'Game of Thrones': What To Expect in Season 3

Actors, Dothraki language inventor talk about the upcoming season.
4:48 | 03/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Game of Thrones': What To Expect in Season 3
If you're not watching game thrown -- missed out on our cultural phenomenon. This would die hard series fans would have you think and make no mistake there are a lot of them. As the show's third season begins ABC's David Wright learned the game and the language that's breaking all TV's rules. -- starts season. -- there be dragons headed to west throws pennies on the fire breathing drags. Promising to heat -- the action in HBO's already sizzling saga. -- this fantasy realm where fertilizer and fashion but I'm not deal -- -- the pretty woman where the idea heads will roll is bringing it. Not just -- metaphors. Where all the women seem to get naked sooner or later Cunningham needs to to see campaign. Edward dwarf is a sex symbol and start with -- last night in this -- Throws this final leg of the rings within NC 17 rating -- yesterday evening magazine. Only HBO that -- it pains me but that's like saying that the tax for -- one. That you component been affiliated say that you want. The show is wildly popular among men. For obvious reasons. We HBO pantheon more popular week to week then The Sopranos or the -- work. But the game. -- stars insist this is not just -- dungeons and dragons fans of the ladies that think it's just so it's about loans than they should seriously taken -- some serious -- -- Melrose and -- -- -- -- -- sometimes girl on girl power to. Senator lives parity was spot on. We've -- this year. Take one look at -- scene and know exactly what's missing into the. The formula seems to be intrigued when Washington went to come and show. -- play and -- the cast cleans up well this year for the first time HBO is giving the show's star treatment. Including a traveling exhibition of props and costumes that just opened in New York City this is about as an obvious response sitcoms is not a cheap show tonight. The producers pay careful attention to -- -- not just of the iron throne. But of other aspects of the show as well including just rocking run -- -- -- -- -- bunch. What's -- rocky some of you ask. Well who better to explain and someone who's clearly in the -- demographic that's part in the show's audience. Dwight shrewd and of the office Pataki -- the native -- of the nomadic war mongering were -- to pass us as featured in superb home box office series. Game of two rounds. Students are reluctant. -- it's gonna go through the -- of Truckee numbers from -- to attend. On YouTube you'll find practically an entire syllabus for -- rocky 101. Pronunciation guides practice videos and chat groups. There's even an unofficial -- rocky English dictionary to what extent is -- a real. When -- -- -- fool grammar right now at a truck is that about 3700. Words -- -- to get it up to about 101000 words 32 year old David Peterson as the father of modern dog rocky. Most of the shock which holds seems done with some subtleties speech quoted -- -- And entire language created by an amateur linguist. Peterson's -- rocky was inspired by the language of George RR Martin's books but it's an entirely new creation. I interpret -- -- -- thought George. And then did something to reflect that apparently wrong -- give Iraqi death -- guy he records every line for the actors. You do none of the -- It's not easy lessons star Sidney six message that -- -- she. Much you can actually. -- what does that add a language. -- -- -- The bar is being constantly -- audiences are coming to expect this type of thing they expect this level of authenticity. Peters has now been hired to create the second game of throws language that a -- Sunday in the season premiere. But several things to look forward to that is most shows asthma deaths this time in the minds to it's my favorite season so. It's kind of games with people's full -- kind of switch -- ahead and. It -- but it's not something stuff as that of Truckee might say Congo a wants. For Nightline Jean Nathan do you need -- David Wright and.

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{"id":18844835,"title":"'Game of Thrones': What To Expect in Season 3","duration":"4:48","description":"Actors, Dothraki language inventor talk about the upcoming season.","url":"/Nightline/video/game-thrones-expect-season-18844835","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}