Dog's Day Out

Doggy day spa, facials and more products to spoil your pet.
6:23 | 07/24/13

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Test Text1 underline Test Text Treatment. Reporter: All this stuff, don't dogs sniff each other's butts? Why not do it with the finest amenities, the finest custom bedding. We have the chew toys there. They get bedtime stories as well here on row day yoe drive. Really? They do. Every night. These people are insane. Suite on rodeo drive, $800 a night. Give you a celebrity package today, a nice mud mask all over your body. Celebrity package is 45 bucks. The mud is mud all the way from the dead sea. This is actually made with blueberry extract designed to brighten and clean and exfoliate the face. Reporter: The guys kind of liked it but how much can they really like it? They're dogs. Time for the pedicure, nontoxic polish. Comes with the celebrity package but on its own, 15 bucks. This is more for the owner than the dog? Yes. I think it looks good on you seriously. What do you think, rej? Did you see the nail polish? Huxly is getting a blow dry. Get under theble chin. Reporter: The barkley offers transportation to the jack in the box drive through. Can I get a plain hamburger with nothing on it. Thank you very much. No napkins for him, thank you, sir. Reporter: Reggie was suspicious. I can't have it now. You likd it. So pampered he's declining beef. You're a spoiled dog. You don't know how easy you've got it. There are all kinds of products you can buy so we brought a shopping cart full. Here's another doggy dining option. Is this, windowi working for you? Costs 50 bucks. Do you like your chair? Your nails look great. He clearly wasn't digging it. Was it something I said? We brought along a top veterinarian to valuate our things. They don't look at meal time the way we do. We're shooting the breeze. Dogs want to eat and get on with their life. Then huxly, I tried him with the stylish raised ergonomic dog feeder, costs $100, apparently helps with digestion. But there was no shifting huxly's snout until the bowl on the floor was licked clean. How is that working out for you? Could I get to the bottom of his choice but using the bow lingual which claims to translate barks to english. Talk to me, tell me what you are thinking. We just don't communicate anymore. There is obviously an issue between us. I am listening. Your body language is speaking volumes here. Huxly just says, leave me alone. Maybe this thing does work. Reporter: I wonder who is on boory's mind. I might bite? Listen, dude, I can take you in a bite. Be like that. Reporter: Something to make the own area lives easier, the poo trap, a kind of man keeny to hold a bag in place to catch pop. 44 plus the bag. We went outside just in case it malfunctioned. All right, any desire for a p poop? It missed the bag! Operator error, it missed the bag. Oh, huxly. Reporter: All tolled we spent $1,014 today. Did they really appreciate any of it? Which gets us back to what dogs really like doing? Do they need these things, no. They need food, water, love, exercise. If you get that down, the rest is gravy. Reporter: If the dogs don't mind if they like it just a little, where is the ♪

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{"id":19766575,"title":"Dog's Day Out ","duration":"6:23","description":"Doggy day spa, facials and more products to spoil your pet.","url":"/Nightline/video/dogs-day-19766575","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}