Eagles team, coach on being disinvited by President Trump for White House visit

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson had been "looking forward" to visiting the White House before Trump disinvited the Super Bowl-winning team.
8:12 | 06/07/18

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Transcript for Eagles team, coach on being disinvited by President Trump for White House visit
What are we listening to? Reporter: Three and a half minutes of silence. Three af minutes of statistics.th aalf minutes of saying so much without speaking a single word. Are you not going anything today? Just going T U these ers? Reporter: Philadelphia eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins addressed eia today F the first time since president trump cancel the eagles' white house visit. Among the sev signs he held this one,ch Rd "You aren't listening." Jenkins,ne of the league's most oupoken activists, refuseto answerstions about the controversy, highghting they issues that first some NFL players to take a during the national anthem in the fst place. Police prison reform. Nkins also honoring players O protestedn the name of cial Stice, calling them true patriots. And when finished -- Is there anythinu want to say onera? It' pretty much said here. Appreciait thanks, Malcolm. Orns simply walked away from the cameras. W I saw malkins doing in that locker room was , the president is not listenino my words. He keptutting up that sign, "You're notlistening. 'S trying to find a way communicate to the president I way that words seem, at LE fo m,ve failed. Reporter:today's scene played out ahe eagles returned to the fall fie one day after they were supposed to celebrate their first super bowl vic ination's Cal. We could B closer as a team. You around, we didn't have the success we hadast year by not bei tight. Reporter: Defensive end chrislo critic of president trump, refusedooo the white house last year when he N the super bow with the patriots. Today he would say the president's Pastouple of years I haven't been interted in going to take hot the white house with that individual. So at the end ofay, I can only speak for myself at's the beautiful thing about America, everybody H the rig to feel however they want to feel. Certainly every player in this locker room has a different view on the world. And those fans do too. I celebratthat right. Rorter: Mony night, president trumdisinvited the ea after became clear fewer than tenlayers WOU reportedly show eagles coach Doug Peterson says he had psonally been looking forward to going to thehite house. We didomething lt season that was very special, a milestonen the cit of philelphia, oization. And I was looking forward to going down and being rni as world champions. There's an emotion tion to this team based S of frustration and disappointment. And they want to enjoy ahe acuterments of winning a super and goi to the white house is part of that celebration. And that denied to people here inphiladelia, and I think people are disappointed. ??? God bless ame ??? Reporr: The white house said theles disagree with theirsident because insisted they ply stand for the national anthem. Butot a sin member of the team ever kneele for national anthem last season players, including malco Jenkins, did stand raise their fists. Previoussidents have seen themselves as Sor neutral lebratorsepresenting the country.t' their job in their mind not to us I as a political even but use it a an event to celebrate a victoryhat we're all proud to beamericans. Reporter: Yesterda press secretary Sarah Sanders accused th eagles O playing politics during questng from ABC's Jonathan Karl. The president awa that not a single player on theles through the entire season knelt for the national anth There were 80 of the eagles organization that rsvp'd andmi attend T event as recently as Friday. Is he acting like this is T the national them? If this was a political stunt by the eagle franchise, then they wouldn't have pnned attend the event and then backed out at the lainute.sno . O say can you see ??? Reporter: Instead president held annt he called celebration of America, many in the crowdhite house gornment employees. The heated debate played on the white house lawn wherene man too a knee in protest. W love our country. We respect our fla anwe always proudly stand for the national anthem. We always will stand for the tional anthem. I think one of the questions isow ultimately does the NFL respond T this? I think the NFL going have to step up and Dec where's their moral compass? An it cannot be directed and run byonald trump. Reporter: This latest chapter in T battle between the president and thefl comes just two weeks aft T league changed its policy on the national anthem which S players on the field musttand duri the anthem or their teams will be fined. Those who wis to protest withoutal can STA in the locker room until the song is over. Seattle seawk Doug Baldwin says new rule reflects a disconnectwegueany of its ers. I wasn' surprised because of the L of empathy and the L of understanding. But again, disappointed that there wasn't more progress T we hen't come further than wheree have. Reporter: He's been an tspof the athletes who are testing. What I do for theanthem, I St wit my head B in ayer, praying for safety and thankful for the opportunity to go out therend playhe sport that I lo. Eporter: The national anthem became an ameamerican flash point in ongoing struggle with CI injustice two years ago when San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick began sng then knee to protest rial injustice and police brutali in America. In soty, over 200 NFL playercoaches,nd owners followed suit taking a knee O test seenas an active nonviolent protest- E back them 100%, TRE my family, brothers. Reporter: Or a sig of disrespect. A lot of these players today are young. Reporter: Fanning the flame that divided view. Went Y loveo see one of these owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to Y, get that Offhe field right now, T, he's fired. There ain't no Ng us. Yo know what I'm saying? I guess we're all . You know what's ironicbout this situation? Just todayhe president pardoned somebody after listen to Kim Kardashian's pleas for that pardon. Wanto T president do John trump. A week or so ago, he pardoned jack Jo the famous boxer, after stening to Sylvester allone. But en it comes to the NFL ayers saying they want to talk about socialtice causes? He doesn't seemoo listen. And I think that's what draws the ire of these play welcome, everyone, to the white ho -- Rter: This not the first time thesi has rescinded an invite. Year he called off the celebrion for the NBA champs gden state warriors after starteph curry said he didn't want to go. Throws it off the board! Reporter: The 2018 finals are happening now, and basketball's biggest stars hav alrdy said the white house shouldn't count on a visit F this year's winner either. I know no matter whons this series, no one wants the invite anyway. I won't be golden state or eland going. I agree with Lebron. The Waye handled things last year, kind of stay consist with that. Reporter: President trump did break theditionf inviting LE win by not we'ving out at all to the wnba champs, the min L they went to D.C. This week anyway to perform a day of service. For the eagles, it's N back to business. Uper bowl champns prepping for a new season, saddledith expectations and now roversy. My ew, is happens August 9th? When they line U to play Pittsburgh? In the F son game. How many play are on the sideline, how many players go into the locker room during the playing of the national anthem? Eporter: Two months til we find out. For "Nightline," I'm L Davis philadelpa. Next, waves of lava gushing

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{"id":55712188,"title":"Eagles team, coach on being disinvited by President Trump for White House visit","duration":"8:12","description":"Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson had been \"looking forward\" to visiting the White House before Trump disinvited the Super Bowl-winning team.","url":"/Nightline/video/eagles-team-coach-disinvited-president-trump-white-house-55712188","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}