Glamping: 'Roughing It,' Glamorously

Shelter Co., a California-based camping company, offers butlers, chefs, yoga, even animals.
3:00 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Glamping: 'Roughing It,' Glamorously
Think campaign and maybe a crackling fire comes to mind making deletion wars at midnight. Plenty of wild critters sounds like fun although for some folks the whole bit about the sleeping on the ground and no showers has them saying no thank you. But sending -- city -- to the country has gotten easier with the -- and that's right you heard me where you can have a little taste of home on the range. As long as you've got cash to spare. Here's ABC's -- -- they. I -- and we will -- Nothing was a -- roughing it it's not everyone especially not a glamorous ladies on the real housewives of Orange County. Don't scream you're -- on Saturday but there is being. Think Brady bonds and the -- -- And -- in. There is clamping. That is. Clamping with a capital sheet. The greater -- -- or. For high rollers who. Never once have to lift a finger. That's the whole great thing though -- as -- -- consolidated ago the figured I'd like a hotel you just check in and it's already and you walk away and it's. When it's done and we -- of the -- Must be nice rate and -- see this luxury. -- ammonia and -- the fancy tents. So this is our standard setup which is awful bad. Down comforter -- it's just. Yet -- -- from. It's going to be what do people say when they walk inside one of these tents for the first time what's the reaction its opening. Of course it'll cost you. The more luxuries you want the more you pay most clippers walk away with an average 2500. Dollar bill. -- it can't beavers slapping. Sleeping bag campaign -- paying. I think that did the base of dollars and we're sleeping because that's really where the discomfort comes and -- glamorous campaign and pink. Earlier real bad with what we're doing -- real bad here with real bad name also you've got to Butler. Luxurious campsites -- provide -- shelter and no leases on safaris in Africa and Asia for over a century. Think out of Africa. -- -- -- And here at home in the US hitting the road in tricked out Arby's has become a national summer past time. But now there's a new generation of not roughing it high end campsites are popping up faster than you could say more smaller is pleased. Web sites like -- dot comment -- hot dot com are devoted to the growing mass of glancing devotees. Kelsey -- ski and her husband Mike have made a whole business out of it. A fourth wedding and event planner she started shelter palace -- for everyone to have back camping experience. Might just. Hot dogs -- the sleeping bags on the whole -- ground what's the craziest request you've ever received -- just recently didn't have and where. They wanted wildlife brought and -- we have. Obama's -- property does not exit alarm is just like full service full service standing in line you and you name -- we can. -- In terms of lake and the highest and you could possibly ago what are you getting. I mean highest and you can possibly go to helicopter -- and somewhere. So where I veered you know amazing -- -- full time staff and -- and structure and. The survival guide and yeah Lama to -- -- luggage to your temporary out. What is this real camping. The hard core which shattered -- think it's really camping you're really outside attention. Mentally up a -- -- amid a bucket and it sure in glancing you have a -- to open flame. The only comparison to their real deal that Seth Kelsey mentioned. His name is Ethan mantle and by the way he used to work at the famed French laundry restaurant -- what's on a minute and. And so we're -- -- king salmon with the wild fennel those actually forest near. Tomatoes and. Some capers and what kind of -- would be complete without a camping Butler oh yes about -- We have to do your thing well -- -- as the -- in that job. -- it it's very broad so it can be anything from as simple as lighting fires -- getting coffee going in the morning. Making sure everything's well lit and your batteries are working in -- Ten opening Beers so bring it down gently exploring I need some more wine yes unfortunately they bring a -- but if you Gregor and I'd be happy to come -- -- It will look like it was style for a magazine shoot you could have a shaft a -- yelled got even wild animals shipped in. But about that one part of camping is hardly ever glamorous. -- they bring that into -- we often bring in restaurant trailers which actually have individual stalls -- how to sink a -- in Thailand and a hot running water shower. So it's just like having a normal bathroom do you love or hate -- word clamping. I don't love it and people were doing it actually kind of even goes beyond not because of -- of the event production and we can June and it's time. The different services. What which -- calls us. -- and campaign series -- want other essentials. A good limping must sees something in that basket and -- wondering -- has also asked campaigns -- learns from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most most -- I think humor for Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega along the northern coast of California --

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{"id":19859679,"title":"Glamping: 'Roughing It,' Glamorously","duration":"3:00","description":"Shelter Co., a California-based camping company, offers butlers, chefs, yoga, even animals.","url":"/Nightline/video/glamping-roughing-glamorously-19859679","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}