Dolphins Force Fish on Land to Eat Them

National Geographic's Scott Snider captures these ruthless hunters in action.
3:00 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Dolphins Force Fish on Land to Eat Them
And next -- made in America team is back with the simple interventions that can make you a fortune. Tonight Americans from coast to coast thousands have sent in videos and Wal-Mart. Is going to give one of them the ride of a lifetime and you could help -- The captain of -- made in America team David Muir cheering them on -- -- Having a blast doing it Diana's is really something we've reported here in the thousands of dollars spent by American inventors. On patents prototypes but even then no promise of big retailer -- even notice. Tonight they count the stakes are enormous as they make their pitch before America's biggest retailer. And we're the only ones there. For more than two years -- world news on this date in American journey. -- and has so many Americans. Sir our next big -- and tonight. He shot thousands from every quarter of this country sending in their homes one videos -- -- All over chance of getting their product and on the shelf -- of millions of Wal-Mart. And one of them milk and world news viewers all of you at home. -- judge some of the pitches making a smile this spring in squeegee and one paper towels blow. Happy she seems now in front door. Then there was the hands free umbrella holder. You heard me right -- -- -- apparent to me in different but then the problems we all getting that last bit of toothpaste. -- this. America and those disappearing Sox in the washer dryer I get tired of a basket of stocks like these give your kids a soft -- But the Sox in zip it up and throw the whole thing in the wash -- Every one of those -- -- -- inventions. Walked to CN like the Smart ones -- -- -- you're coming home linked up with your Smartphone it automatically unlocks your front door. -- -- for keys we just had to Doocy Gabriel distorts invention -- -- front door in San Francisco and what do disperse customers. Jonathan when he -- seriousness of your fumbling for your keys every time you come home -- about to look at those keys no longer you don't want us to -- this on the look at the message. Fantastic welcome John. As it unlocks. It -- believe that that's Smart -- captures the image of every visitor who approaches your front door. So if you're not home -- a loved one visit you could unlock the door from -- Your Smartphone even -- they're on vacation. Halfway around the world. Halfway around the world -- -- the foreign. So we asked if we come back for another made in America visit and the door -- sees this -- they let us in. They said c'mon back specially if they win in the meantime we were off to find the next adventure driving north in California and -- -- -- -- driveway. Ready with a wave there convinced she's going to win with her -- -- locate here but it under dog's collar. Here was her pitch. It's quite simple Hud giving works you tactic giving advice -- dog's collar and if you -- goes missing and you good -- Smart found -- -- -- -- app press the button and up pops a Google -- With the exact location of the adopt the idea so intriguing just look at -- many neighbors and your clients to open immediate. That's how land and that and that -- it now lots of -- You then we lost power at their parents that -- this device would know their dogs every move and this will track him on your iPhone with tenth actress. More than a thousand ideas but now comes the hard part the pitch in person. -- -- -- -- -- World news documenting their trips to Wal-Mart headquarters out to go before the judges -- -- the only ones invited in. Tomorrow night the pitch that brought the judges to tears and the fear factor. Barry. The states the -- -- you know you'll receive your your front row seat beside the judges. All -- that's tomorrow night right here were in the room as they make that pitch before the judges you'll meet the judges as well and if you think you've seen shark tank. Wait for this Diana for our viewers see what these -- sound like and look like tomorrow night. They'll be able to vote at home everyone's vote counts on this one heart pounding our revenues can't wait to see -- ancient Arctic.

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{"id":20313906,"title":"Dolphins Force Fish on Land to Eat Them","duration":"3:00","description":"National Geographic's Scott Snider captures these ruthless hunters in action.","url":"/Nightline/video/dolphins-force-fish-land-eat-20313906","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}