Empowering Women Through Sexy Dance Workout?

Janet Jones, creator of the Vixen Workout, disguises her fitness class as a night in the club.
4:36 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Empowering Women Through Sexy Dance Workout?
Test Tex Twerking. Had enough of the down and dirty dance miley cyrus helped make infamous? Consider how many calories it can torch. Women are flocking to the hottest class in new york to tone up and down. Sarah joins an arm of devoted followers in a dance revolution. It's 2:30 in the afternoon on a saturday in brooklyn. The doors just opened for one of the trendiest clubs around. How you doing, new york? Here, it is women only. From single girls to moms in all shapes and sizes. I like dancing. I like working out. I love to stay in shape. I need to finally lose the baby weight. And bring it up and stretch your backs. This is the vixen work out. Yes I'm sexy, yes I'm fierce. 15 00 women a week sign up to loose weight while unleashing their inner vixen. It's inspired by some of the hottest clubs in miami. With moves that get you body rolling percolating, and dropping it low, while dropping a lot of calories. It feels like it's a girl's night out. There is no men, no drinks and it feels okay to be naughty and not be judged. Creator and former miami heat dancer janet jones got the idea just a year ago after a night out with the girls. When was the moment when you thought I'm going to design a workout? We went out to a nightclub. We couldn't move because we are someone's mom or someone's boss or something. That's when I had my moment where I was like what if I were to create something that kind of let's women feel safe to let loose and to dance and be a little rebellious but at the same time loose weight. That is the key to helping women get their sexy back by leaving their inhibitions at the door. When you walk in, the music takes over. A play list with everything from PIT BULL TO 90s MIAMI BASS. Some people call it booty bouncing. Some people call it twerking. Twerking was called booty dancing. YEAH, WE DID IT IN THE 90s, Which was, you know, it was really at least for me brought out by 2 live crew. ♪ d.J. Live. 26-year-old kristy rodriguez started classes three months ago and has already lost 30 pounds. She flew all the way from miami to be here. She tells us that greater than the pounds lost is the confidence gained. They want women to reach their maximum potential and then from there make more goals and continue on. And not just in working out and losing weight and whatever, but in your life. Okay. So I had to give it a try. Now watch me channel my inner vixen. Are you ready for this? Look out beyonce. Okay. Maybe I'm better at this in my head. I came in with a pony tail but by the end of class I had definitely let loose. So did all the moms. They are like mommy, what are you learning in this class? They see pictures and they're like what is that? And now these sexy ladies have the selfies to prove it. It is pretty vain but you only take one if you feel you look good. Really like our girls which we call the vixen army kind of have self promoted the class because they had such a good time that they want to share it with their friends. Janet started what seems like a sorority but it is really like an army. Vixen army. For nightline, I'm sarah hans

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{"id":20501922,"title":"Empowering Women Through Sexy Dance Workout?","duration":"4:36","description":"Janet Jones, creator of the Vixen Workout, disguises her fitness class as a night in the club.","url":"/Nightline/video/empowering-women-sexy-dance-workout-20501922","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}