Former friend to fake heiress Anna Sorokin on how she says she was conned out of $60K

Rachel Williams said Sorokin offered her an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco in 2017, but that she was charged with the $62,000 bill. Sorokin was found not guilty of defrauding Anna.
7:24 | 07/24/19

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Transcript for Former friend to fake heiress Anna Sorokin on how she says she was conned out of $60K
She just was very impulsive and free spirited and charming. I really liked her. Reporter: Anna made an impression on everyone she met. Were you sort of seduced by her and her behavior in some ways? I'd say yes, I was captivated by it. I was fascinated by her willingness to just challenge boundaries. Reporter: Claiming to be a German heiress with a $67 million trust fund, she talked her way into exclusive New York parties and nightclubs, which is how she met Rachel Williams in 2016, then a288-year-old photo editor at "Vanity fair." It was a period of transition for me and a lot of my friends. A lot of them were getting married or having babies, and I was excited to have this person who was available and ready to be my friend. Reporter: The pair soon became inseparable, living the glamorous life of two young women in Manhattan. Why do you think she was able to walk into rooms and do what she wanted? To some degree because she's a young, white female. Also a lot of it had to do with her specific charm. She seemed goodwilled. Reporter: 25-year-old Anna treated Rachel to drinks and dinners at exclusive restaurants and even $300 a pop private fitness sessions. I liked her. We had a lot of fun together. Reporter: But what Rachel didn't know is that her friend was living a lie. Anna was actually a russian-born daughter of middle class parents, a hotel-hopping social grifter, now behind bars for a series of wide-ranging scams across New York City. How do you feel about Anna today? I believe she's a sociopath. Reporter: Rachel's speaking on camera for the first time about how she says her former friend betrayed her, a tale she recounts in her book, "My friend Anna." I don't feel a lot of anger. Mostly I feel like I would never like to cross paths with her again. Reporter: In the beginning, Rachel had no reason to doubt her big-spending new friend came from wealth, given her jet setting lifestyle and big ambitions. She wanted to lease this big building to house an art gallery. She referred to a family trust she had. Which I didn't pry about but it formed my understanding of her. Reporter: You figured she had money. Yes. And that came out over time. Reporter: In the spring of 2017, Rachel tells us, Anna offered an all-expenses paid trip to marrakech in a lavish $7500 a night villa. It was shockingly opulent. Reporter: Your eyes must have been popping out of your head. Morocco, that's where I was like, oh, I thought I understood your world, but actually, this is ridiculous. It was, I mean, it was amazing until it wasn't. Reporter: That's because Rachel says suddenly Anna's credit cards mysteriously weren't working when it was time to settle up with the hotel. The managers began to pull Anna aside and it was slowly escalating that there was tension between Anna and the hotel. Reporter: After a few days of hounding Anna, the hotel had enough. They stood in our villa, and they were waiting for her to fix it. Reporter: They want payment. Yes, they want a credit card that works right there right now. They're done waiting. Reporter: Rachel says she's fearful of being stranded in a foreign country and offers her credit card as a temporary backup even though she can't afford it. I leave early on Friday morning. When I land, I get a text message that the whole bill is being billed to my cards. Reporter: How much? $62,000. Reporter: $62,000. How did you wrap your mind about that? It was such a complex, paralyzing moment for me. She owed me more money than I made in a year. Reporter: Back in New York, Anna doesn't send Rachel the money, instead making excuse after excuse. Texting, I will get it sorted so you have it this week. Rachel replying, I'm in serious trouble, Anna, what friend leaves another person in this situation for this long? What is going on with you. I am late with my rent and my credit card payments. I'm in a lot of trouble. Reporter: Rachel's convinced she's been duped and goes to the authorities. In the summer of 2017, police arrest Anna in malibu, California. If she did this to me and I was her friend, she'd do it to anybody. And I wanted to protect other people. Reporter: Anna is charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of services. During the trial, prosecutors arguing she stole more than a quarter of a million dollars from hotels and a jet operator to fund a lavish lifestyle, Anna's attorney saying Anna is not a victim. I don't believe a criminal act occurred. She made a choice to put this on her credit card. Reporter: Rachel testifying, facing her former friend in court. When I did look at her, she was smirking at me. Reporter: Did it unnerve you? No, shockingly. I think understanding her for who she was, it caused her to lose her power, and she became no longer scary to me. Reporter: In may, 28-year-old Anna was convicted of eight charges against her, including grand larceny but found not guilty of defrauding Rachel. Some of the jurors didn't feel sympathetic for your situation with Anna. How did that feel for you? Oh, that was devastating to have shared so publicly something that was so deeply personal and painful for me was extremely hard, and then to have that come out as the take away was extremely upsetting. Reporter: Anna was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $200,000 in restitution. As for that huge credit card bill. Did you have to pay that money? Ultimately, thank goodness, American Express did protect me from the hotel charge. Which was the bulk of the expenses. Reporter: The story of the so-called soho scammer has caught Hollywood's eye. Anna sold rights to her story to Netflix and Shonda rhimes but can't profit from it. The money will go back to those she scammed. HBO purchased the rights to the story and are working on an adaptation. You've got a movie deal, this is now your opportunity to cash in. There's a lot of hard work to turn what was hard and upsetting and world-rocking. It was a lot of hard work to turn that into a positive. When. Reporter: When you look back on it, should you have known bet sner. I wanted to see the good in her, and I think's important to see reality. Reporter: Trust your gut. Trust your gut. Reporter: For "Nightline," Deborah Roberts in New York.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"Rachel Williams said Sorokin offered her an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco in 2017, but that she was charged with the $62,000 bill. Sorokin was found not guilty of defrauding Anna.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"64528214","title":"Former friend to fake heiress Anna Sorokin on how she says she was conned out of $60K","url":"/Nightline/video/friend-fake-heiress-anna-sorokin-conned-60k-64528214"}