Feed Frenzy: Melissa McCarthy Entrenched

The actress caught flack for covering up her body for her Elle magazine shoot.
1:31 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Melissa McCarthy Entrenched
This is nice. Tonight, a feed frenzy about a controversial cover. Actress/comedienne melissa McCARTHY. That's her in the summer blockbuster "the heat" and here she is on the cover of "elle" magazine's women of hollywood issue. A cover that stirred up a lot of controversy. Some accusing elle of hiding her under the largest coat possible. Others taking to twitter saying the cover is depressing, nothing to celebrate, and adding, god forbid a big woman be sexy. Elle released six covers for the issue. Here is reese witherspoon in a tight black dress. And this is chelene woodley wearing less. Today on the view, her cousin, jenny McCarthy made a few things clear. Guess what? She looks gorgeous. SECOND, McCARTHY GIRLS, NO ONE Is going to make us wear anything we don't want to wear. The magazine released a statement, on all of our shoots, the stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in. And this is no different. Consider this. Here is melissa on other covers. Good housekeeping, more, hollywood reporter, and "ladies' home journal." Look familiar, the star today added that she loves the elle cover and actually picked out

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{"id":20608037,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Melissa McCarthy Entrenched","duration":"1:31","description":"The actress caught flack for covering up her body for her Elle magazine shoot.","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-melissa-mccarthy-entrenched-20608037","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}