Feng Shui

Five Feng Shui experts share their tips for a happy home.
5:54 | 06/27/13

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Abc's "the lookout" continues. And now, your wall's closing in on you. Check out the latest trend in home renovation. No permit required. Feng shui is up now. It was right about when ken busted out the burning tangerine skins in the bedroom that we started to wonder, wt is feng shui anyway? To simplify it's the ancient chinese art that aims to improve your life by reranging your stuff. It means wind and water. For centuries chinese practitioners have believed that how a building is oriented, what you have in it and where you place those things, can change the balance and flow of energy through your home. But there's more to it than that. Susan corn, who lives in manhattan, was keen to help us get a little more detail. I't know how much of it to believe and how much not to believe. So you're skeptically optimistic. If you suddenly don't argue with your husband and your children say, mom, I love you so much, just wanted to tell you. Then I'm going to call you and tell you, amy, it worked, get some bells! Hi, suzi. Ken, nice to meet you. Ken was one of several consultants we invited over to give us a free demonstration of their particular style of feng shui. Plants are the first line of defense in your energy. It incorporates energy into the space, makes you feel healthy. Ken, who's normally rate is on the high ends for consultants, wasn't just about citrus. A plant on your desk, add a plant, put a plant on it. It seems like I'm really going to get to know the man at the plant store very soon. A forest isn't included in his fee? Hi. I'm tisha. Maybe tisha will offer some more affordable advice. If you make it quick. What do you have there in your hand? It's called a trifield meter, and it checks the lekro magnetic energy in your house. Right in here, it's fine. It starts to go up here. Right here there's something going on. Her tool kit is stocked for every energy emergency. I use different techniques for different spaces depending on what they need. For example, if I'm clearing a ghost, then I need a little bit more. Did you just say ghost? You can feel the presence of ghosts? Yeah. Why does that clear them? That's what I'm saying. I would use a little something more powerful with that. Susan doesn't have a ghost, but she does have something. I can feel a little disturbance going on. What are you trying to do? I'm seeing if I can clear it at all. With your mind, with your hand? How do you? With the healing frequency that comes through my hand, yeah. It turns out, there are different ways of practicing approxim feng shui. Look at you. Look at you, we're two maids. We're going to feng shui this entry way. Anna maria's plan of attack is cut down on susan's clutter. A common feng shui technue that seems an awful lot like spring cleaning. So we can just like get the room in order. Then there's pun yin, a feng shui grand master. I think about turning this desk on a diagonal. If you were to do this, I would suggest to actually use a kidney-shaped desk, so there would not be any poison arrow and angles aiming at the central area. And what about these feng shui trinkets we bought online? They are just commercial objects that have no energy. And it's tacky. So much for do it yourself feng shui. Look what I have for you. And last, there's benjamin. Very good feng shui health. Why thank you, you too. He tells us his focus is on harnessing chi through astro logical analysis. Trying to decide whether i should keep this wall paper. I don't think I would have anything too shocking. There were key things upon which they disagreed. I'd love to see it in color, like a teal blue. What I call lion's mane gold. Matt black, I know that sounds odd. How many feng shui experts does it take to hang a mirror? The next thing I'll recommend is a large horizontalontal mirror. A mirror seems like a good thing. Stay away from the mirror. Wait, no, it's a bad thing. Otherwise it will reflect the tv, would actually bring more fire energy of intensity that you do not want. A very bad thing. Please take the mirror. I'll pay you. I'll take the mirror. You will? As long as I can get it in the cab. Unless it's going to tisha's house. Can you pop your trunk? Maybe this end first. More that way. Oops, doesn't fit. So what did we learn? Susan should have teal walls, black walls, or gold walls, big plants, and little plants. As for the discrepancies in advice -- I compare it to cars. You can get to a place in a ferrari. You can get to a place in a small, economy-sized car. It always gets you there. Do you buy it? Do you believe it? And will you do this now that you've been exposed to it? I kind of do believe it. I think you have to find a person that you relate to. Maybe feeling good is all about perception. So you're sold? Guess so. Where's my checkbook? smartphone

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Five Feng Shui experts share their tips for a happy home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19502809","title":"Feng Shui ","url":"/Nightline/video/feng-shui-19502809"}