One Couple's 30-Day Sex-Periment

A Utah couple in a busy marriage made an unusual commitment to get the spark back.
5:40 | 08/09/14

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Transcript for One Couple's 30-Day Sex-Periment
It's the topic everyone seems to think about but many just aren't doing. Sex. Whether it's babies, chores or life getting in the way, many couples have just thrown in the towel. So, how do you re-ignite that spark? We followed the extreme measures one couple took to get their groove back. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. That beautiful smile, Meghan. Reporter: When you think of Hollywood bombshells like Megan fox, you would imagine her real-life romance to be just as steamy as we see in movies. But not so says Megan. Sex for her and her husband, seems to be rather challenged nowadays. As she told the ladies of "The view." It's slowed down, which happens to all moms. My oldest son sleeps in bed with us. There's really no way. Reporter: And Megan's not alone. For many couples, life gets in the way. And there's little to no time for sex. Some have sex only once a month. Meg Connolly and Riley Bingham know all about that. Married for eight years, they had little time for sex between their hectic jobs and two, young daughters. Life got busier with a child, and school and work. The laundry list got so long. And sometimes there was laundry. We got busy and we started to miss each other. Reporter: Worried she was losing touch with her husband, she decided they should embark on a sexpierement. Have sex every day for 30 days. He got home from work that night. What if we just have sex every night for the next month? He said, yeah, what if we do? So, we did. And it was a lot of fun. Reporter: You're thinking, oh, my gosh. Hit the lottery. I dropped my bag out of shock. Reporter: Why did you want to do this in the first place? When we were first married, there was a lot of sex and it was fun. What bothered me was we hadn't hands. Reporter: Were you noticing that you weren't as intimate as often? Absolutely. Reporter: What did you think? How do you sleep next to someone and you miss them? Reporter: Meg wrote about their journey on her blog, really striking a chord with couples. Some called her idea brilliant, genius. Others questioned her ways. I don't buy at all. For many couples, one of the biggest challenges is we tend to put everyone else first. We worry about our children. We worry about our work lives. And we take for granted the partner who may be laying next to us. Reporter: Instead of watching reruns, meg and Riley focused their attention on each other. Just for the record. Was it every night you're actually doing the deed, correct? Yes. Reporter: Did you ever feel like, I am just too tired today? Totally. Reporter: And it started to feel like a chore? There were times I would look in the bathroom mirror and psych myself up. You can do this. It's okay that you're tired. It's okay that you're insecure about your body. This is important. I craved it. I craved the time with him. I craved the sex. I craved what it was doing for our marriage. It was fabulous. After the 30 days was up, we just kept going. Reporter: But experts say it's not about the quantity, but the quality. If it starts to feel like it's a chore, if there isn't genuine pleasure that's coming from the 30 nights of sex. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable. It's supposed to be enjoyable. And if it feels like a chore, it's not going to be good for your relationship. Reporter: These days, there's a whole industry out there to help couples unlock the secrets to a lasting libido. From swingers club. This is swing school. Swing school is how we welcome beginners into the lifestyle. Reporter: And mommy mojo classes. Anybody read erotica this week? No. Reporter: To erratic boudoir photos, capturing couples at their sexiest. For this couple, the extra intimacy was exactly what they needed, becoming more open and vulnerable. What do you think this did for your marriage? It added excitement. He would come home from work. And he'd come into the kitchen, pick me up and twirl me around. It felt like we were kids again. We were talking more. The lines of communication really opened up. We talked more. We would be more generous. Less selfish. We were on the same team again. Instead of two separate players doing two separate things became more two people doing the same thing for each other and for the better good of our family and our lives. It was just phenomenal. Reporter: What can you do to avoid a sexless marriage? Finding ways to show your partner that you care about them, one or two times a day. It's probably more than we're doing already. And those type of little things lead to more. And better sex. Reporter: For meg and Riley, though they're no longer having sex every day, the couple makes time for one another. We make a point to be intimate every day, whether it's hand-holding or kissing. It has to be something just her and I, where we feel close. Whatever it is that day, it's just us. Reporter: For "Nightline," Abbie Boudreau, Provo, Utah.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"A Utah couple in a busy marriage made an unusual commitment to get the spark back. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24912306","title":"One Couple's 30-Day Sex-Periment ","url":"/Nightline/video/couples-30-day-sex-periment-24912306"}