y suddenly flew in to help. It was Y generosity ten Y agohated Ast fund for Ivan's E and housing. That room co-fal have in his fe. Mommy! Christian sch men called promise. As he headed off to eirst gre, finally he got hiish earn to read. Iove my tie. It was at that same school me little boyeem counsel. And Kareem is the young man saw allse years later.he kne test worry for a lot O america'idss falling off their bikes. T not F a in Camden. What are Y worryin owingup? Don't want to die when I'm a enager. Though his mot wked three J to Faye bills for housing, Mey but Kareem believe his school they served at sl and holidays. E have on cob, chicken, chicken wbecue E, chickenot uce, andust plahicken. An wve dreams? Kareem was gng F the full ftale. You wouldage your house ? And paint myselgold. M her. Youe a very funny looking mily. And once again you our viewerhowed up to help. And ashe went by, we ay touch with ourtl friends and they showed us H a Ty fled with vionce can also be a city fil wit power striving. Ivan studied sohard. Hisbooks, his bible. And even when mother who W ampion, wh hadheered on, died of kidney cr at E age of 37, just teneeks ago, Ivan made sure he never missed a of school. Sheil lead you down right path. And tonight this is .king hisummer job. He learned to aoe and now gives canoe trips D the river. I never tug I would be experiencing kind nature. I itmy mom, she a nure girl.would like to say. E lde to go for W portunityhave. And H wants every H can to CC I like to E intermunication skills. I hope to get morecles this summer And H graduate years we he become student counsel president keeps grades while he worked up to 40 hours wk at a sneaker store saving money fothe chance of E. W tellhat happened to himlater. If you travel then tonight,here areo many people trying took the cit safer. The number of murrs is the lowest in 2 years but it is still one of theostan cities. There ar now D the nber pethstres. Butwo officers were shot there thiseek and it islso sll of the poorest cie in this cotry. Child is rn want to be a drug dealer. So many fleeting to give the kids hard to resist sothing sy. You C , at the he said of the weeker you get $500 paycheck and then a guy outside gives me Iwo hours. One young hding on T his strength is sh. Onef the L boys we N years O. His life is working in tion and houses like these. Just ten minutesmcamden. Houses where some peopleannd hundred of dollars on ucets. Everything is sth start college but had to drop oo T C can M it all th way. I like I bause can be Rapp when I grow up.we live in Camden You just can't give up. E tckedown another young man wet. A claically tied pianis nc that's the hardest Thi forme I T haveody to help me. He graduated fromould go but has 0 of student debt. I'm sing on a little cot for rignow. E's been traveling hours and . What a the little girl O luminous? So intellent? Her name is Al. She wagd and the went home to take care of her diabetic grot little light of mine ??? ??? I'm go let it shine ??? ??? ohhisittle light ??? Ts Alicia. Who ill theull time caregiver of her grandmother. A S gotpregnant now expecting her secondild. She gets $25 a W at a pizza store.she is $2000 in bt. Sh sti wants believe even in caen, if you ct in an , you C find a out. I didn't necesrily finish college. Holdon. M sorry. It didn't real bother because evebody has stuff life doesn't Matteson BAC on the right tr Doeshe rememrha Ng? ??? This little light of mine ??? I'm going toet ithine ??? ??? oh, I can't.o here they are. Althe kids fighting their way through a decadef hope a reality anthen trying to regain hopeagain. H Tes us back to that graderemony you saw at the beginning of this piece. Heas gdu from high school. And tonight hen accept rutger unersity. Four yrs O college and he'll get S hel with financial aid. Hell has F a W to come up with the 2,00 ar T Ver thetion cost. He sayslleep working at that se storehile trying the start his life. Whilehe mom who W three jobsoel make to Thi one's F you. I am honored to have a son O is8 and alive in the city of Camden. S,yes. We're here C his graduation and not mourning him. Littl prer never forgot. Iaye down tsl we thank you for the beautiful day wesk for a better one tomoow. Amen. You can find out more about those cden kids at ABC

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{"duration":"10:57","description":"ABC News returns to Camden, New Jersey, to see how local children growing up in poverty have fared since our original 2007 Diane Sawyer special report. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57141466","title":"Children of Camden, 10 years of hope, dreams and setbacks","url":"/Nightline/video/children-camden-10-years-hope-dreams-setbacks-57141466"}