Family's Life with 650-Pound 'Wonder Pig' Turned Insta-Star

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter first thought Esther was a "teacup" pig, but she kept growing and growing.
5:40 | 11/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family's Life with 650-Pound 'Wonder Pig' Turned Insta-Star
What do you do when you adopt an adorable little piglet as a family pet and that piglet grows into a 650-pound behemoth? This is not a hypothetical. For one couple the answer was keep the pig and turn her into a celebrity. With the latest in our series "Social stars" here is my "Nightline" co-anchor, juju Chang. She was the bundle of joy they always hoped for. She was a piglet, very little when we first got her. A tiny adorable teacup pig they named Esther. She grew up and settled into our family quickly. Reporter: But little Esther continued to grow and grow and grow. Until Derek and Steve realized, Esther was no mini pig. Esther is a big, fat pig. She's our 650-pound mini pig. We got her a few years ago. Four years ago expecting to get a mini pig. We were told she would be 70 pounds when full sized. We ended up getting completely taken for a ride and turned out that Esther was a commercial pig and full-sized commercial pig. We didn't know what to do. She's getting bigger and bigger, getting rid of her wasn't an option for us. Unable to pot ways, she became a beloved house pet. She's 650 pounds of pure piggy love. And now Esther's also a full blown social media celebrity with 270,000 followers on Instagram and 800 hss this likes on Facebook. Hen we first started the page it was for friends and family. We hadn't shown people a lot about Esther. Over the course of the first two months, it was 80 days from the day we started the page until we hit 100,000 followers. Reporter: Her popularity grew like her waistline, which her dad styled in a muumuu or a tutu with the caption, I tried ballet once, it wasn't really my thing. Or could we have cookies for dinner? I wish we had home delivery service at my house. Steve and Derek are consummate animal lovers who invited us to their home turned animal sanctuary in the suburbs outside Toronto. Just this past weekend we had 120 visitors here. This is Esther's house. She's just playing with her treat ball right now. You got any cupcakes behind that camera? Reporter: But Esther is smarter than your average bear or pig. She opens the freezer. That's from her using her snout to get in there. Reporter: Works the front door. And eats whatever her dads are eating. You won't let me eat this all by myself, will you? She's hilarious. Eats off a fork. Reporter: Steve and Derek do acknowledge that keeping a 650-pound pig in your house can cause problems. She loves to root in her blankets. It's one of a pig's natural instincts to do is to root up their beds and make them fluffy. We go through mattresses probably every two months. But the lack of sleep hasn't slowed them down. They now have over 250 animals living with them including chickens, rams, roosters, bun es and pigs. Come on in. Reporter: 11 more esther-sized pig es. You guys love watermelon. Reporter: Who unlike Esther, live in the barn. There we go. Reporter: All those hungry oinkers means lots and lots of food. All of our pigs here eat a kibble that we have manufactured for them. We ate $3,000 worth of pig food last year and that's four tons. Reporter: Which, of course, isn't cheap, fortunately Esther's fame helps covers the bill. She has an online store that brings in cash, and they put out a book. But still those witty, clever posts. One of the ones that I stopped and literally laughed out loud is a cupcake is just a muffin who followed its dream. In fact, it's her fans who helped when she grew too large for the home. Supporters raised them $440,000 to build their own farm for Esther. A thousand comments come through. Go for it, go for it. Go for it. So we start this indegogo campaign. Reporter: She knews a thing about animal influencing. Her agency reps hundreds of insta pets. Why are we obsessed with animals on social media. People have a physical reaction to cute. It ellicits these warm fuzzy feelings in us. Reporter: But not cute like puppy and kitten cute, we're talking about exotic cute. Yes, you have to think of it. Then you have the anomaly is Esther the wonder pig or the hedgehogs that we have. We have quite a few hedgehogs. Reporter: Her dads don't have any hedgehogs yet, but Esther has already had quite an impact. It's her ability to make you think about things entirely differently. People will write us and say, I'll never eat pork again, but they also write us now and say, I've had a really hard time smiling. Esther, you're the first thing that's made me smile in weeks. Reporter: Just a pig promoting a happy positive life one oink at a time. For now I'm juju Chang, Ontario,

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter first thought Esther was a \"teacup\" pig, but she kept growing and growing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"43627754","title":"Family's Life with 650-Pound 'Wonder Pig' Turned Insta-Star","url":"/Nightline/video/familys-life-650-pound-pig-turned-insta-star-43627754"}