Erika Jayne on going from 'Real Housewives' to 'Dancing with the Stars'

Before she was Erika Jayne, the singer turned reality TV star and sexy persona on the dance floor, the Georgia native was Erika Gerardi.
6:35 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Erika Jayne on going from 'Real Housewives' to 'Dancing with the Stars'
??? Before Erika Jayne was starring on "The real housewives" she was a real housewife. And though she lived in the lap of luxury she says she felt unsatisfied and never quite her true self. So she decided to do something about it. Here's ABC's Abby Boudreau. This is Hollywood proper. This is where the magic happens. Reporter: Playing dressup with Erika Jayne. You want to put it on? Do I want T put it on? Oh, my god. Reporter: Can be a transformative experience. Here at her pretty mess clubhouse. Why we're here. The creative juices start flowing. Reporter: A place where she teaches me her signature dance move. Front, side, back, side. Reporter: As seen on "Real housewives" "Beverly hills 90210." Roll to the left. Reporter: Her latest song, "Expensive," an anthem for how Erika Jayne lives her life. ??? It's expensive to be me ??? with her bombshell curves and platinum hair, Erika Jayne is more than just a real housewife of Beverly hills. Because I don't like bull And that's what think you are. Reporter: Now she's heating up the dance floor on "Dancing with the stars." I think that my life could not be any better. It's pretty incredible. Reporter: But before there was Erika Jayne, the sexy persona on stage, there was Erika Gerardi, a doting mother and the wife to a high-powered attorney. I had everything that you want. Every material object. Everything. But inside my core I still wasn't satisfied. Reporter: And this is when about ten years ago Erika Jayne was born. A sultry temptress without limitations. Empowering women of all ages. I just don't see those limitations in life. Like someone said to me, how do you feel about dancing against Simone Biles, she's 20 years old? I said I don't want to be 20 years old anymore. I'm happy being 45. Women my age are valuable, and we have a lot more life to live and so much more to give. All of those old rules, they've been broken. Yeah. That's old way of thinking. Reporter: The georgia-born star still considers herself a smalltown girl. And admits she still struggles with insecurities. Despite the fame and fortune. I think that I suffer from what every woman suffers from, which is never being pretty enough, never being thin enough, never being enough, never being smart enough. You can really whip yourself into a frenzy about all the things you that don't have instead of all the great things that you do have. Reporter: When Erika turned 35, she felt something was missing. I felt like I was just not being myself. I felt like I was hiding. Who were you hiding from? I was hiding from me. I was hiding from sparkle and magic and fun and fearlessness and music and dance and creative magic. Reporter: Did you know that she was inside of you this whole time? No, no. Reporter: Really? I just knew I had feelings. I knew I had thoughts. I knew I had things I wanted to say. Listen, I'm rebellious. Okay? I always have been. And Erika Jayne is a little bit of a rebel too. Reporter: A little bit? A little bit. ??? ??? I wanna get crazy ??? Reporter: She says her anxiety gave way when she transformed into Erika Jayne. It wasn't like overnight I became this like fearless bad-ass that said you know, what I'm going to just jump out here on stage and do whatever I want. That was a slow process. But what can I say? It's what I created. Reporter: Erika showed us around her Pasadena estate. Inside her closet -- These are -- I love short shorts. I'm from the south. Okay? Daisy dukes. Come on. I love my Daisy dukes. Reporter: Her style and sense of humor always center stage. Yeah, those are fun. Reporter: Those are fun. And you can walk in them? Yeah, I can. I can do lots of stuff in them. How do you think I got them? Reporter: Sharing that signature wit, her husband of nearly 20 years, Tom Girardi. They met at a Beverly hills restaurant. She was his waitress. And he asked you out or did you ask him out? I think I gave him my number and I said did you know I was single? And he called. Reporter: Of course he called. Tom, 33 years her senior. A lot of people wonder about the age difference. Has it ever been a factor for you? I think you have to look at two people and how they view the world and how they view life. We have much more in common than not. And we see life the same way. We enjoy each other. We're the same. In terms of how we look at life and everything. We're exactly the same. Was she a good waitress? She was terrific. She was, really. Really? Yes. I think she was after a good tip. Are you proud? Oh, yeah. I'm so proud of her. Proud of her about everything. Reporter: Another grounding force in her life, her spirituality. A way to define stillness in her hectic life. In fact, she and Tom built this chapel inside their own home. I felt like I needed some sort of -- not religion in my life but I felt like I needed a place to come and pray. Could you imagine living your life without this kind of wealth? Yeah, I could. I wouldn't want to. But I can. What would that look like? Small, er. I don't know. Less clothes. Reporter: The man behind so much of the Erika Jayne glam, her friend and creative director Mikey Minden. It takes really -- A gay village. When you have an idea on paper it's just like a nod to where you want to go. But then to actually see it come to life on your muse and client and friend, it's just the best feeling. Your muse. I've been called a lot of things lately. Muse is good. Thanks, babe. Reporter: Their teamwork making Erika's dream work at this concert in mikonos. Wealthy or not, Erika Jayne is a dreamer. I dream big, and so there's a lot of stuff to do. You know, I like to be busy and I love to continuously create and set goals. I'm not going to tell you what they are. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm Abby Boudreau in Hollywood. ??? Expensive to be me ???

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Before she was Erika Jayne, the singer turned reality TV star and sexy persona on the dance floor, the Georgia native was Erika Gerardi. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"46413243","title":"Erika Jayne on going from 'Real Housewives' to 'Dancing with the Stars'","url":"/Nightline/video/erika-jayne-real-housewives-dancing-stars-46413243"}