Fiance of missing Colorado mom arrested on murder charges

Patrick Frazee, the fiance of Kelsey Berreth, was taken into custody in connection to her disappearance. Berreth, the mother of a 1-year-old, was last seen on Thanksgiving.
7:56 | 12/22/18

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Transcript for Fiance of missing Colorado mom arrested on murder charges
Reporter: An explosive moment caught on camera. Law enforcement, guns drawn, pointed at Patrick Frazee. The drama playing out one month after phrase zee's fiancee and the mother of his Bab girl vanished. You see him? He's in cuffs. We're outside Patrick Frazee's property and investigators have Patrick Frazee in custody. They rolled in here a few minutes ago with an arrest warrant. The latest twist in the investigation into 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth's sudden disappearance. Police hauled Frazee off to county jail. The 32-year-old posing for his mugshot. Facing charges of first degree murder. A shocking change from previous weeks when police refused to call him a suspect. I'm not willing to jump to conclusions. Reporter: But last Friday the first search of Frazee's property. When dozens of investigators rolled up to his front gate with dogs, digging equipment, and an FBI evidence team scouring the 35-acre property for two days. You don't take a backhoe to somebody's ranch and start digging if you don't suspect you're going to find something. Reporter: They towed away Frazee's truck but didn't find Kelsey or her body. But in the last 48 hours, sources say new information and interviews rapidly transformed the case, providing enough probable cause for an arrest warrant. In my mind, what is going to make or break this case is the forensic evidence within Kelsey's home and the cell phone evidence. Reporter: And the story isn't over yet. More arrests could be coming. Investigators say they know where Berreth died but haven't yet revealed how. They still haven't found her body. Sadly we do not believe Kelsey is still alive. You don't need a body to charge somebody. Clearly they have got probable cause to charge him. Reporter: Kelsey Berreth first moved to Colorado to follow her dreams. Kelsey is fun-loving, kind of got a bright personality, she is kind, caring. Reporter: She wanted to be a pilot. Eventually she met Frazee and gave birth to a baby girl. Grounded and responsible, she has a 1-year-old child, she wouldn't just leave her. Reporter: Thanksgiving day this surveillance video inside a woodland park safeway captures the last known images of Berreth shopping with 1-year-old kalie. 10 days later her mother, not her fiance, reported her missing. She's not the kind that runs off. This is completely out of character. Reporter: Once the investigation started, questions immediately cropped up. Frazee and Berreth didn't live together, and according to police, Frazee told officers he hadn't seen his fiancee since Thanksgiving either when he met her to pick up their daughter kalie, but he never reported her missing. When you look at past cases where the husband killed the wife, and you watch their behavior, many of them sort of disengage. They're not obviously emotional invested in finding the person, because they know they're dead. Reporter: Police also say they discovered a series of mysterious text messages sent from bear read's phone three days after Thanksgiving. Officers were able to contact her place of employment and were advised they had received a text from Kelsey's phone on the 25th of November stating she would not be in to work the following week. Reporter: The same day authorities say Frazee claimed he received a text message from Berreth, please not revealing what it said. What is the text message she sent you? When I learned she texted, not even called, texted her boss to say, I'm going to be gone a week, and then texted the fiance? That didn't fit together, to me. Why? Because someone was lying. Reporter: Police also say at 5:13 P.M. The same day, Berreth's phone was detected by a cell tower nearly 800 miles away in Idaho. Berreth has family in Washington and Idaho where her mother lives, but no one had seen her. Makes us wonder what she's doing up there, what the phone is. She may not be there, maybe the phone is. Reporter: Family and police searched Berreth's home. Insidemakeup, clothes, suitcases left untouched. A neighbor tells us Kelsey had only lived in this condominium since about June, that she was quiet and kept to herself. When most same to search, they found both her cars in the driveway and signs that she'd left unexpectedly, including cold cinnamon rolls left on the stove. As authorities launched a national search for Berreth, her own mother was there to make an impassioned plea. Call if you can. We won't quit looking is. Reporter: Frazee was a no-show. I understand Patrick was invited, why is he not there? You'd have to ask him. Is he being cooperate sniff. Yes, at this time, yes. Reporter: His former attorney said, given more notice, Frazee would have been there. Patrick wasn't notified of the press conference until approximately an hour prior to, and he doesn't want to distract from the investigation. Reporter: The attorney pointed out his cooperation with authorities, insisting he wanted to find Kelsey too. Patrick has cooperated with law enforcement interviews, he has provided buccal swabs, he's provided photographs, he's voluntarily turned over his cell phone to law enforcement. Reporter: We tried to speak with Frazee first at home. This is private property. This is a private road. Reporter: And again as he and his daughter left a meeting at the office of a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney. Patrick, why don't you talk to us? Everybody in their right mind knows that if you lose someone you love, you're out there looking. You're lying on the front steps of the police station begging for justice. What did he do? Clam up and speak through his lawyer. Reporter: Everyone changed this morning. Just a few minutes ago investigators showed up here, cut the lock on that gate, went up the road. They met Patrick Frazee as he was coming down. They ordered him out of the car. He is now in handcuffs right up there. The 32-year-old dad now facing first degree murder charges and potentially the death penalty. Police say they identified the main crime scene back at Berreth's town home. Overnight carrying out bags of evidence. Investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious that the crime did occur at Kelsey's residence, and that's why we have been coming back to her residence. What may not have been visible to the naked eye the first time the cops went in there, next thing you know, bam! An arrest warrant issues. Maybe evidence of a pool of blood, maybe they found spatter, maybe they found blowback. Whatever they found tells me Kelsey is dead. Reporter: As for her missing cell phone? Her phone did end up in Idaho. We are still working to recover that phone. Reporter: Frazee is also facing charges of solicitation to commit murder, hinting he did not act alone. It is a crime to solicit somebody to commit another crime. Is it fair to say Patrick had somebody working with him? Again, we'll be filing formal charges. Reporter: Police documents shedding light on why investigators charged Frazee are sealed for now. At his appearance in court Frazee did not enter a plea. His new attorney, a public defender, ignoring questions. Do you have anything to say about what happened in there? Reporter: Formal charges are expected within the next ten days. As for the couple's 1-year-old daughter, tonight we are told she is safe and with Kelsey's family. Can a case be prosecuted without a body? Of course. Do they need to find Kelsey's remains? Yes, they do. But generally speaking, they need to find her remains. Not just for prosecution purposes. But for her baby. When her baby grows up, to know where mommy is buried. For her family that have been through so much. It's very important. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Clayton Sandell in woodland park, Colorado.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"Patrick Frazee, the fiance of Kelsey Berreth, was taken into custody in connection to her disappearance. Berreth, the mother of a 1-year-old, was last seen on Thanksgiving. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59970134","title":"Fiance of missing Colorado mom arrested on murder charges","url":"/Nightline/video/fiance-missing-colorado-mom-arrested-murder-charges-59970134"}